Chapter 46: The villainess strikes back III (part 2)

But I was a good fiancé!

I had been enduring the nasty character of the villainess for years, so I could endure her having at least one such bizarre preferences.

“I will respect you having that kind of preference.”

But, that didn’t mean that I would have to be submissive.

“But, let me tell you, I prefer doing the tying rather than being tied.”


“I can’t concede that much.”

Shael glared at me. 

I didn’t know what that meant. Was it because my remark had crossed the line, or was it because she wasn’t willing to concede that role?

Anyways, I looked at the title of the movie Shael had pointed out with a smile.

[The Lady’s Seduction of the Young Lord]

It was a movie with a title that would provide me with many opportunities to make fun of Shael.

* * *

The movie theater had more convenient features than I thought. Some of the features couldn’t be seen even in modern times.

For example, if you want to talk to the person next to you, there was a magic tool that you could activate so that others can’t hear you.

However, something felt strange. I should have just skipped over it, but the noise control magic tools installed on the floor felt very familiar for some reason.

‘It’s not a big deal.’ I tried to shake off my thoughts and focus on Shael.

The cookie jar I had given to Shael was completely empty before I knew it. 

“Stop eating.”

Shael shook her head, and expressed a strong refusal.

“It’s no use even if you shake your head. I won’t give you any more.”

“I even gave you a ring.”

‘Did you give me a ring for this?’ 

To think that Shael was exchanging an expensive ring for some cheap dessert.

Shael looked at me eagerly. Now she was asking for more!

The villainess’s usual ferocious expression was gone, and only a cute desperate expression remained.

Anyway, the selfish villainess only put on a cute face when she wanted something.

Of course, I directly ignored it. Thanks to that, I was able to immerse myself in the film.

[The poor Lady lost her fiancé, but got him back through a contract with the Demon King!]

Shael started to show interest in the movie as well. 

Anyways, why the hell would the Demon King appear in a fluffy romance movie?

“Is there really such a thing as a Demon King?”

A Demon King? 

There were also demons in this world, so I didn’t think it would be strange that there would be a Demon King. 

But I shook my head at Shael’s words.

There was no mention of it in the original novel. So if I really thought about it, there was a high chance that there wasn’t one.

After shaking my head, I immersed myself in the movie again.

[What are these medicine, Renaella. I don’t need so many for a wound like this.]

[They have no side effects, so quickly take them.]

In the movie, the female lead put a heap of medicine on the table.

It was indeed a bit too much, comically so. And it caused the people watching the movie laugh out loud.

But, it wasn’t the same for Shael. Her face hardened. She must have recalled the memory where she gave me similar amount of medicine.

No, she amount of medicine she had given me was even more than the amount shown in the movie.

[The more you eat, the better the effect will be. So take them, because it will help the wound.]

The female lead spoke with a face full of worry.

I looked at Shael, and she immediately shook her head. It looked like she was denying that was the reason she had made me take all those medicine.

Of course, there was no way I would easily let this opportunity pass!

“You were worried about me, so you gave me so many medicine.”

“No.” Shael stopped talking after a simple denial.

The reason she had given me the medicine must have been to make me suffer from the bitter taste.

But Shael was well aware that it was an absurd reason to say out loud.

“You also gave me medicine once. Was it because you were worried about me?”

Instead, the villainess started attacking me as well, similar to the times when I usually fought back.

Anyway, it seemed that Shael was gradually learning from me.

Then she stared at me and showed a proud smile. The villainess was waiting for me to admit defeat.

I also smiled and counterattacked, “Yes, that’s right. I give it to you because I was worried, so why did you give it to me?”

“What…that’s…” Shael became perplexed. 

So I decided to attack her more, “So you gave me the medicine because you were als worried about me?”


Shael didn’t answer. It was because she had no excuses, so she couldn’t even strike back.

At that moment, even the movie started to help me.

[This, what is this?]

The female lead pressed the male lead against the wall, keeping him in between. 

It was a familiar scene.

It was similar to what Shael did to me at the Azbel family garden.

“Come to think of it, you did that to me as well.”


“Looking at it now, you seemed to have done them all to me.”

Shael didn’t answer. So I turned my head towards Shael, who seemed to be lost in thought.

It was obvious what she was thinking about. She must be looking for a way to strike back at me.

Then, Shael’s mouth, which had been closed for a while, finally opened.

“Be quiet or I’ll pounce on you.”

It was something I had heard not long ago. The villainess was now recycling her attack.

To be honest, I had to admit that I had panicked the first time she said it. I mean, anyone would be embarrassed if they heard something like that.

It was clear that Shael was aiming for that effect again by uttering such an absurd thing.

A sneer had formed on Shael’s face before long. At the same time she had become confident of her own victory. However, that didn’t last long.

“I see. Then I guess we’ll be seeing our daughter soon.”

The villainess was counterattacked!

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