Chapter 46: The villainess strikes back III (part 1)

After making Shael hear the rumors with her own ears, the purpose of us coming out this time had been achieved. 

And, Shael was also done with buying the things she wanted, so we left the store. 

In the bag Shael was holding, there were things she had bought earlier.

“So, what are you going to use those items for?”

“I told you earlier.”

Yes, I did hear her say that she would use them on me. 

But, the question was… ‘Why the hell would you use a sleep magic tool, rope, and handcuffs on me?’

“Have you developed some kind of strange fetish?”


Shael tilted her head at my question. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like she’ll use them for the purpose I am thinking about.

For now, I stopped asking questions about magic tools. Now I wanted to ask where we were going next.

I was the one who had offered that we should go out, and we couldn’t just go around and enter random stores.

“Where do you want to go now?”

“Over there.”

The place Shael pointed to was a magnificent building. This one, too, seemed to be owned by the company that owned the previous store.

‘A theater?’

‘It can’t be…’  

But there it was, a movie theater that should only exist in real life. And, it looked terribly out of place.

‘Does this even make sense?’

I didn’t think there was any mention of a movie theater in the original novel.

Anyways, why am I even bothering to make it an issue when this was a world without any sense of logic from the start.

But I still couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling of deja vu. 

Normally, I wouldn’t pay any attention to trivial things like this.

Of course, this was a world of a romantic fantasy novel that didn’t have any sense of logic.

The Mage Tower Lord was defeated without even getting the chance to Duke Jespen even once. 

The male protagonists had strange personalities.

It was all very strange and illogical. So what was wrong with it having a movie theater?

But my head continued to throb.

For some reason, I thought of the bracelet Clie had given me. After confirming that the bracelet was at full mana capacity, I had kept it in my pocket, because I didn’t know what might happen in the future. Who knows when I might need it.

Anyways, I was a person who liked plays and movies, so the existence of a movie theater was rather a good thing.

I went to the theater with Shael, and before long, I let out a deep sigh.

Because I saw two familiar forms— Clie and the Crown Prince. 

‘Is this why I suddenly thought of the bracelet?’

I didn’t know. But there was no way the bracelet would suddenly pop into my mind just because Clie was nearby.

Anyway, I had thought that Clie seemed to hate the Crown Prince, but contrary to her behavior, it seemed like she was comfortable enough to come watch movies with him.

Maybe she was forced. Maybe she was deliberately spying on me through the bracelet.

I didn’t have the time to worry about those things, since I had more important things to do.

First, I quickly blocked her view to prevent Shael from spotting them.

“What would you like to see?”


Shael gave the most difficult answer in the world. 

‘You’re fine with anything?’

So, I pointed to fantasy films and started asking questions.

“How about this?”

“I don’t like it.”

“What about this?”

“I don’t like that either.”

The fantasy genre was out of the equation. 

This time… I pointed to romance movies that wouldn’t suit the villainess.

“I don’t like it.”

A quick rejection. Even the horror movies I pointed to next were also rejected.

Before I knew it, I had suggested everything in the theater except for a few movies.

And Shael rejected all of them.

“If you don’t want to watch anything, why the hell did you want to come to the theater?”

“You haven’t suggested everything yet.”

She was right. There were still a few movies left that I hadn’t suggested to Shael. 

The reason being, the genre wasn’t that appropriate.

But Shael pointed to a movie without looking at the title.

“Let’s watch this.”


I went silent. 

You could just tell from the title that it was a strange movie. It was definitely not a movie a couple should watch on a date.

‘No, it should be the most appropriate one, right? Hahh, I don’t know…’

After noticing my expression, Shael turned her head to check the title of the movie.

[The Lady, Her Fiancé, and the Bon*dage of Love]

After I confirmed that Shael was embarrassed, I asked, “Does that fit your taste?”


A moment of silence, I was able to see the villainess blush red in shame.

As she should, since it was a situation where anyone would feel ashamed.

No matter how much Shael was ignorant about these things, she should’ve at least looked at the title of the movie.

Shael withdrew her hand from pointing the the movie, and casually pointed to a normal romance movie.

“That’s about right. I would love to see this.”

Usually, I wouldn’t make fun of Shael more than that, but, I had no choice but to say more.

It was because of the magic tools in Shael’s bag— sleeping magic tools, a rope, and handcuffs.

“No way! Are those magic tools for…”


After that, I turned my head to check the title of the movie again. 

It had the “Fiance” and the “Lady” as its two main leads.

It perfectly fit the relationship between me and Shael.

“But the title of the movie, is [The Lady, Her Fiancé, and the Bon*dage of Love].”


Shael couldn’t speak more than that.

“There must have been a reason why you suddenly asked me to come to the theater.”

Shael couldn’t answer this time either.

Looking at Shael’s red face, I could tell that this wasn’t what she intended, but… you never know. 

In the first place, I had my doubts about her buying those magic tools.

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