Chapter 47: The beauty wakes up and shows her wrath

“Miss, you…” Song Qingshu looked at Mu Wanqing in amazement.

“Are you a fool, or are you a master of martial arts!” Mu Wanqing pointed at him and trembled with anger, thinking that she was deceived by him for the past two days, and he took advantage of her.

“Miss Mu, I’m really sorry.” This was the end of the matter, and there was no need to pretend anymore, so Song Qingshu bitterly smiled.

“Is it fun for you, a master, teasing ordinary people like me?” Mu Wanqing’s voice became colder and colder.

‘I think it’s quite fun.’ Song Qingshu thought in his heart, but of course he never dared to say so out loud, “I just noticed that young miss was heartbroken. You also seemed to have thoughts of suicide. There was not a lot of time. I only wanted to persuade you and was afraid that you would reject strangers. So, the only way I could think was to make this bad decision.”

When Mu Wanqing’s sorrowful matter was mentioned again, her small mouth slumped, and a trace of mist appeared in her beautiful eyes.

Although Mu Wanqing was cold and fierce on the surface, she was only a young girl in the end. If it was in his previous world, she might not have gone to college at this age. Song Qingshu had these thoughts flashing in his mind, but he didn’t know how to coax her at the moment.

After a while, Mu Wanqing turned her head, quietly wiped her cheek with her fingertips, and asked in a deep voice, “What is your name?”

Noting her jade-like fingers, Song Qingshu’s throat suddenly got a little dry, and quickly replied, “Miss Mu, this humble one is Song Qingshu.”

“Thank you Master Song for helping me a few days ago, and this lowly girl will be forever grateful.” Mu Wanqing said coldly, and turned to leave. Although she was extremely angry, according to her old temperament, after encountering such a stinky man she would naturally kill him with a poison arrow. But considering the incredible martial arts she had just seen with her own eyes, she gave up on this idea.

“Now she is leaving too.” Song Qingshu muttered to himself, his reluctance was very obvious. After being exposed to this beautiful woman, he didn’t know what to say to make her stay. And according to his personality, he also couldn’t do something like that pretty boy Duan Yu.

Hearing Song Qingshu talking to himself, Mu Wanqing’s ears blushed, she suddenly stopped, turned around and stared at Song Qingshu, “Go and wash your face, I don’t want to leave without even knowing what my saviour looks like.”

“That’s no trouble at all!” Song Qingshu was aware of Mu Wanqing’s arrogant and unusual personality, and couldn’t figure out her thoughts for a while, so he ran to a nearby stream to wash off the stains on his face, and then fixed his wild hairstyle. Then he tied it up with a cloth strip.

Looking at the renewed Song Qingshu, an invisible blush appeared on Mu Wanqing’s fair face, “Okay, I have seen it clearly.” After speaking, she simply turned around and left.

Could it be that she was fascinated by the handsomeness of the “Jade-Faced Mengchang”? Song Qingshu was surprised. The original Song Qingshu was a well-known handsome young hero in the wulin. Now that he has achieved great accomplishments. His reserved and calm temperament added a few levels of charms. Now, every time he woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror, the first sentence that came out of his mouth was,  “I woke up handsome today too.”

Seeing Mu Wanqing go further and further, Song Qingshu shook his head and smiled bitterly in his heart, ‘Mu Wanqing is a well-known infatuated woman in the original book, who loved her brother Duan Yu all her life, how can she be moved by other men.’

However, looking at her slender figure, Song Qingshu still shouted out, “After this, I will go back to Jiangnan.”

Seeing Mu Wanqing walking far away as always, without any fluctuations in her body, Song Qingshu became anxious and quickly added, “Duan Yu was taken away by Tibetan Empire’s master Jiumozhi, his intention is to go to Murong Bo’s grave at Gusu. Before his cremation.”

Mu Wanqing really trembled, stopped for a moment, and continued to walk, finally disappearing from Song Qingshu’s sight.

