Chapter 45: Fighting with Feng Qingyang

Song Qingshu didn’t listen to what Mu Wanqing was saying. He just continued to observe. He had already comprehended the “Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art” and the expert description of the evasion techniques by the ten senior elders of the Sun Moon Holy Cult. Then he closed his eyes, and his mind swiftly began to work.

After reading the original novels, he had long understood that having more tricks up his sleeve would give him a better chance of staying alive. If these sword techniques are used as usual, they would most probably be easily countered by the opponents. But as long as they are performed along with the evasion methods, it would be easy to avoid being dragged in by the enemy and then break through.

In theory, Song Qingshu should have a high level of combat power, but he lacked the vision for actual combat. Now these murals gave him a vivid demonstration of the methods used by the masters.

The angle, timing, strength of the move, as well as its synergy with the next move, and the enemy’s response… Song Qingshu felt that his thoughts became clearer and clearer.

Suddenly he was alarmed. He turned back and looked behind him. Mu Wanqing noticed his movements, then also turned around, and found an old man with white beard and hair, quietly standing there.

“Young people these days are very alert.” The old man smiled slightly, looking at the sword moves on the wall, he got lost in reminiscence, and finally let out a long sigh, “It’s been so many years, the people of the Sun Moon Holy Cult still found this place.”

Naturally, this person was Feng Qingyang from the original novel. Song Qingshu was discovered by him as soon as he set his foot on the cliff. He was surprised to find that Song Qingshu didn’t stop at all, and went straight into the hidden cave here.

Except for Linghu Chong, who accidentally crashed into this place, no one else knew about the secret hidden here. Song Qingshu’s behavior was similar to someone who obviously knew about the secret here in advance. He noticed that this young man’s internal strength seemed to be quite decent, unlike his martial arts, so Feng Qingyang calmly speculated. ‘He is probably a member of the Demon Cult, and found out about the secret here from the notes of his predecessors.’

The technique of the Five Mountain Sword Sects must not fall into the hands of the Demon Cult. Feng Qingyang’s thoughts flashed, and he slowly said, “Young man, this old man can’t let you go down the mountain with the “Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art”. You should stay here to accompany me. This old man will probably live for another twenty or thirty years.”

How could Song Qingshu know that he had been misunderstood by Feng Qingyang as a member of the Demon Cult, and couldn’t help but secretly groan. He just came here to pick up some leftovers that the original protagonist did not fancy. But now this happened!

Mu Wanqing on the side clearly felt the mysterious aura of the old man. She felt anxious when she heard what he said, and quickly explained, “We just happened to break into the forbidden area of ​​your sect unintentionally. We didn’t understand the rules and looked at the technique of the sect. But this guy is just a fool, he won’t remember if he sees it. So, I hope that the Senior will be benevolent, and let him go.”

When he saw that Mu Wanqing was begging for him, Song Qingshu’s heart couldn’t help but warm up and he glanced at her gratefully.

Hearing Mu Wanqing’s words, Feng Qingyang’s expression suddenly became a little weird, “Is he really a fool?” Suddenly he realized something, his expression became more severe, and he looked at Song Qingshu, “It is even more unforgivable to deceive a woman using untruthful words.”

Song Qingshu originally respected this master of sword arts quite a lot, but when he saw that after this guy came in, he just selfishly decided everything by himself without even talking to him. Then he conveniently placed himself on the moral high ground and severely criticized him.

Suddenly, Song Qingshu’s heart surged with anger. And his self-esteem made him smile proudly, “Haha, it sounds like you think that your martial arts is higher than mine.”

Mu Wanqing turned pale and looked at Song Qingshu anxiously, “Little Fool, you should admit your mistake to this senior.”

Feng Qingyang’s heart was usually like an ancient pond that has been tranquil for many years, but he still felt a rush of fire in his heart, and snorted, “This youngster is too arrogant.”

“You can try.” Song Qingshu stood there silently, watching him with contempt.

“You make a move first, otherwise there will be no chance. This old man can let you have three moves first.” Feng Qingyang held his hands behind his back, considering his identity, he refused to make a move first.

