Chapter 46: A slap of shame

Noting the killing intent in Feng Qingyang’s eyes, Song Qingshu realized that the situation was not good, but he was not afraid of it in his heart, instead he became even more eager to fight him.

With a stroke of his left hand and a palm of his right hand, he swiftly attacked Feng Qingyang. It was the “The Proud Dragon Repents” of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms.

Feng Qingyang saw that his opponent chose to do another frontal attack, and his previous use of techniques were too treacherous and unpredictable, so he decided to cope with all changes without changing anything, and secretly condensed the innate sword qi to his fingers.

Song Qingshu didn’t wait for his moves to get cold. He drew a circle again with his left hand and another palm with his right hand.

The power of the two palms were stacked upon each other, and it was like a raging wave, unstoppable, like an invisible wall of air blasting forward behind the calm wind.

Feng Qingyang felt that it was becoming hard to breathe, and he quickly changed the sword tactics, and greeted the attack with a burst of energy.

Song Qingshu leaped into the air with the help of the recoiling force, and used the “The Dragon Soars in the Sky” from the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, and once again attacked with the third wave of “The Proud Dragon Repents”.

The expression on Feng Qingyang’s face finally changed. He realized that he had underestimated Song Qingshu’s strength. The innate sword qi of his right hand finger was more than enough to break through Song Qingshu’s first two palms. What he didn’t expect was that Song Qingshu would deliver the third palm when the first two were over, and the three palms overlapped. As a result, the strength of palm wind increased exponentially. Feng Qingyang was able to break through his opponents first two waves, but his innate sword qi was blown away by Song Qingshu’s third palm. In desperation, he had no choice but to dodge and move back several feet away.

Feng Qingyang’s expression was a little embarrassing. After all, this was the first time he was forced to defend while using the sword by an enemy in so many years. And the opponent was still a wet behind the ears young man, “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms! Your Excellency is Master Xiao Feng?”

“If King Xiao was here, Old Feng might not be having such a good time compared to when he is facing me.” Song Qing gave a negative answer in his words, and secretly thanked his luck. He knew the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and also knew the tactics Xiao Feng was best at. He understood the overall principle of the tactic, tried his best to emulate it, and actually managed to perform it. Of course, there was still a big gap when it came to the power, the angle of execution and the timing of the attack.

“Then who are you? You are able to perform techniques of authentic sects such as Wudang and Emei Sect, and you also have the sinister martial arts from the Nine Yin Scripture, the Nine Yin White Bone Claw. I’m afraid even Xiao Feng and Guo Jing can be considered barely superior to you, and the other elders are far inferior to you.” Feng Qingyang’s eyesight was very sharp, he quickly saw through his martial arts skills.

“You can call me Little Fool.” Song Qingshu looked back at the dumbfounded Mu Wanqing, revealing a mischievous smile. But he thought in his heart, ‘I have a few more achievements on my belt, and I had also done something bad to Zhou Zhiruo, the leader of Emei Sect.’

“Your three moves are over. If you don’t want to speak the truth, then I’ll have you remain here.” Feng Qingyang was slightly angry, he grabbed his sword and attacked.

The speed of the sword qi made Song Qingshu click his tongue, and he hurriedly used the Slithering Snake Jumping Raccoon Technique and rolled on the ground, avoiding Feng Qingyang’s fierce sword strike.

However, even though he missed the first time, Feng Qingyang continued to attack with one sword qi after another. Song Qingshu could only dodge with all his strength, and had no chance to fight back. The space of movement was deliberately being shortened by his opponent to become smaller and smaller.

Song Qingshu knew that if he continued like this, it would be game over for him within the next ten moves. But he still did not easily counterattack with the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. Through their exchange of attacks just now, he understood that his palm waves were not too effective against the opponent’s sword qi. Coupled with the Palm-defeating Stance from the Nine Swords of Dugu, no matter how strong the palm wave was, it was no better than paper.

