Chapter 426: Ming Zun vs Ah Qing

Everyone looked around and saw a young girl wearing a light green dress standing not far away, glaring angrily at Ming Zun, obviously very dissatisfied with what he just said.

“Smelly girl, what did you say?” Ming Zun was a being who was used to stand above thousands, so there was no way that he would tolerate being rudely interrupted by a young girl on his face.

The girl in light green dress stretched out her finger and scratched her face, “I said bah, bah, bah, you are so shameless. Didn’t you hear me? Are you deaf?”

Seeing the girl’s innocent expression as she asked Ming Zun if he was deaf, Zhao Min and Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 

Although Song Qingshu also found it funny, he still worriedly said, “Little Sister, please leave this place quickly. It’s very dangerous here.” 

The girl in light green dress turned around to look at Song Qingshu, and her eyes bent like crescent moons as she smiled, “You are quite kind-hearted. You helped me bury Xiaobai before, and now you are still caring about me when you are about to die.”

Song Qingshu was startled, “Who is Xiaobai? ?”

The girl in light green dress became a bit gloomy, “That’s my poor white sheep.”

“That was just a little effort.” Song Qingshu was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

“Hey, Big Brother, I remember that you were very good at martial arts. Why are you looking half-dead now? Was it because you were beaten by this shameless man?” The girl in light green dress suddenly pointed at Ming Zun and asked doubtfully.

Song Qingshu suppressed his smile and nodded, “Yes.”

The girl in light green dress looked at Ming Zun, “It seems that your martial arts is very high.”

Ming Zun’s face had already turned ashen, “Ignorant girl, talking nonsense can cost you your life.”

Song Qingshu also agreed and said, “Little Sister, quickly leave, this old monster is not a good person, be careful, or he might ki1l you to get rid of a witness.”

“Ki1l me?” The girl in light green dress was stunned and said with a smile, “I’m not afraid of him.”

Ming Zun snorted coldly. He could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. He pointed his hand at the girl, and one of the Holy Flame Tablets shot forward. However, seeing that she was quite a pretty girl, Ming Zun couldn’t help but feel pity for her, so he didn’t aim the Holy Flame Tablet at her vitals, and only planned to teach her a lesson.

“Watch…out?” Before Song Qingshu even finished speaking, he had to close his mouth because he saw the girl just casually grab the Holy Flame Tablet!

The girl put the Holy Flame Tablet in the palm of her hand and knocked it with the green bamboo stick she used for herding sheep. Then she heard a popping sound and exclaimed in surprise, “Hey, what is this thing made of? It’s quite hard!”

Ming Zun was left speechless. 

Although he only used three-thirds of his strength, how could the Holy Flame Tablet be caught by ordinary people? So he flicked his sleeve, and the Holy Flame Tablet in the girl’s hand flew back into Ming Zun’s sleeve as if it had heard the summons of its master.

“Little girl, who are you?” Ming Zun looked at her with a hint of fear.

“Are you asking for my name? My name is Ah Qing.” The girl replied innocently. (G: From now on, Aqing will be changed to Ah Qing, Ajiu to Ah Jiu, Ake to Ah Ke, and so on. Although my previous translation wasn’t wrong, but I think this version looks better.)

“Ah Qing?” Ming Zun thought for a while and couldn’t remember any hidden master whose daughter was named Ah Qing.

Song Qingshu, on the other hand, was extremely excited. 

‘Could it be that she is Ah Qing, the girl raising sheep? The one from the book “Sword of the Yue Maiden”?’

In his past life, there were discussions on the internet about who was the strongest master in all of Jin Yong’s books. Some said it was the Sweeping Monk, and some said that it was Dugu Qiubai…everyone was sure about their own opinion, and they fought endlessly, but everyone tacitly excluded one person from their discussion. 

Because in everyone’s opinion, that person’s martial arts realm far exceeded the concept of power in Jin Yong’s novels, and she had to be a bug in the system!

That person was the Lady of Yue (Yuenü), Ah Qing. 

With a simple green bamboo stick, she beat the 3,000 soldiers of the Yue Kingdom who dominated the Spring and Autumn Period back to their kingdom. And she did that with ease, creating a myth!

Previously, there was a common conception that one person could never defeat an army. However, Ah Qing destroyed that conception into oblivion with her unfathomable strength.

Even Xiao Feng, when facing the Liao rebel leader, Yelu Chongyuan, took advantage of the opponent’s carelessness and narrowly escaped with his life. If he was asked to do it again, there would be no chance of success.

Even the majestic Wang Chongyang, who was considered the number one swordsman in the world, and other famous masters like Ouyang Feng, Zhou Botong, Yideng, and Huang Yaoshi, who were part of the Five Greats, would be helpless against the Jin army. 

First-class masters like Huang Rong, as well as Cheng Ying, would be suppressed and ki1led if they were surrounded by hundreds of Mongolian soldiers.

Therefore, it had to be understood just how incredible Ah Qing’s strength was.

“Why is your expression so strange?” Zhao Min paid attention to Song Qingshu from time to time, and when she saw the faux-smile on his face, she couldn’t help but ask.

Song Qingshu took a deep breath, “Maybe we won’t have to be mandarin ducks with the same fate tonight.”

“Bah, who wants to be mandarin ducks with the same fate with you.” Zhao Min’s face turned red and she couldn’t help but snap.

Zhou Zhiruo was more concerned about the young girl’s martial arts, because she had fought against Ming Zun and knew that although Ming Zun was careless just now, she would never be able to grab Ming Zun’s Holy Flame Tablet as easily as that girl.

Hearing what Song Qingshu said, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but interrupt and asked, “Do you know that Ah Qing?”

