Chapter 475: Real or Fake?

“You want to k!ll Brother Song?” Xia Qingqing exclaimed. She had heard about the grievances between them, but during this period of getting to know each other, Zhou Zhiruo had behaved entirely like a devoted wife. Xia Qingqing thought she had completely forgotten her past hatred.

“The ‘Brother Song’ you speak of used despicable means to take my body. Do you think I shouldn’t kill him?” Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes glinted with excitement. She had sought revenge several times before, but each attempt failed due to her inability to match his strength, only to be captured and humiliated afterward…

Thinking of the humiliations she suffered, Zhou Zhiruo’s face reddened, and she quietly spat.

“Although my methods were indeed despicable, we were husband and wife at that time. Isn’t such an act natural?” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but interject.

“You shut up!” Zhou Zhiruo’s face flushed even more. Originally, they were merely nominal husband and wife, but who knew he would take it seriously.

“Sister Zhou, even if Brother Song was wrong first, his feelings for you were not fake. Moreover, during this time, we have felt your affection for him. Please don’t overlook your true feelings just for revenge,” Ah Jiu said calmly, appealing to her emotions and reasoning.

“Do you all think I have really fallen in love with him?” Zhou Zhiruo snorted, a hint of crazy laughter in her eyes. “Humph, I trained hard in martial arts for revenge, but for some reason, this bas*tard’s martial arts have improved more and more. Several failures made me realize that revenge couldn’t be achieved by force, so I had to use a woman’s natural weapons—my beauty and body. This idiot fell for it, thinking I truly turned hatred into love, so he never guarded against me.”

Ah Jiu didn’t expect her to use seduction to serve her enemy for revenge; her cunning was truly shocking.

Song Qingshu didn’t react much, just looked at her quietly. “So what do you want to do?”

Zhou Zhiruo smiled faintly, leaned in close to his neck, and licked the droplet of blood oozing out. “I will slowly cut open your skin and drink your blood.”

“No need to be so harsh.” Song Qingshu smiled bitterly.

“Humph, this was the oath I made secretly when you drug*ged me at the inn. Today, I will make those vows come true,” she said, not giving Ah Jiu a second glance, carrying Song Qingshu as she flew away.

Looking at the familiar cave before him, Song Qingshu was speechless. He didn’t expect to return here after all this time. Earlier, it was the shy and fiery Huang Rong, but now it was the frosty Zhou Zhiruo.

Zhou Zhiruo tossed Song Qingshu onto a pile of dry grass, squatted down, and looked at him up close, “If you beg me, I might consider not killing you.”

“Have you had enough fun, Zhiruo? I know you won’t kill me.” Song Qingshu smiled as he looked at the woman before him.

Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes suddenly flashed with panic, but she forced herself to calm down and snorted, “You’re so arrogant even at death’s door.”

“Is that so?” Song Qingshu’s smile deepened. “If you really wanted to kill me, you wouldn’t have worried about hurting me when you threw me down earlier and instinctively used soft force.”

“That was because I was worried you’d break my acupoints seal with the impact,” Zhou Zhiruo explained hastily.

“Oh?” Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows. “Then why were you staring into my eyes so closely earlier, completely defenseless? As someone who also trained in the ‘Nine Yin Scripture,’ you should know that the Soul Capture Technique doesn’t require inner strength.”

“I just forgot,” Zhou Zhiruo replied nervously.

Song Qingshu shook his head skeptically. “Zhiruo, you’re not less cunning than Zhao Min. If you really planned something, you wouldn’t have made such a big mistake.”

Zhou Zhiruo suddenly became angry. “You will pay for your arrogance. If you had used the Soul Capture Technique just now, you would have a chance to live.”

“Stop pretending. You can’t even hold back your laughter,” Song Qingshu chuckled as he watched Zhou Zhiruo’s mouth twitch several times.

With a chuckle, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Suddenly, her frosty demeanor melted, and she smiled warmly, “I didn’t expect you to find out so easily. I thought I was quite convincing.”

Song Qingshu remained silent, smiling as he watched her. 

Zhou Zhiruo sat down beside him, curiosity evident on her face, “Did you really figure out I was pretending based on those two things? It seems quite unbelievable.”

“Actually, those were just distractions. I had another reason,” Song Qingshu said mysteriously with a strange smile.

“What reason?” Zhou Zhiruo was puzzled. Her acting just now had even fooled herself. She was naturally curious.

“What do you think my martial arts rank in the world is?” Song Qingshu didn’t directly answer, instead diverting to an unrelated topic.

“Your martial arts?” Zhou Zhiruo thought for a moment and said uncertainly, “Aside from some reclusive masters, you should be able to rank in the top ten.”

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “The world is vast, with many talented individuals. Although my martial arts are decent now, whether I can make it into the top ten is still uncertain. But there’s one skill I’m confident is the best in the world.”

“Qinggong?” was Zhou Zhiruo’s first reaction.

“No,” Song Qingshu smiled mysteriously, “Come closer…”

After hearing Song Qingshu’s answer, Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned red instantly, “You’re shameless!”

Song Qingshu laughed triumphantly, “For me, a woman’s reaction in bed is a true sign of affection or pretense. You can’t deceive me, so your body betrayed you.”

Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t resist pinching his waist, and the two playfully tussled for a while. Suddenly, Zhou Zhiruo sighed sentimentally, “You’re not the real Song Qingshu after all…”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, “Why do you say that?”

Zhou Zhiruo looked at the fire not far away and sighed softly, “The real Qingshu only loved me, disregarding even someone as stunning as Zhao Min. The real Qingshu wouldn’t have drug*ged me, and his martial arts couldn’t have improved so dramatically, nor would he be as smooth-tongued as you…”

“So who do you really like?” Song Qingshu didn’t answer but instead asked back.

“I don’t know,” Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes suddenly became somewhat lost. After a while, she smiled again, “Maybe it’s you.”

Song Qingshu smiled contentedly and hugged her, “That’s good enough.”

“How did you unseal your acupoints?” Zhou Zhiruo looked at him in surprise.

“Didn’t you say that my martial arts skills rank among the top ten in the world, so there’s nothing strange about unsealing the acupuncture points by myself.” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

“It’s so annoying. It turns out that you’ve been fooling me from the start!” Zhou Zhiruo was so embarrassed that she buried her face in his arms.

Song Qingshu had been ar0used by Huang Rong just now and his blood was boiling. At this moment, with a beguiling beauty in his arms, who was his legitimate wife, he could not hold back, so he lifted her chin and kis*sed her.

After a long time, Zhou Zhiruo’s body seemed to melt. When Song Qingshu’s hand reached for her belt, she finally had a moment of clarity. She held down the other party’s evil hand and opened her lips slightly, “Can you tell me? Where has the real Qingshu gone?”

Song Qingshu whispered her ear, “I am the real Qingshu.”

Zhou Zhiruo’s eyes lit up, and her small hands finally let go, allowing the other party to untie her clothes, and then she also parted her legs to allow his entry inside her moist cave…

Moments later, in addition to the slight rough breathing, there were also strange conversations heard in the cave:

“I feel so guilty. I always feel that I am having an aff*air with another man behind my husband’s back.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? I am your husband!”

“But I know you are not.”

“Then why are you still so cooperative?”

“Because it feels goo…hmm~”

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