Chapter 427: The Women Meet

Song Qingshu said with a smile, “You don’t know just how potent Ah Qing’s 30% Sword Qi is. If my prediction is correct, Ming Zun’s cultivation level will be reduced by at least half because of the Sword Qi.”

In the past, Dongfang Muxue was injured by Feng Qingyang’s Sword Qi. The injury made sure that she would not be able to return to her peak condition within several years, let alone Ah Qing’s innate Sword Qi which was even more powerful.

“Is that so?” Zhao Min’s eyes lit up with a hint of joy. 

If Ming Zun’s cultivation level had been reduced by more than half, it would make it much easier to deal with him.

“You guys make him sound like an old monster, but I don’t think that person is old at all.” Ah Qing tilted her head and asked doubtfully.

“It’s a long story…why did you show up here?” Song Qingshu struggled to stand up. 

Zhou Zhiruo, who was on the side, saw him swaying and quickly went over to help him up. Song Qingshu responded to her with a grateful smile.

“There was a lot of noise here, so my sheep couldn’t sleep, so I came over to take a look. Oh, I have to go back and take care of my sheep, or they might be eaten by the wolves in the mountains.” As she spoke, Ah Qing patted her head, turned around and left.

Just as she took a step forward, Ah Qing seemed to remember something. She turned around and glanced at Song Qingshu, “Big Brother, you seem to be seriously injured.”

Song Qingshu smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Don’t worry, I won’t die.”

Ah Qing was overjoyed and said with a smile, “Then I can leave with peace of mind.” 

After that, she jumped up and disappeared into the distance.

Looking at her leaving figure, Zhao Min smiled happily and said, “Didn’t you say that you are very familiar with her? I feel like that in her heart you can’t even compare to her sheep.”

Song Qingshu touched his nose and smiled nonchalantly, “It’s not weird if I am not as important to her as her sheep. I would like to advise you, it’s okay to offend her in the future, but never offend her sheep.” 

Then he suddenly coughed up another mouthful of blood.

“You are injured now, so speak less.” Zhou Zhiruo was a bit agitated. She looked at Song Qingshu reproachfully, as he suddenly unsealed her acupuncture points, and the use of Qi had obviously aggravated his injury.

“It’s just a little blood. I’ll get better with a bit of rest.” Song Qingshu wiped the corners of his mouth and said looking at the blood on his fingers.

“The Golden Serpent Conference is about to be held. I don’t know how you can laugh when you look half-dead.” Zhao Min was obviously not as optimistic as he was.

“As long as the Princess supports me as agreed, I will solve the rest by myself, so you don’t have to worry.” Song Qingshu assured with a smile.

Zhao Min rolled her eyes, “It seems that you have a secret method for treating internal injuries…that’s right, it must be that! You were even able to heal your destroyed meridians in the past. So this injury is really nothing special…it seems that I worried about you for nothing.”

Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but cough, “If you want to seduce him, at least find a time when I’m not around.”

Zhao Min’s face turned red, but she quickly covered it up. She didn’t have the shyness of a common Han woman at all, and calmly responded, “Then you have to hold him tighter, don’t let me snatch him away again.”

After saying that, she turned around and left, leaving only a series of silver bell-like laughter in the mountain air.

“I saw tears in her eyes when she turned around just now…” After a moment of silence, Zhou Zhiruo suddenly spoke up.

“How can she not be sad when she realized that the real Zhang Wuji is dead? She just didn’t want to show her weak side in front of you, her former love rival.” Song Qingshu sighed.

“I’m afraid she just didn’t want to show anything in front of you.” Zhou Zhiruo said jealously. 

From the conversation between Zhao Min and Song Qingshu, anyone with a normal IQ could tell that there was something between the two.

“Ahhhrgh…I suddenly feel a little dizzy now, ahhhgh…aaaahhh!” Song Qingshu suddenly cried out, his legs seemed to have lost strength, and his whole body suddenly went limp, leaning against Zhou Zhiruo.

“What’s wrong with you!?” Zhou Zhiruo was startled and quickly reached out to hug him.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s pale face without a trace of blood, Zhou Zhiruo suddenly panicked and quickly helped him sit down and used her True Qi to heal his injuries.

One stream after another True Qi went into Song Qingshu’s body, but it was like a drop of water flowing into the vast ocean without a single ripple. After three sticks of incense amount of time, Zhou Zhiruo finally gave up in despair. Seeing that Song Qingshu was still unconscious, she couldn’t help hug him and began to cry.

Song Qingshu opened his eyes through a slit, glanced at Zhou Zhiruo quietly, and felt extremely proud, ‘It seems that pretending to be severely injured at the right time is a great strategy!’ 

Just as he was about to pretend to wake up, two female voices was suddenly heard not far away.

“Brother Song!”

“Young Master Song!”

Song Qingshu immediately recognized the voices of Ah Jiu and Xia Qingqing, and his hair almost stood up in dread. Now that the three women bumped into each other, who knew what would happen? 

Song Qingshu quickly closed his eyes tightly, and thought, ‘I won’t wake up even if I’m beaten to death!’

Zhou Zhiruo was obviously awakened by the sound. She subconsciously grasped the whip at her side and warily looked over.

Ah Jiu was the first to arrive and saw Song Qingshu lying in the arms of a woman, unknown whether he was alive or dead. She subconsciously thought that that woman had harmed Song Qingshu. After all, she knew Song Qingshu’s martial arts realm very well. She really couldn’t think of anyone else in the world who could hurt him. However, it would be understandable if the assailant was a woman.

“Let him go!” Ah Jiu roared, and attacked Zhou Zhiruo with her sword.

