Chapter 449: Ambition

“Well, since you are ignorant, then I will take action first.” After hearing Shi Potian’s words, Huo Dou was furious and sneered: “I won’t really hurt you. Look, I will just reach out like this, grab the back of your neck, and smash you…”

Huo Dou respected his own identity, and facing a stupid young man, even if he really won, it wouldn’t be a glorious thing, so he planned to beat him in “lenient” manner. In that way, the opponent would lose embarrassingly, but he wouldn’t be really hurt. It would not only determine the outcome, but also make Huo Dou appear to be merciful.

Although Huo Du could not reveal his martial arts skills, his martial arts cultivation was still outstanding among the younger generation. His vision and moves were all unique. Therefore, as soon as he finished speaking, he reached out with his right hand and found that he had grasped the back of Shi Potian’s neck.

The move was quite fast and in an odd angle. So how could Shi Potian avoid it? He felt that the strength in the opponents hand was surprisingly strong. As soon as he was grabbed, the opponent tried to lift his body into the air. So he hurriedly gathered his strength to stabilize himself and waved out his right arm, effectively blocking his opponent’s move.

Huo Dou had clearly grabbed the key point on the back of his opponent’s neck and was about to take the opportunity to throw Shi Potian on the ground. Unexpectedly, by some freak stroke of luck, the opponent rose, then fell again, and he was unable to lift him up. At the same time, his right arm was struck by the opponent’s right arm, making it go sore and numb, so he had to let go of the opponent’s neck.

“Hmph!” Huo Dou snorted and thought, ‘This kid’s internal strength is really amazing.’

Then he reached out with his left hand, grabbed the opponent by the collar, and pulled, but still couldn’t drag him down.

For this second attack, Shi Potian had already been on guard and deliberately dodged, but in the end he was still caught as soon as he made a move. He admired his opponent’s skills and praised, “Senior is really amazing!”

Shi Potian’s internal strength was shocking, but after all, he hadn’t really received any formal martial arts instructions, so he at a disadvantage in terms of skills. Facing his opponent’s complex maneuvers, he wasn’t able to react. Of course, he had his immense internal strength to protect his body, so even if the opponent took advantage of his lack of skills, it would be difficult for them to hurt him.

Although Shi Potian was sincerely praising him, it felt like a clear insult in Huo Dou’s ears. He felt his face burning hot and he couldn’t help but snort angrily. Without saying a word, he targeted his opponent’s left foot.

Shi Potian moved his body in response, preventing himself from tripping.

Huo Dou was relentless in his pursuit. His style of martial art coincided with the essence of Mongolian wrestling. Unless it was someone proficient in Mongolian wrestling, ordinary martial artists wouldn’t be able to understand the origin of these moves.

Although the technique itself was simple, it was surprisingly effective. Even martial arts masters of the same level would fall if they were careless, let alone ordinary mediocre people.

Huo Dou was originally full of confidence. With this technique, he could easily knock Shi Potian to the ground and win the first round of the competition. However, who would have thought that he would meet a person with such powerful internal strength as Shi Potian, and none of the moves worked!

Seeing Shi Potian standing there calmly, jeers broke out from the spectators.

Huo Dou couldn’t help but suddenly target his opponent’s chest with his palm. He was angry at the fact that even after spending sixty or seventy percent of his strength on this move, he still ended up being unsuccessful.

Seeing the fierceness of his opponent’s palm, Shi Potian blocked it with his left arm.

Huo Dou then lashed out with his left fist with a roar.

Shi Potian tried to avoid it, but Huo Dou’s punch came with a strange force and hit his right shoulder with a bang.

Everyone in the audience could clearly see that with the force of Huo Du’s punch just now, Shi Potian’s shoulder bone might just shatter to pieces.

Huo Du succeeded in the attack and finally came to his senses. He couldn’t help but secretly regret his action. He had been living in the Central Plains for many years and had already understood that the rules popular in the Central Plains were not the same as those in Mongolia.

