Chapter 46: Escorting Wang Hu to the Ambulance

Just as the kn!fe was about to fall on Wang Hu, he hurriedly said, “Brother Xia Tian, this is my fault. How about I pay double for the medical expenses of your friend named Hao Zhiwei?”

Damn! The fatty only stayed in the hospital for one day; how much could the medical expenses be? My goal was to avenge the fatty, not to extort money!

“Wang Hu, we agreed beforehand. This matter is non-negotiable.” Saying this, I weighed the kn!fe in my hand, signaling to Wang Hu to stand there and take the punishment.

“I, Wang Hu, will remember this!” Wang Hu gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

I didn’t hesitate and s1ashed at Wang Hu’s back. He gritted his teeth, furrowing his brows tightly, and let out a light groan.

“You had someone s1ash the fatty four times; I owe you eight. This is the first one!” I said, delivering another s1ash. “Second s1ash!”

“Third s1ash!”

“Fourth s1ash!”

All four of my s1ashes were aimed at Wang Hu’s back. The remaining four s1ashes were targeted at his arms and thighs.

I wasn’t as nervous as when I first fought Zhou Feng. Maybe I had gotten used to it, or perhaps because of what happened to the fatty, I forgot about everything else.

When you’re away from home, you rely on friends. I came here alone and only knew two brothers: Zhang Yu and the fatty.

Although the fatty was timid, he was incredibly good to his friends. On my first day at this school, he took me to the cafeteria. Whenever I was in financial trouble, it was the fatty who supported me.

Zhang Yu might call me an idiot all day, but he’s a brother who has my back. As a newcomer at this school, it’s inevitable that seniors would trouble me, and Zhang Yu, my first deskmate here, helped me out of all those troubles.

Now that the fatty had been tricked by Wang Hu and ended up in the hospital, I even thought that these eight s1ashes were too lenient.

Wang Hu only let out light groans for the first few s1ashes but started screaming in pain as the later ones landed. This reminded me of Zhou Feng, who didn’t make a sound from start to finish. Looking at Wang Hu now, I thought that if I hadn’t intervened, Zhou Feng would have taken control of the school sooner or later.

After throwing the kn!fe to the ground, I didn’t leave but squatted down with Zhang Yu, waiting for something.

“Dean, it’s them! Look at what they’ve done to our classmates!” Before long, a voice came from a distance. I looked up to see the three who had run away earlier, bringing Wang Tong over.

As expected, they brought Wang Tong, who handled most of the school’s disciplinary issues. When those guys ran, I knew they would seek Wang Tong’s help.

I had heard Zhang Yu mention that Wang Hu and Wang Tong were relatives. Since they couldn’t beat me in the dark, they would definitely ask Wang Tong to deal with me openly. But they didn’t know my relationship with Wang Tong!

“Who did this to my nephew?” Wang Tong shouted, pointing at Zhang Yu and me. “You two, stand up!”

Wang Hu, lying on the ground, couldn’t care about his injuries and looked at Wang Tong excitedly.

“Dean Wang, such authority!” I sneered and stood up slowly.

“Xia…Xia…Xia…” Wang Tong stammered when he saw me.

“Dean, my name is Xia Tian!” I said with a smile, looking at Wang Tong.

“Xia Tian, what is going on?” Wang Tong quickly regained his composure, as expected of someone in his position.

“Dean, he s1ashed Brother Hu, and you’re still being polite?” One of Wang Hu’s underlings couldn’t help but speak anxiously to Wang Tong.

“Shut up!” Wang Tong scolded Wang Hu’s underling, then turned to me with a smile.

“Dean, you’re finally here! Zhang and I were almost killed!” I pretended to be frightened. Wang Tong’s eyelid twitched, but he quickly recovered.

“We just mentioned that tigers are protected animals, and this Wang Hu called people to s1ash us. Look, my clothes are dirty!” I continued to act pitiful. “Dean, you have to stand up for us!”

“You three, take these troublemakers to the office first!” Wang Tong gritted his teeth and instructed the students beside him.

“Dean, that’s Brother Hu! Aren’t you related…” The underling wanted to say more, but Wang Tong slapped him. “You are the Dean, I am the Dean!”

Wang Tong seemed genuinely angry.

With dozens of people on the ground, it was impossible for two or three people to move them all. So Wang Tong called more students. I patted Zhang Yu and said with a smile, “Let’s do a good deed and help Brother Hu back.”

Zhang Yu grinned, “Sure!” We then lifted Wang Hu. Wang Tong, seeing this, told the surrounding students, “Repay evil with good. Everyone should learn from Xia Tian!” Wang Tong’s ability to lie with a straight face was impressive.

Wang Hu was so angry he almost spat blood. Looking at me, he said, “I admit defeat. From now on, whether it’s me or my men, we’ll avoid you, Brother Tian.”

“Hey! What are you saying, Brother Hu? I’m just returning the favor!” I still held a grudge against Wang Hu for ambushing Zhang Yu and me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have waited here for Wang Tong. This was just to teach Wang Tong a lesson for being untrustworthy!

“Dean, the path in the woods is slippery, and these students got hurt accidentally. I think we should send them to the hospital first!” Wang Hu’s underling suggested. Only Wang Hu and Lao Shu were seriously injured, but if they stayed, something worse might happen. Wang Hu s1ashed the fatty and sent him to the hospital; we couldn’t fall short on that.

“Brother Hu, this is just returning the favor. Don’t take it to heart!” I said with a smirk.

“You!!!” Wang Hu fainted from anger before finishing his sentence.

Watching Wang Hu get into the ambulance, Zhang Yu and I walked back to class.

“Damn! Did you know I almost got scared to death when that old guy Wang Tong showed up?” Zhang Yu patted his chest in fear, then laughed, “Wang Tong seemed off this time. Are you hiding something from me?”

“I’m just a loner; don’t overthink it!” I wasn’t planning to tell Zhang Yu about Qin Shousheng because I still didn’t know who I was supposed to protect. Most importantly, Qin Shousheng was very capable, which meant his opponent wouldn’t be simple either. This made me uneasy, and I didn’t want to drag Zhang Yu into it.

“You’re right. Maybe that old guy Wang Tong changed his attitude for some reason, hahaha!” Zhang Yu laughed foolishly.

I was about to reply when I saw a familiar figure ahead. It was none other than our school beauty, Miss Xu!

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