Chapter 477: Second Round of the Competition

After the tumultuous night, the second round of the competition finally commenced.

As Song Qingshu appeared on stage, a commotion arose in the crowd. Most people were aware of what had transpired the previous night, though many had not witnessed Song Qingshu’s prowess firsthand.

Song Qingshu had won his first round effortlessly, but his second round was against the renowned Jinyang Hero. Judging by the Jinyang Hero’s performance in the first round, the match promised to be a fierce battle. The crowd watched intently, not wanting to miss a single detail.

“Master Xiao, please!” Song Qingshu, with one hand behind his back and the other gesturing invitingly, appeared every bit the grandmaster as the breeze fluttered his white robes.

Xiao Banhe smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need for this round. I concede.”

His words caused an uproar. Although many believed he was no match for Song Qingshu, some thought Song Qingshu’s energy might be depleted after last night’s battles, giving Xiao Banhe a chance. His immediate concession was unexpected.

Boos erupted from the crowd, especially from those who had bet on Xiao Banhe. They cursed and jeered.


“What kind of Jinyang Hero? He should be called the Jinyang Coward!”

“Give us our money back!”

Xiao Banhe coldly snorted, sending a wave of energy that left the noisy crowd speechless and breathless. The demonstration of his power left them stunned.

As the crowd quieted, Xiao Banhe addressed them, “I’ve faced Young Master Song multiple times before and lost each time. Fighting again would yield the same result, so I won’t waste your time.”

With that, he left the stage with a mysterious smile, not even staying to watch the rest of the matches.

Song Qingshu was puzzled. Xiao Banhe had repeatedly emphasized they were not enemies. Was this his way of proving his sincerity? But why go to such lengths?

With the first match over so quickly, the crowd turned their attention to the next one, speculating eagerly.

“Who do you think will win, Linghu Chong or Yang Guo?”

“Linghu Chong, probably. His swordsmanship is reputed to be the best among the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Sects, and Yang Guo has only one arm. That puts him at a huge disadvantage.”

“I agree. Swordsmanship requires agility, and Yang Guo using that heavy sword like a club is laughable.”

“Not necessarily. In the earlier rounds, Yang Guo’s opponents had their weapons broken upon contact with his heavy sword. If Linghu Chong’s sword breaks, his skills won’t matter.”

“With Linghu Chong’s speed, why would he clash directly with Yang Guo?”

Hearing the discussions, Song Qingshu smiled slightly, knowing they were in for a surprise.

Sure enough, Yang Guo waited on stage for a long time, but Linghu Chong did not appear. A messenger from the Sun Moon Holy Cult hurriedly whispered to Huang Rong, who looked surprised but announced, “Young Master Linghu is seriously injured and has decided to forfeit. Therefore, Young Master Yang wins this round.”

Huang Rong was displeased. She had hoped Linghu Chong would defeat Yang Guo to vent her anger, especially after almost being ruined by Yang Guo’s godfather last night.

Thinking of Yang Kang and Ouyang Feng’s actions, Huang Rong’s gaze towards Yang Guo became hostile. Disliking the father, the godfather, and now the son, she wondered if she owed them in a past life.

‘If Yang Guo wins the championship, considering his relationship with us, any revenge he seeks could be troublesome‚Ķ’

As she worried, she caught sight of Song Qingshu’s reassuring smile. Somehow, it calmed her, reminding herself that with him around, Yang Guo would not win.

“Something’s fishy!”

“Fixed matches!”

“The winners are pre-determined!”

The crowd’s protests grew louder. With two forfeits in a row, suspicions were inevitable.

Huang Rong and some leaders of the Golden Serpent Camp struggled to calm the crowd. When Yang Miaozhen and Shi Potian stepped onto the stage, the noise finally subsided as everyone eagerly anticipated their match.

“Who do you think will win?”

“Why bother guessing? They might forfeit too.”

Ignoring the chatter, Yang Miaozhen focused solely on Shi Potian. She had observed his match against He Shiwo closely and noted his formidable internal strength despite his seemingly clumsy moves. She planned to leverage her superior techniques and avoid direct clashes.

Unlike yesterday, Shi Potian now wielded a short knife, clearly not confident in defeating Yang Miaozhen’s Pear Blossom Spear bare-handed.

“Golden Crow Saber Technique.”

Recognizing the moves, Song Qingshu recalled the technique was created by Bai Zizai’s wife to counter the Snow Mountain Sword Technique. Having seen the Snow Mountain Sect’s techniques during his journey with Bing Xue’er, Song Qingshu found them skilled but not top-tier. The Golden Crow Saber Technique, designed to counter it, wasn’t exceptionally formidable.

“I’ve really lucked out,” Song Qingshu mused with a sly smile. Shi Potian hadn’t yet learned the supreme skills from the Island of Heroes. Currently, he had top-tier internal strength but lacked matching techniques, making him less threatening.

On stage, Yang Miaozhen and Shi Potian separated after several moves. She realized his knife skills were superior to his fist techniques but still no match for her spear.

Feeling confident, Yang Miaozhen’s spear moves became even more fluid. The crowd watched as pear blossom patterns encircled Shi Potian, who initially managed some counterattacks. However, as the floral circle tightened, his figure nearly vanished, leaving only the sound of clashing weapons indicating his continued resistance.

“Hey, that dumb kid seems to be in trouble,” Guo Fu commented casually while eating sunflower seeds.

Song Qingshu frowned. 

Shi Potian appeared to have received guidance. Given the disparity in their techniques, he focused entirely on defense, making Yang Miaozhen’s apparent dominance superficial.

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