Chapter 45: The villainess strikes back II (part 2)

It was a good thing for me, but honestly, I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

After confirming that, Shael spoke. “It’d be weird to wear both pairs.”

“Yes, it would, wouldn’t it…”

To be honest, I couldn’t understand why she really did it. Obviously there must be some other reason. But I didn’t bother to ask.

Because, if I did that, I was sure that she would take back the ring she gave me as a gift.

Instead, I spoke to Shael, who was wearing the ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

“Wearing it on the ring finger of your left hand signifies an oath of love. Did you know?”


Shael’s face hardened. There was no way the villainess who was ignorant about the matter of love would know things like this.

“I didn’t wear it in that sense.”

“Is that so?”

“Also, I don’t believe in things like that.”

“I see.” I gave a quick reply. At the same time, I also put the ring on the  ring finger of my left hand, then I showed my hand to Shael.

Shael hesitated for a moment and hardened her face, then spoke up, “Put it on the other finger.”

“Why would I do that?” I asked a question mixed with a slight laugh. 

It caused Shael to frown at me.

Perhaps because she realized that I would never wear it on the other finger.

Shael sighed and pulled out the ring from her ring finger. This time, she wore the ring on her index finger.

So I said to Shael, “By the way, wearing a ring on your index finger means you want to marry your fiancé.”


Of course, it wasn’t really the case. In fact, I didn’t even know what it meant to wear a ring on your index finger.

I wasn’t an accessory expert, so there’s no way I knew that.

But that wasn’t the point. The important thing was that I managed to trick Shael.

Shael stretched out her hand again to remove the ring from her index finger.

However, I opened my mouth before she could do that.

“Didn’t you just say that you don’t believe in these things?”


Shael glared at me and opened her mouth to speak with a grumpy expression.

“Be quiet, or I’ll take the ring back.”


I had no choice but to be quiet, and I walked with Shael without saying a word.

At some point, Shael had worn the back on her ring finger.


[Shael’s POV]

Shael put the ring on her ring finger. 

But as Eran said, if that meant an oath of love, so it would be a little bit problematic, but… she wanted to wear it on her ring finger for some unknown reason.

In the first place, as she had said earlier, Shael didn’t really believe in such superstitions.

Shael proudly walked with the ring on her ring finger. 

She could feel Eran’s gaze, so she wanted to launch a minor attack..

“I don’t attach much importance to things like rings.”

“Yes. Is that so?”

The way Eran spoke was slightly sarcastic. 

So Shael added, “I don’t care about the rumors I heard at the dessert shop a while ago.”

“You say that, but your face turned very red when you heard the rumors.” Eran retorted. 

Eran counter attacked as usual, and since he seemed to be right in the first place, she couldn’t even refute it.

Eran’s offensive continued. “It’s rumored that we have a daughter in secret… there were also rumors that it might be because you pounced on me.”

Eran talked as if he was making fun of her. 

The back story that Shael may have pounced on Eran and gave birth to his child, was something the young ladies at the dessert shop they had visited earlier had theorized.

She should have scolded them as soon as she heard it.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do that because of Eran. So for now, Shael decided to focus on the task in front of her.

Shael looked at Eran who had a smile on his face, and began to think. 

She had to come up with a plan to silence her annoying fiancé.

She could threaten to take back the ring she gave him as a gift.

She could also mention the rumor that Eran had looked at Shael passionately at the banquet hall of the Mage Tower.

But they were too weak as a weapon. If she had to compare, they were like small arrows.

And, to defeat Eran at once, she needed a massive weapon like a cannon ball.

She thought hard about how she could get back at Eran.

At last, a great weapon was forged in her mind, and she opened her mouth to speak.

“Be quiet before I pounce on you, just like the rumors say I pounced on you.”


Eran’s mouth opened and closed at her words and his face flushed red. It seemed that he was very embarrassed.

In fact, it was the kind of comment that would make anyone blush in embarrassment. 

Be quiet before I pounce on you… was a fatal and unconventional attack by the villainess. 

Shael felt as if she had defeated Eran.

Usually, she would have ridiculed and made fun of Eran… but she couldn’t.

The reason was simple.

Shael’s attack was so powerful that… even she herself was blushing.

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  1. lol. that double edged sword! or should I say, an powerful AoE attack that even the user itself get the damages from it? (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

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