A given force can have a significantly different effect depending on the area over which the force is exerted. With the same application of strength, the force- bearing area of ​​a palm strike was much larger than the innate sword qi of the opponent’s fingertips. Damn you pressure formula!
Song Qingshu fiercely cursed physics. The gap between them continued to close as his opponent countered his palm strikes with his sword qi.

Song Qingshu constantly paid attention to the gap. Then finally urged by his internal force, the wooden sword on his back shot out, and he grabbed it with his right hand. He swiped a few sword strikes and started to counterattack.

Feng Qingyang had noticed his wooden sword a long time ago, and thought it was just an ornament. But he did not expect that this guy had reached the state of “No Sword” at such a young age. He observed the thin layer of sword qi that appeared on the surface of the wooden sword. What’s even more surprising was that his sword moves were exactly like the engravings on the wall. The only difference was that they had not been completely methodically applied. A couple of sword techniques from the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art were used, but their strength was not the same, it implied that the opponent could swap it at will, and was waiting to see his reaction. And, change tactics at a moment’s notice.

Feng Qingyang stepped on the ground and quickly retreated a few meters away. Although Song Qingshu’s first three moves were amazing enough, they were not as shocking as this time. He stared at Song Qingshu in utter shock and asked, “You just watched it casually. How can you comprehend these sword techniques on the wall with just a few glances?”

Song Qingshu’s expression turned a bit red in shame, and he shyly replied, “It seems like… that’s what happened.”

After listening to his words, Feng Qingyang almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. He has been called a sword-wielding genius that was seen once in hundreds of years. Only with his decades of cultivation on the way of the sword, he could comprehend the moves on the wall, and then integrate them with his sword intent. This young man, on the other hand, had probably practiced the sword for not more than a year, and he had attained such a realm! How could Feng Qingyang not be surprised if this youth attained something equal to himself.

“Whether it is true or not, I will just have to try and see it for myself.” Feng Qingyang still didn’t believe it, and decided to attack again.

Song Qingshu quickly focused and parried his attack with the wooden sword.

For a time, the cave became full sword qi. Feng Qingyang was basically attacking Song Qingshu’s defense, and he was often forced into embarrassing situations. Song Qingshu was like a lonely boat in the storm, always able to stay afloat. He used the technique of the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art, and remained undefeated against Feng Qingyang’s Nine Swords of Dugu. Sometimes he even attacked with a few sword strikes so that Feng Qingyang had to use his sword to defend.

However, Song Qingshu soon came to a bitter self-realization. Although he could fight Feng Qingyang for a hundred moves without being defeated, he knew that if he continued fighting like this Feng Qingyang would no longer show any mercy. And if the sword qi invades his body, he would die without a doubt.

After he had this thought, he no longer had any will to fight again. And decided to resort to a weird sword technique, while shouting out its name, “Have a taste of my ultimate move, Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect!!!”

Feng Qingyang became confused. This young man gave him too many surprises. He was really afraid that he would lose his concentration and be injured by his weird moves. So, he tightly held his sword in his hands and waited for him.

When he saw that his opponent fell for his trick, Song Qingshu no longer dared to hesitate, he pushed the Traceless Sand Treading Steps to the extreme, and picked up Mu Wanqing, who was dumbly standing next to him.

After Feng Qingyang came out of his daze, he couldn’t help but get furious, and he hurriedly used his movement technique (Qinggong) to chase him, but he had lost his first opportunity. Song Qingshu was performing the super movement technique (Qinggong) the Traceless Sand Treading Steps, and was able to swiftly run away, even if he still had a person in his arms. Feng Qingyang had no choice but to watch the distance between the two of them get farther and farther.

Sensing that Feng Qingyang was finally thrown off, Song Qingshu gently put Mu Wanqing down, and said fortunately, “Miss, fortunately you are soft as a cotton and light as a feather, otherwise we really wouldn’t be able to run away.”

But what answered him was Mu Wanqing’s clear and resounding slap.

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