Chapter 474: Another Betrayal

When Song Qingshu returned to the villa, he was astonished to find the three women sitting quietly, waiting for him.

Seeing Song Qingshu return empty-handed, Zhou Zhuiruo looked somewhat unsurprised and asked impatiently, “I heard from Ah Jiu that you went to seek revenge on that woman surnamed Zhao. Where is she?” Despite her words, she inwardly cursed Zhao Min for always trying to steal men from her, wondering if they had some unresolved enmity from a past life.

“Well…” Song Qingshu looked embarrassed and hesitated before replying, “I… couldn’t find her.”

“He probably let her go.” Xia Qingqing couldn’t help interjecting. Today, Zhao Min’s relentless questioning nearly exposed her and Song Qingshu’s relationship, tarnishing her reputation. Naturally, she harbored no good feelings towards Zhao Min.

“He just can’t bear to be ruthless towards pretty women. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have foolishly tried to approach Huang Rong,” Zhou Zhuiruo remarked. 

Song Qingshu’s revenge plan against Zhao Min seemed unreliable to Ah Jiu, who was more concerned about Huang Rong.

Sure enough, at the mention of Huang Rong, Zhou Zhuiruo and Xia Qingqing’s expressions immediately changed.

“Qingshu, you’ve really crossed the line this time. If not for Qingqing and Ah Jiu, wouldn’t your reputation be ruined? Where will you find a place in the martial world in the future?” Zhou Zhuiruo looked angrily at Song Qingshu. 

Ouyang Feng’s secret notification primarily reached the major martial sects like Shaolin, Wudang, Mount Tai Sect, and Beggar Gang. By the time Emei Sect received the news, it was too late.

Upon hearing that Song Qingshu had recklessly undertaken such a deed, the three women were almost faint with anger. They didn’t doubt the news, considering Song Qingshu’s usual behavior. However, despite their anger, they couldn’t bear to see Song Qingshu meet a tragic end and needed to find a way to cover for him. Fortunately, they were thankful the news arrived late, preventing them from rushing to the scene.

After discussing, Xia Qingqing, as the leader of the Golden Serpent Camp, was tasked with stabilizing the situation. Meanwhile, Zhou Zhuiruo and Ah Jiu came up with a comprehensive plan. Finally, they dispatched skilled operatives from the ‘Solid Earth Banner’ to secretly dig a tunnel into the cave during the standoff between Song Qingshu and the masses, and quietly replaced Huang Rong.

“I’ve been framed in this matter,” Song Qingshu said innocently, spreading his hands. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Leader Huang. The truth will come out.”

“We couldn’t risk keeping her here. We sent her back secretly long ago,” Zhou Zhuiruo coldly replied.

“I’ve already explained everything to Ah Jiu. This is all Ouyang Feng’s conspiracy. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Song Qingshu said with a bitter smile, cursing Ouyang Feng’s nine generations in his heart.

“Even if that’s the case, why would he pick you instead of someone else?” Zhou Zhuiruo’s heart burned with jealousy at the thought of Huang Rong’s disheveled appearance.

“Yes, in the end, Madame Guo was…” Ah Jiu’s expression was complex. Having traveled the martial world for many years, she had always admired Guo Jing and Huang Rong’s defense of Xiangyang. She even regretted that if the Ming Dynasty had them, perhaps the emperor wouldn’t have perished on Mount Hua…but she never imagined her chosen husband would commit such a despicable act, causing her to doubt her own choices.

“I really didn’t do anything to her,” Song Qingshu said, feeling guilty under their disbelieving gazes. “Even if I did, it was just superficial to deceive Ouyang Feng.”

“Do you still want to deceive us? Madame Guo’s skin was flushed from post-excitement…” Xia Qingqing sighed softly.

Ultimately, this was why the three women unanimously believed Song Qingshu had done something to Huang Rong. After all, they were experienced women; how could they not recognize that kind of flush?

“I only used some of my internal energy to deceive Ouyang Feng. I didn’t expect her body to be so sensitive and react like that…” Song Qingshu’s mind wandered to Huang Rong’s emotional state, momentarily lost in thought. However, he quickly realized it was not the time to dwell on these memories and changed the subject. “What do I need to do for you to believe me?”

“Well… there’s a way to test what he said…” Xia Qingqing suddenly spoke after a long silence. Having experienced so much with Song Qingshu, she was already convinced of this mans sincerity. Even if Song Qingshu was truly a demon, she wouldn’t mind helping him secretly.

“What method?” Zhou Zhuiruo and Ah Jiu, who had remained silent, suddenly perked up, listening intently.

Xia Qingqing blushed suddenly, pulling the two women aside to whisper something in their ears. Soon, the other two women blushed too.

“Ridiculous, is this a test or a favor to him?” Zhou Zhuiruo couldn’t help but sneer.

“Yeah, if you want to check, Qingqing, you can go alone. I won’t participate,” Ah Jiu said.

Xia Qingqing became anxious, “If I check alone and you accuse me of bias, what will I do?”

“We trust you, it should be fine,” Zhou Zhuiruo blushed, thinking that a woman who had been intimate was indeed different, and the proposal was too embarrassing.

“What’s the method exactly?” Seeing the three women blush simultaneously, Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat. With his skills, he could have easily eavesdropped on Xia Qingqing’s whispers, but relationships without secrets would be too dull.

“If you want to hear, you need to let us seal your acupoints first,” Xia Qingqing said, biting her lip and looking at him.

“Alright!” Song Qingshu agreed without hesitation, spreading his hands for them to proceed.

Seeing him so defenseless against the three of them, the three women were momentarily touched. After all, with Song Qingshu’s current martial arts skills, it was unlikely for him to be restrained by anyone. However, he agreed to Xia Qingqing’s request without hesitation…

“You’ll definitely die at the hands of a woman someday,” Xia Qingqing sighed.

“And it’ll definitely be a beautiful woman,” Ah Jiu also remarked.

Zhou Zhuiruo had been standing silently on the side, but suddenly, her hands moved to seal Xia Qingqing’s acupoints from behind, then she swiftly sealed Ah Jiu’s acupoints as well.

In theory, Ah Jiu wouldn’t be able to be captured so easily, but everything happened so suddenly, coupled with the lack of vigilance from the two women towards Zhou Zhuiruo, they were both immobilized in an instant.

“Sister Zhou, what are you doing!?” The two women were shocked and angry.

“Didn’t you say he would eventually die at the hands of a woman?” Zhou Zhuiruo smiled slightly, gently touching Song Qingshu’s cheek, gradually moving downwards. Her sharp nails easily cut through the skin on his neck. (G: Before anyone misunderstands, wait for the next chapter.)

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