Zhou Zhiruo frowned, whipped her long whip, and struck Ah Jiu in the air with her beautiful whip technique. After many defeats at the hands of Song Qingshu, Zhou Zhiruo had practiced the Nine Yin Scripture in seclusion for a long time, and her martial arts skills could now be considered to be among the top masters in the world. There were two main reasons why she was easily defeated by Ming Zun just now. Firstly, Ming Zun’s combat experience far exceeded hers. Secondly, the Holy Flame Tablet was too weird. It was not that she was really that vulnerable.

Ah Jiu, on the other hand, obtained the true inheritance of Iron Sword Sect, and not only encountered many adventures, but also obtained half of Song Qingshu’s True Qi in Shengjing. Her martial arts had already surpassed most of the female martial artists in the world. 

However, Zhou Zhiruo, as the leader of Emei Sect, had inherited all the martial arts of the Emei Sect and she had practiced the Nine Yin Scripture.

The two of them went back and forth, fighting for more than a dozen moves in the blink of an eye. Ah Jiu couldn’t get close to her, and Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t force her back. So the two women soon fell into a stalemate.

“Don’t fight! Don’t fight, she one of our own!” Xia Qingqing finally rushed over and saw the two of them fighting. She felt angry and amused, and quickly shouted.

Zhou Zhiruo had met Xia Qingqing in the Forbidden City, so she naturally recognized her. Moreover, she had just heard the two of them calling Song Qingshu, and she understood that Ah Jiu was probably another one of Song Qingshu’s women. She was already angry in her heart, and Ah Jiu started fighting as soon as they met, so of course she wouldn’t be polite.

But now that Xia Qingqing had spoken out, she could no longer pretend not to know and continue to fight, so she snorted coldly and withdrew the whip.

“One of our own?” Ah Jiu took the opportunity to break away from the battle and looked at Xia Qingqing with a puzzled face.

Xia Qingqing also a weird expression on her face, and quickly explained, “This is the leader of the Emei Sect, Zhou Zhirou.” 

“Ah?” Ah Jiu looked embarrassed. After all, Zhou Zhiruo was Song Qingshu’s wife, and she herself had no name or status yet. However, the first time they met, she actually started fighting with her!

“I’m sorry, I…I thought you…” Ah Jiu blushed and stood there at a loss.

“Who are you?” Zhou Zhiruo’s voice was cold and she looked at her quietly.

“I…I…” Ah Jiu didn’t know how to explain it for a while. She and Song Qingshu had only decided to be together not too long ago, and she didn’t have any status yet. And she also couldn’t introduce herself as the former Ninth Princess of the Ming Dynasty, as that might seem like she was flaunting her noble status.

Fortunately, Xia Qingqing helped her out, “Sister Zhou, her name is Ah Jiu, you can also call her Ah Jiu from now on.” 

“Ah Jiu?” Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes flashed with surprise, “You are the one Ming…Zhang Wuji appointed as the new saintess, the former Ninth Princess of the Ming Dynasty?”

Zhou Zhiruo had a deep connection with the Ming Cult, so of course she knows about such an important thing as the appointment of a new saintess, but she had never met her.

“Yes, Sister Zhou.” Ah Jiu couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Although she was born in the royal family, she subconsciously cared about the status among women, but thinking of Song Qingshu’s original promise, it was no big deal to call her sister.

Zhou Zhiruo was subconsciously startled when she saw Ah Jiu taking the initiative to call her sister. Of course she knew Ah Jiu’s noble status. She had such a high status and yet she took the initiative to show her kindness! 

Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t keep herself calm anymore and couldn’t help but secretly curse Song Qingshu in her heart, ‘I don’t understand just what he did…but he actually managed to capture the heart of this woman with a noble bloodline and status.’

“Hello, Ah Jiu.” Zhou Zhiruo forced out a smile and nodded towards Ah Jiu.

The most open-minded person in the scene was Xia Qingqing. She and Ah Jiu were old friends, and she had also met Zhou Zhiruo in the Forbidden City. Seeing that the two women were actually acting like close sisters, Xia Qingqing felt quite amused, and she didn’t bother to care about their actions. She quickly ran to Song Qingshu and checked his pulse, and face turned pale, “What’s wrong with Brother Song?” 

‘Sure enough, Youyou cares about me the most!’ Thought Song Qingshu in Xia Qingqing’s embrace. Feeling the soft feeling of her mounds, Song Qingshu tried hard to restrain the expression of enjoyment on his face.

It turned out that the two women were waiting for Song Qingshu to come back. But when he didn’t come back even after a long time, they became worried that he was in danger, so they came out to look for him together.

The noise of the battle between Song Qingshu and Ming Zun just now was too loud, so the two women followed the sound and arrived at the scene, resulting in the following events.

“He was seriously injured.” Zhou Zhiruo finally came to her senses and replied.

“Who can hurt him so severely?” Ah Jiu also came over and felt Song Qingshu’s pulse with her bare hands, her expression also changed.

“An old monster!” Zhou Zhiruo gritted her teeth and replied, suddenly her ears twitched, “There was too much noise just now, and now many experts are coming here. This is not the place to talk.” 

“Let’s go back to our camp first.” Ah Jiu responded.

Zhou Zhiruo hesitated and said, “He is seriously injured now and is in critical condition. I plan to take him to Divine Physician Xue.”

“But he plans to compete for the position of the Golden Serpent King.” Xia Qingqing anxiously responded.

Zhou Zhiruo felt slightly angry, “How can he participate if he’s like this?”

Ah Jiu’s expression changed, and she suddenly said with a red face, “If Brother Song suffered internal injuries, he can actually be saved without the help of Divine Physician Xue.”

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