“That’s what you said.” A wicked smile appeared on Song Qingshu’s mouth. With a movement that propelled him to the extreme, he passed by Feng Qingyang like lightning, and a blood line appeared on his neck. As Feng Qingyang slowly fell, Song Qingshu wiped the blood stains on the wooden sword, and disdainfully said, “Don’t pretend to be a master, you might be struck by lightning.”

Of course, the scene above was just Song Qingshu’s fantasy.

Feng Qingyang glanced at his weird smile strangely, and coldly snorted, “Just now you were lost in a daze. If I acted, you would have been dead.”

Song Qingshu wiped the saliva from his mouth and smiled in embarrassment. How could he make such an elementary mistake? If it hadn’t been for his opponent giving him three opportunities, that daze just now would have cost him his life.

“Alright, I will humbly ask seniors for his advice.” Song Qingshu cheered up, and changed the stance of his feet, his palms implied the defensive position of the Wudang’s “Silky Palm”, mixed with the heaviness of the Emei’s “Golden Top Cotton Palm” and the intensity of the “Heaven Shaking Iron Palm”.

“Huh!” Feng Qingyang glanced at him in surprise, and thought in his heart that this kid could blend several different palm techniques with varying temperament so appropriately, he was really a martial arts genius. It is a pity that he was a member of the evil cult, and he was full of hostility toward him, which was really unfortunate.

Feng Qingyang steadied his mind, performed a sword technique with his fingers, and greeted his opponent with one finger. Song Qingshu was shocked to find that a sharp and fierce sword qi tore apart his fist wind. If he did not withdraw his palm and move aside, his palm would be pierced. He quickly blasted the opponent’s sword qi using the Great Devil Eradicating Fist with his left hand. With one step, he quickly retreated a few meters away.

“The Palm-defeating Stance, from the Nine Swords of Dugu. It really deserves its reputation.” Song Qingshu looked at Feng Qingyang with a heavy expression, and it would be hard to defeat the enemy who knew the Nine Swords of Dugu.

Feng Qingyang had long since escaped the shackles of the Nine Swords of Dugu. Just now, that finger strike was only a watered down palm-breaking sword intent. When he saw that his opponent mistakenly thought it was the Nine Swords of Dugu, he didn’t explain it to him, “This young man’s martial arts is already foremost in the younger generation. How rare.”

“Old Feng really deserves to be the number one swordsman in the current era.” Song Qingshu sincerely expressed his admiration.

“The first opportunity is over. Now make the second move.” Feng Qingyang smiled faintly, and continued to stand with his hand behind his back.

“Damn, when will I be able to pose like that and pretend to be mighty in front of the enemy.” Song Qingshu angrily thought, and then sent a well executed Tiger Claw Ending Hand straight toward the opponent’s middle section of the body.

“Huh!” Feng Qingyang was shocked again. Just now, his palm strike was mixed with the essence of several sets of palm techniques, but this second move was so mediocre. Anticipating that he must have a backup move, he didn’t make any movements.

Sure enough, when the attack reached in front of him, it changed from a vicious Tiger Claw Ending Hand to a sinister Nine Yin White Bone Claw. Feng Qingyang observed the swift change of his techniques, but he didn’t rush or hurry, and calmly used a finger to touch the Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

Mu Wanqing looked annoyed and repulsed. Song Qingshu’s Nine Yin White Bone Claw attacked very quickly, but Feng Qingyang’s fingers seemed to move in slow motion, and he precisely used the sword qi on his fingers to disperse every claw strike!

After a few breaths, Song Qingshu returned to his original place, and his hands felt numb. Feng Qingyang glanced at him in surprise, ‘I didn’t expect him to counter my sword energy with a frontal attack, and it didn’t hurt him that much as well.”

“There is one last move left.” The more this happened, the more alert Feng Qingyang became. The appearance of such a person in the Demon Cult was by no means a blessing for the Five Mountain Sword Sects, and he unconsciously attacked with the intention to kill.

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