Chapter 448: Mongolian Prince

Song Qingshu was stunned, and he thought, ‘Why did Shi Potian become a disciple of Mount Song Sect?’

Seeing the somewhat silly-looking young man walking onto the arena, Zuo Lengchan showed a proud smile on his lips.

Zuo Lengchan has always had great ambitions. Now that the world was in chaos, he was naturally not willing to be just the leader of a sect. Therefore, on the one hand, he was trying to find ways to merge the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Sects, and on the other hand, he was recruiting many people who were regarded as heretics by the orthodox sects, and waiting for the right time to rise up.

It was a pity that even thought he had worked hard for so many years, but he was still defeated by an unknown junior named Song Qingshu on Mount Tai, and his prestige was ruined. Fortunately, the heavens were fair and it allowed him to meet this young man, who was dull and simple, yet had an extremely powerful internal strength.

Let alone other members of the Mount Song Sect, even Zuo Lengchan was far inferior to him in that aspect. 

Therefore, Zuo Lengchan used a few tricks to win Shi Potian’s favor, and successfully convinced him to join the Mount Song Sect. Zuo Lengchan had grand ambitions for this Golden Serpent Camp Conference. If he could take over the Golden Serpent Camp, coupled with the strength of the Mount Song Sect, Zuo Lengchan would  suddenly become the most powerful leader of the Central Plains, not far away from his goal of dominating the world.

“Mom, is Master He from the Beggar Gang? Why haven’t I heard of him before?” Guo Fu asked Huang Rong doubtfully.

Huang Rong frowned and it was unknown what she was thinking of, “Master He is not well-known in the Beggar Gang. He was only an intermediate disciple and his martial arts was mediocre. Of course you have never heard of him.” 

“Huh?” Hearing Huang Rong say that He Shiwo’s martial arts skills were mediocre, Guo Fu was a little disappointed, “Then why did Jiangnan send such a person to compete?”

Because Huang Rong was the leader of the Beggar Gang, Guo Fu always had a sense of intimacy with the Beggar Gang, so naturally she hoped that the Beggar Gang would do better. But now that she heard that He Shiwo’s martial arts was mediocre, so she naturally felt very depressed.

 “Mom doesn’t know what Jiangnan branch is planning.” Huang Rong thought in her mind, ‘If Jiangnan branch wanted to get the power of the Golden Serpent Camp, they should’ve chosen someone with good martial arts. For example, Jiangnan’s Elder Jie Feng seems to have very good martial arts. So why did they send such a person?’

Noticing the frown on Huang Rong’s beautiful eyebrows, Song Qingshu smiled. 

‘No matter how smart you are, you can never guess that the Jiangnan branch of the Beggar Gang has already been infiltrated by Zhao Min’s forces. This time, they just casually sent He Shiwo and allowed me to win the competition. They have already played their role. As long as I can win this competition, Zhao Min will naturally gain a reliable ally, so she doesn’t need to send a top expert to participate. But…if Zhao Min knew that the final enemy in my mind was Mongolia, I wonder what she would think…’ Song Qingshu guessed in his heart.

Looking at the dull boy in front of him, He Shiwo or to be precise, Huo Dou let out a long breath. Although he was nominally a Mongolian prince, it was just a false title given by Temujin. Among the other Mongolian kings, he was the only one who didn’t have tens of thousands or even thousands of warriors under his command.

Temujin didn’t assign an army to him, and no one was willing to join him, because everyone knew that his grandfather was Zhamuhe, who was nominally Temujin’s sworn brother, but he turned against him and was defeated by Temujin after he was defeated.

As a descendant of Zhamuhe, Huo Dou should have been grateful to God for saving his life, but he was really unwilling to do so. Zhamuhe’s blood was surging in his body. He wanted to take back everything his grandfather had and become the master of the Mongolian grasslands.

So even though everyone looked at him coldly, he still tried his best to climb up the social ladder. First, he tried to become the disciple of the Mongolian state teacher Dharma King Monk Jinlun. However, although the state teacher’s reputation was prominent and could incidentally improve his status, it could not satisfy Huo Dou’s grand ambition.

He needs his own subordinates, his own forces, and his own army.

So when Mongolia wanted to send someone to the Central Plains as an undercover agent, and everyone was trying to shirk the idea, Huo Dou volunteered himself, willingly left his homeland, ran to the Central Plains, and finally successfully infiltrated the Beggar Gang.

He killed the ordinary He Shiwo and then assumed his identity. Over the past few years, due to his high martial arts skills and exceptional ability, he gradually gained the appreciation of the higher-ups of the Jiangnan Beggar Gang and successfully became the representative of the Beggar Gang at the Golden Serpent Conference.

When he got this opportunity, Huo Dou was overjoyed. If he could get the power of the Golden Serpent Camp, his dream would come true, so even if Zhao Min asked him not to expose his martial arts skills and deliberately lose the game. He didn’t really take it to heart.

But after seeing the martial arts of the previous contestants, Huo Dou finally calmed down. He knew that although his martial arts was pretty good, it was far inferior to his competitors. Since there was no hope of winning the championship, there was no need for him to expose his martial arts skills and go against Zhao Min’s wishes.

Huo Dou couldn’t help but shudder when he thought of the Princess who was as beautiful as a ripe peach but ruthless as a demoness. He had a feeling that his hatred for Temujin and all his ambitions were clearly known to her, but for some strange reason she still allowed him to roam free.

Over the years, Huo Dou was afraid of this Princess, but he also admired her very much. In his heart, this little princess of Ruyang Palace was simply a perfect woman. Regardless of beauty, intelligence, strategy, or scheming she was the best.

However, it was a pity that Zhao Min fell in love with Zhang Wuji and abandoned her position without hesitation. Only then did Huo Dou remember that she was also a woman. Sometimes he would have random thoughts in the dead of night. If he could win the heart of Princess Shaomin and make her his own, it wouldn’t be impossible to regain his former glory.

“Hey, these two people are staring at each other. Are they even going to fight?”

“That’s right, get out of here quickly if you don’t want to fight!”

There were bursts of jeers from the audience. 

No matter it was He Shiwo or Shi Potian, they were unknown people in the martial arts world. Naturally, the people in the audience wouldn’t be as polite as before, and started to express their dissatisfaction.

Huo Du’s face turned red. He had many thoughts on his mind, and was distracted for a moment. Fortunately, that stupid boy didn’t take the opportunity to attack. Although he couldn’t reveal his identity this time and use his special martial arts, he couldn’t lose too embarrassingly and be eliminated in the first round. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to stay in the Beggar Gang in the future. The silly boy in front of him was a godsend, otherwise he wasn’t that confident in winning against the others.

Now that he was a disciple of the Beggar Gang, Huo Dou had to appear just and honorable. So looked at Shi Potian and said, “Boy, seeing as you are young, I will let you to make the first move.” 

Shi Potian suddenly looked embarrassed, “This…this, I’m afraid I might hurt the senior.”

After hearing his words clearly, the audience burst into laughter. 

Guo Fu clapped her hands and also giggled, “This kid is worse than me. He is so stupid!”

Huang Rong’s face turned dark, ‘How could this naughty kid talk like that?’

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