‘It seems that my position in her heart is still not as good as that pretty boy Duan Yu!’ Song Qingshu was full of complex emotion, without realizing that he was also a true pretty boy through and through.

However, he was sure that Mu Wanqing would go to Jiangnan to save Duan Yu. Song Qingshu was not worried about her safety at all. Although Jiumozhi was a little bit despicable at times, fundamentally he was still a virtuous monk, unlike Yun Zhonghe who had the hobby of attacking a weak girl like Mu Wanqing.

The reason he was sending her to Jiangnan was that Song Qingshu had already made plans to go to Jiangnan.

In these two days of free time, he had been planning his future. The search for treasures that he planned before seemed very unrealistic now. But now, his martial arts was actually powerful enough, especially today in the battle with Feng Qingyang, which filled him with overwhelming confidence. He knew that as long as he didn’t provoke those famous murderers in the wulin, his current strength was more than enough to protect himself anywhere.

Moreover, as his martial arts realm became higher and higher, Song Qingshu’s ambitions became greater and greater. The rich experience from his previous life made him understand very early that in this troubled world, no matter how high realm he achieved in pure martial arts, he would only be a chess piece for someone superior. Similar to that Guo Jing. 

Relatively speaking, he envied the Ming Cult’s advocacy of unscrupulousness. It has hundreds and thousands of followers, who could become its vassals. Along with its strong soldiers and sturdy horses, it even has the possibility of dominating the world.

But thinking of the inexplicable relationship between Zhang Wuji and his nominal wife, he felt disgusted. He didn’t want to be Li Yu’s kind of unlucky ghost. If Zhang Wuji ruled the world, he would summon Zhou Zhiruo to the imperial harem whenever he wanted. And when that time comes, he really wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop it.

Besides, Song Qingshu created a business empire in his previous life. He had become accustomed to the feeling of being in control and holding the fate of many people in his hands. But now he was just a nobody, and he was not used to this kind of role change, so he wanted to plan early. He wanted to slowly climb up the social ladder.

The current world was really chaotic, it was a good time to make contributions. Song Qingshu was not the kind of political speculator like Murong Bo and his sons, who had good eyes but poor methods. He had already planned out a blueprint.

What is the essence of power? One is military power, and the other is personnel power. In fact, the most important thing is financial power. When many people depend on you for food, you will naturally have tremendous power. Of course, if you don’t have the strength to ensure that your wealth will not be taken away. The concept of power is just a ridiculous circle.

Realizing that searching for the martial arts secrets were hopeless, Song Qingshu immediately shifted his focus to finding other treasures of the world. The kind which included gold and silver.

All the martial arts secrets hidden in the world were exclusively owned by the original protagonists, so he couldn’t compete with the original protagonist in terms of luck. But the original novel had one thing more or less in common, that is, none of the protagonists get involved with the treasures that appear in the novel! 

It was most likely that Old Man Jin wanted to show that the protagonist regarded money as shit, but this was exactly what Song Qingshu was after.

There was no need to compete for the martial arts treasure with the protagonist of the original book. Song Qingshu felt that his thoughts were correct. So, he began to make a mental list of available treasures in the current world. The treasure of the Gaochang maze was far in the Western Regions. It was Zhang Wuji’s domain and could not be considered for the time being; the Chuangwang treasure near the Yubi Villa was also out of the consideration. It was far away and located in the hinterland of the Qing Dynasty. It would be difficult to take it even if he found it. The treasure of the “Sutra in Forty-two Chapters” was even more difficult. Not to mention the difficulty of collecting the eight sections and the forty-two chapters, it was impossible to secretly take out the treasure without alerting the Man Qing Dynasty’s eyes and ears.

The treasure of Tianning Temple in Jingzhou was easy to find, but it was Ling Tuisi’s domain, and it was located in a war zone, so Song Qingshu didn’t want to get involved.

After much deliberation, Song Qingshu finally fixed his gaze on the treasure of Dagong Lane in Jinling City!

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