Chapter 476: Taking Advantage in Public

“Ah Jiu, Qingqing, it was my fault. You can hit or punish me as you please, but please don’t look so angry.” Zhou Zhiruo reached out to tug at their sleeves, but both women turned their heads away simultaneously, completely ignoring her.

“I just wanted to play a joke. Besides, that b*stard really deserved a scare for what he did in the past.” Zhou Zhiruo continued to explain.

“Hmph,” Ah Jiu sneered, unable to hide the jealousy in her tone, “However, didn’t you end up throwing yourself into his arms in the end?”

Zhou Zhiruo and Song Qingshu had returned together, both looking radiant and flushed. Even a fool could guess what they had just done.

Zhou Zhiruo felt a bit embarrassed and couldn’t help but glare at Song Qingshu. If it weren’t for him dragging her along, they would have returned much sooner.

“Did you find out if he had been with Huang Rong?” Xia Qingqing asked with a mocking smile, emphasizing the word “find” heavily.

Thinking of Xia Qingqing’s earlier suggestion, Zhou Zhiruo blushed slightly and murmured, “He shouldn’t have… there was no… no other woman’s scent on him.”  

Given how intimate they had been just now, unless Song Qingshu had secretly taken a bath beforehand, it would be impossible to hide any traces if he had been with Huang Rong.

“Earlier, you laughed at my suggestion and called me improper. I didn’t expect you to volunteer to try it out yourself.” Xia Qingqing’s tone was unconsciously tinged with sarcasm.

After all, she and Ah Jiu had been beset with anxiousness earlier, but who knew Zhou Zhiruo would sneak off and indulge herself. So the relief was followed by a surge of anger.

“Oh, stop teasing me. I almost want to find a hole to crawl into.” Zhou Zhiruo, both ashamed and embarrassed, couldn’t help but pinch Song Qingshu secretly, signaling him to help.

“There’s a fight tomorrow, so I’ll go meditate in the quiet room. You ladies carry on.” With that, Song Qingshu quickly slipped away. 

What a joke, getting involved now would be asking for trouble. The harem needed to be tense like this; otherwise, if everyone got along too well, his life would be much harder.

The next day, when Song Qingshu came out, he found the three women had reconciled and were acting like close sisters again. Surprised, he quietly pulled Zhou Zhiruo aside and asked, “How did you manage it?”

Zhou Zhiruo spat lightly, “It’s women’s business, none of your concern.” She then pushed him away and ran off to chat with Ah Jiu.

On his way to the arena, various martial artists were discussing last night’s events.

“Did you hear? That Song guy fought three top experts alone yesterday and didn’t seen inferior at all.”

“How is that possible? Are top experts so cheap nowadays that any random cat or dog is called a top expert?”

“He fought Shaolin’s Thirteen Supreme Monks’ Master Xuan Cheng, Liao’s Southern King Xiao Feng, and Quanzhen Sect’s top expert Qiu Chuji, aren’t these top experts?”

“Are you kidding me? Is he even human?”

“Exactly, which is why the betting houses have lowered his odds. Now the odds of him winning the championship are the lowest at 2:1.”

“I don’t think so! My years of experience tell me that when the betting odds are this low, they actually don’t favor him. Among the other contestants, that little girl, the young monk, the one-armed man with the heavy sword, and that naive-looking boy are not necessarily worse than him.”

“I agree. He fought three top experts last night, his internal energy must be depleted. Today his opponent is the Jinyang Hero. Based on his performance last night, Song Qingshu might not be able to win.”

“Oh, I forgot about the Jinyang Hero.”

Listening to the discussions, Song Qingshu chuckled to himself, reminiscing about his past life. Back then, he too was like them, an ordinary person trying to piece together information to make sense of things, not realizing that from a higher perspective, such analyses were laughable.

Suddenly, Song Qingshu’s eyes brightened as he saw Huang Rong and her group approaching. Perhaps intentionally dressed up, she showed no signs of last night’s fear, instead looking as radiant and dazzling as ever.

Huang Rong also saw him. Though she still felt lingering fear from last night’s near disaster, what she remembered more vividly were the moments in the cave where they tried to fool Ouyang Feng together.

Recalling those intimate moments, Huang Rong’s legs trembled slightly. The b*stard had used some unknown technique back then, leaving her completely humiliated in front of him…

“I heard Madam Guo was in danger last night, is everything alright?” Song Qingshu greeted her as if nothing had happened.

‘This b*stard is quite the actor!’

Huang Rong blushed but had to respond softly, “Thank you for your concern, Young Master Song. It was just a despicable scoundrel last night, but I’ve taken care of it. No need to worry.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback; this woman really knew how to take advantage of a situation. However, he quickly regained his composure and said with a smile, “If Madam Guo ever needs assistance, I will do my utmost to help, even at the cost of my life.”

The others in the vicinity were baffled by his words. Even Guo Fu, who usually didn’t get along with him, felt his flattery was a bit over the top.

Huang Rong felt a pang of heat spread through her body, understanding the hidden meaning behind his words. Though her heart was filled with anger and shame, she maintained a smiling facade, replying, “If I need help, I will naturally seek my husband’s assistance. There’s no need to trouble Young Master Song.”

“Oh?” Song Qingshu’s face showed a trace of a wicked smile, “But Master Guo has to defend Xiangyang, he might not have enough time to help you. I’m different, I’m free to come whenever called.”

Huang Rong’s face burned from his suggestive words, but before she could respond, Guo Fu angrily retorted, “How dare you! My mother is the esteemed leader of the Beggar Gang. If she needs help, there are plenty of people to assist her, why would she seek an outsider like you?”

Song Qingshu feigned surprise, “So Madam Guo usually turns to the Beggar Gang members for help? I must have been presumptuous.”

Guo Fu wanted to argue further, but Huang Rong quickly stopped her. “The fight is about to begin, and I have things to organize. Young Master Song should prepare as well. Farewell.” She then hurriedly dragged her daughter away, cursing Song Qingshu inwardly for his shamelessness. 

Yet, for some reason, she didn’t feel disgusted, instead feeling a certain kind of thrill from the forbidden tension.

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