“Not only do I know her…but her name is like thunder reverberating in my ears!” Song Qingshu said with emotion.

Zhou Zhiruo was startled and asked subconsciously, “Is she that famous? Why have I never heard of such a person before?”

Zhao Min nodded in agreement. Even with the Prince Ruyang’s intelligence network, she had never heard of this girl. So she naturally didn’t understand why Song Qingshu was so confident.

“Just continue to watch, and you will know…” Song Qingshu smiled enigmatically.

Although Ming Zun was a little worried about the identity behind this girl, at this point, in order to keep his secret from being leaked, he couldn’t let her leave alive.

As a great martial arts master, although the girl in front of him seemed a bit abnormal, Ming Zun still didn’t take her seriously.

“Little girl, let’s see if you can catch my Holy Flame Tablet this time.” Ming Zun snorted coldly, waved his hand, and the Holy Flame Tablet shot towards Ah Qing at a speed several times faster than before. He didn’t hold back any more. Not only was the Holy Flame Tablet filled with a terrifying aura of destruction, but it was also aimed at Ah Qing’s fatal points.

Ah Qing’s expression turned serious, and she was obviously no longer as relaxed and carefree as before. She carefully stared at the flight path of the Holy Flame Tablet, and once again stretched out her dainty little hand.

Just when her hand was about to grab the Holy Flame Tablet, the Holy Flame Tablet let out a dragon roar and suddenly broke into six parts, spinning around and hitting various key points on Ah Qing’s side and back.

“Ming Zun is so shameless. He actually put six Holy Flame Tablets together and pretended that he only shot one.” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but curse out loud. 

According to his speculation, Ming Zun probably didn’t know Ah Qing. So with his identity as a master, there was no need to use all his strength to deal with such a young girl.

“Ouch!” Ah Qing exclaimed, then she bent her body, leaping out of the attack circle of the Holy Flame Tablet. However, the Holy Flame Tablet seemed as if it was being controlled remotely, and followed Ah Qing like a tarsal maggot.


Ah Qing screamed, picked up the green bamboo stick and pointed it at the rotating Holy Flame Tablet. With two sharp sounds, the two Holy Flame Tablets were hit in the blink of an eye

As the two pieces of Holy Flame Tablets fell to the ground, an abnormal flush flashed across Ming Zun’s face. It was obvious that he had suffered serious internal injuries. He couldn’t help but look at the figure not far away who looked like a goddess from the Nine Heavens with shock and anger.

When another Holy Flame Tablet was shot down by Ah Qing, Ming Zun could no longer stand still. He roared and rushed towards Ah Qing, who was dodging the siege of the Holy Flame Tablet, like a cannonball.

“Be careful!” Although he had great confidence in Ah Qing, Ming Zun was also an ancient monster. Song Qingshu was afraid that something would happen to her, so he used the remaining energy to shoot the Wooden Sword at Ming Zun, hoping that he could temporarily stop him.

As soon as the Wooden Sword was fired, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. It was obvious that the forceful attack had caused injuries in his body.

Hearing the sound of the Wooden Sword slicing through the air, Ming Zun coldly snorted and brushed the Wooden Sword aside with a flick of his sleeve. Although he was a little surprised that he couldn’t break a simple Wooden Sword with all his strength, Ming Zun still focused all his attention on Ah Qing, aiming to press his palm against Ah Qing’s delicate body.

“You are not a good person!” Ah Qing scolded. 

She was a little bothered by the Holy Flame Tablet that was suddenly split into six. And when she saw Ming Zun’s sneak attack, and she couldn’t help but feel a little angry in her heart. So she waved her green bamboo stick at him in annoyance

A massive whirlpool of green Sword Qi rapidly formed with Ah Qing as the center. The Holy Flame Tablets that were flying all over the sky seemed to scream in pain when they encountered the green Sword Qi and fell to the side one after another.

Ming Zun’s pupils shrank, and he hurriedly used all his strength to activate the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. Just before the green Sword Qi struck him, a mass of black aura blocked before Ming Zun’s body.

As soon as the mass of black aura came into contact with the green Sword Qi, it quickly melted away like spring snow encountering the scorching sun. 

Ming Zun screamed, moved his sleeves, and took back the Holy Flame Tablet scattered on the ground, and his figure fled away into the distance with a black haze.

“It’s really boring. To think he would run away like a scared fox…” Ah Qing just took a step forward, but she gave up and didn’t continue to chase.

“Was that Ming Zun defeated so easily?” Zhao Min was lost for a moment and muttered. 

Although Zhou Zhiruo said nothing, her eyes were full of awe when she looked at Ah Qing.

“Big Brother, thank you for helping me just now.” Ah Qing casually hung the green bamboo stick on her waist and jumped to Song Qingshu’s side.

Song Qingshu smiled bitterly and said, “Even without my help, he wouldn’t be able to hurt you.”

Ah Qing shook her head, “That’s not necessarily true. That person’s martial arts realm was very high. I don’t know what martial arts he used just now, but he was able to dissolve 70% of my Sword Qi…”

The young girl fell into deep thought, but quickly raised her head and smiled, “I don’t want to think about it anymore, anyway, having 30% of my Sword Qi invade his body would be enough trouble for him.”

“That should be it. It seems that the Ming Cult will soon go through a great change.” Song Qingshu calmly analyzed the situation.

Ah Qing’s ability to materialize Sword Qi didn’t surprise Song Qingshu. On the contrary, he was extremely shocked by the fact that Ming Zun could actually materialize the Qi of the Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

“So only 30% of the Sword Qi invaded that old monster’s body?” Zhao Min couldn’t help but show a trace of regret on her face.

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