In Mongolia, the strong were respected. As long as you are strong enough, you will be respected by everyone; but in the Central Plains, strength was not the most important factor in judging a person. Instead, everyone valued ​​a person’s righteousness more.

Huo Dou scoffed at the notion of “righteousness” in disdain. He had observed for many years that the martial artists in the Central Plains still adhered to the law of the jungle, where the weak gets devoured by the strong. The so-called “righteousness” was just a form of hypocrisy.

It was just that no one in the Central Plains martial arts community dared to point out that hypocrisy. If someone openly revealed that righteousness was not important, he would definitely become a public enemy of the martial arts community.

That was also why the martial artists who were extremely skilled in martial arts such as the masters of Wudang and Shaolin, were admired by thousands of people, and masters like Donfang Bubai, who were more honest regarding the reality of martial arts, were regarded as evil heretics in the martial arts world.

Huo Dou was now part of the Beggar Gang that considered themselves to be righteous, so he naturally had to be more careful in that regard. Facing a stupid young man like Shi Potian, as a senior in the martial arts world, if he ended up crippling his arm, he would be criticized by others even if he won.

While Huo Du looked gloomy and uncertain, Guo Fu clapped her hands excitedly in the audience, “Mom, that Master He looks ordinary to me, but I didn’t expect his martial arts to be so outstanding. Those moves are really exquisite. “

Huang Rong smiled in response, but a suspicion arose in her heart, ‘With the ruthlessness shown by He Shiwo’s martial arts moves just now, this person seems to have evil intentions.’

Guo Fu still hann’t finished speaking and shouted loudly, “That silly boy, how can your fists and feet compare to the martial art skills of the Beggar Gang? Master He just showed mercy, otherwise you would have a broken arm. Hurry up and admit defeat, otherwise your life will be in danger.”

Huo Dou didn’t know how to get out of the current predicament. After hearing what Guo Fu said, he couldn’t help but look back at Guo Fu gratefully. When he saw Guo Fu’s appearance clearly, his eyes lit up.

That girl was quite the beauty. She was not as beautiful as Zhong Nanshan from the past. But she was still quite stunning.

After seeing Huang Rong sitting beside the beauty, Huo Du quickly looked away and thought to himself, ‘Guo Jing is so lucky to have such a beautiful wife and such a beautiful daughter. If I can rule the world in the future, I shall include these two mother and daughter in the harem.’

Huo Du had suffered a great loss at the hands of Guo Jing in the past, so he naturally had no good impression of their family.

After Shi Potian was hit by the punch, he suddenly felt confused, then he heard Guo Fu’s words and subconsciously replied, “But I don’t feel much pain.”

Fearing that Guo Fu wouldn’t believe it, he even waved his hand, indicating that he was indeed fine.

The audience was in an uproar, cheering for this young man.

Huo Dou was both shocked and angry. Being suspicious by nature, his first reaction was that the other party was a hidden master who was just teasing him. So in anger, he stopped holding back and shouted, “So it doesn’t hurt? Then take this!”

This punch, however, was blocked by Shi Potian.

Huo Du then proceeded to attack Shi Potian four times in a row, the third move was aimed at his opponent’s right leg, and the final one at his opponent’s hip.

Zeng Rou saw that the two of them were fighting faster and faster. Shi Potian could only block a small part of Huo Du’s punches and kicks, but more than half of them hit him. She couldn’t help but say with great worry, “Brother Song, if the situation becomes critical, can you take action to save this young man?”

Song Qingshu showed a slight smile, “You don’t have to worry, this young man has strong internal strength, and his True Qi naturally protects his body. Master He’s fists and kicks will seem like mosquito bites to gim.”

Zeng Rou looked carefully and saw that Shi Potian’s face was peaceful and showed no sign of pain, so she felt relieved.

Ah Jiu couldn’t help but joke, “Although our Sister Rou is a woman, she was born with a chivalrous heart.”

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