Chapter 45: One-on-One with Wang Hu

I didn’t waste any time and threw a pun*ch directly at Wang Hu’s face. This attack was just a test since Wang Hu had risen to the top in the school, meaning he had plenty of fighting experience. I only used about forty percent of my strength to see if he could handle it.

To my surprise, Wang Hu didn’t try to block the pun*ch but instead dodged it by tilting his head. It seemed he didn’t want to engage in a head-on collision with me.

In the split second that I was distracted by my thoughts, Wang Hu countered with a pun*ch to my chest. Though it didn’t hurt much, it did make me feel slightly winded.

“Come on, again!” I gritted my teeth and launched another attack on Wang Hu. My fighting experience was limited, and I mostly relied on brute strength, so I jumped up and kicked at him.

Wang Hu smirked disdainfully and stepped back half a step, raising his leg to kick me in the abdomen. I staggered a few steps before regaining my balance.

In fighting, strength alone wasn’t enough; experience was equally important. I initially didn’t intend to use my True Qi or my strong mental power because it felt unethical to use such advantages in a regular fight. However, to avenge my friend, I decided to make an exception.

Focusing my eyes, the surroundings became increasingly clear. I gathered a small amount of True Qi into my fist and attacked Wang Hu again. Wang Hu tried to dodge as before and counter, but his movements seemed slow to me, as if I were watching them in slow motion.

Unsurprisingly, my pun*ch landed squarely on his chest, making him stagger back several steps and start coughing.

“Not bad, let’s go again!” Wang Hu removed his vest, exposing his muscular torso, which looked quite intimidating.

Without further ado, Wang Hu charged at me. This was his first time attacking proactively. He was fast, but still seemed slow to me. Before he could get close, I swung my leg in a whip-like motion and kicked his ribs, sending him to the ground.

Wang Hu clumsily got up from the ground, not bothering to brush off the dirt on his pants. He looked at me and said, “I underestimated you, but my skills are far from exhausted!”

A trace of ferocity flashed in Wang Hu’s eyes as he charged at me even faster than before. His large fist aimed directly at my face. I raised my hand to block, but his leg suddenly kicked up. If I hadn’t been using my mental power, he might have gotten the better of me.

I countered by kicking his incoming leg aside and deflecting his pun*ch. Then, I struck his neck with my elbow, knocking him down again.

“Do you want to continue?” I squatted beside Wang Hu, who was lying on the ground, gasping for air.

I hadn’t used True Qi in that last elbow strike and had controlled my strength to avoid seriously injuring him. Otherwise, that blow could have sent Wang Hu straight to the afterlife.

Wang Hu struggled to get up, using one hand to support himself. “Why not… keep going!” he said weakly before suddenly grabbing my hair and driving his knee towards my face.

I quickly turned my head to avoid the blow, though he still managed to yank out a handful of my hair. My hairstyle was something I cared about a lot, and anyone messing with it was asking for trouble.

I wanted to grab Wang Hu’s hair in retaliation, but he had a buzz cut, making it difficult. Still, I couldn’t let him get away with it.

I threw a left hook at his face. Wang Hu bent down to dodge—just as I wanted. The left hook was just a feint to make him lower his head, giving me the perfect opportunity to knee him in the face. Blood started pouring from his nose.

To prevent any further surprise attacks, I followed up with a kick that knocked him to the ground. I then sat on top of him. “Do you give up?”

“I give up!” Wang Hu admitted defeat without hesitation, and I got off him.

“Wang Hu, does our earlier agreement still stand?” I asked, referring to our terms for the fight.

“Of course,” Wang Hu said, wiping the blood from his nose.

I furrowed my brows and told Zhang Yu, “Yu, go get a kn!fe!”

“Got it!” Zhang Yu replied enthusiastically, ready to fetch a kn!fe. But just as he turned to leave, dozens of people, all armed with knives, appeared in the small forest. Leading them was none other than the cowardly “Mouse” from the bathroom.

“Who needs a kn!fe? We have plenty here!” Mouse said with a challenging look, completely different from his earlier terrified self.

I turned to Wang Hu and gritted my teeth. “Wang Hu, this isn’t what we agreed on! We said it would be one-on-one!”

“F*ck! Wang Hu, what’s the meaning of this? Are you setting us up?” Zhang Yu couldn’t hold back his anger and tried to kick Wang Hu, but Mouse blocked him with his kn!fe.

Mouse sneered, “This has nothing to do with Wang Hu. This is personal. Didn’t you guys have a lot of fun beating me up earlier?”

“I didn’t call them. Mouse said it’s a personal grudge,” Wang Hu said, looking helpless but with a glint of satisfaction in his eyes.

“So, it’s a personal grudge?” I raised an eyebrow, glancing at Mouse and Wang Hu. “Let’s settle it right here then!”

Without warning, I k!cked Mouse in the chest. As expected, he flew back, the sound of bones cracking echoing in the air. Mouse would be in the hospital for months.

The others were momentarily stunned, not expecting me to act so boldly.

“Get revenge for Mouse!” someone shouted, and the group charged at me.

Despite their numbers, they approached in small groups to avoid friendly fire, making it easier for me to handle them. Zhang Yu, though less powerful, had plenty of street fighting experience, so he held his own.

Seeing that Zhang Yu was fine, I focused entirely on the fight. I took down each attacker swiftly, ensuring they couldn’t continue. Soon, all the low-level fighters were on the ground, and those fighting Zhang Yu fled in fear.

I picked up a kn!fe from the ground and approached Wang Hu, smiling. “Personal grudge settled. Now, it’s between you and me!” I said, s1ashing at Wang Hu with the kn!fe.

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