Chapter 478: The Focus of the Battle

On the stage, Yang Miaozhen’s brows were furrowed. Despite her fierce Rain of Pear Blossoms attack, Shi Potian had little chance to retaliate. Whenever her pear blossom spear struck him, his body would emit a protective energy, causing the spear tip to slide off.

‘This approach will exhaust me…’

The thought flashed through Yang Miaozhen’s mind. She promptly decided to abandon her relentless attacks. She withdrew her spear and retreated to a corner of the stage, quietly observing Shi Potian from a distance.

Yang Miaozhen, tall and graceful, stood on the raised edge of the stage. Her red cloak fluttered in the wind, revealing her tight-fitting outfit that highlighted her curves, making many in the audience gulp in admiration. 

“What a figure the Fourth Lady has. Any man would be lucky to be with her,” someone commented.

Shi Potian, still instinctively waving his knife even after Yang Miaozhen had retreated, stopped only when he heard laughter from the audience. He scratched his head sheepishly.

“That silly boy is quite endearing.”

Yang Miaozhen couldn’t help but smile. After a moment’s thought, she removed the spearhead from her pear blossom spear, turning it into a staff. 

The crowd was puzzled. Some admired her for not wanting to take advantage of the weapon’s edge, while others who understood the previous exchanges were concerned. Without the spearhead, how could she penetrate Shi Potian’s defense?

“I’m going to make my move, Young Master Shi, please be careful,” Yang Miaozhen announced. She leaped gracefully towards Shi Potian, who raised his knife to defend. Instead of attacking directly, she aimed at his wrist.

Despite using a staff, Yang Miaozhen employed her pear blossom spear techniques. 

Her mastery was such that Shi Potian, caught off guard, felt his wrist go numb, nearly dropping his knife. His protective energy pushed the staff away, but Yang Miaozhen was unfazed, changing her attack mid-move to target his eyes.

Shi Potian panicked, knowing his protective energy couldn’t shield his eyes. He moved to guard them, but Yang Miaozhen’s strike was a feint. 

She changed direction, hitting his wrist again.

Shi Potian’s martial instincts kicked in, and he gritted his teeth, sliding his knife along her staff. 

If Yang Miaozhen didn’t release her weapon, her fingers would be in danger. However, her mastery of the spear allowed her to respond swiftly. She struck the staff with her palm, letting it fly. Using the recoil, she flipped backward, dodging his slash and catching the staff with her legs, then swinging it towards his head.

Shi Potian, unable to dodge in time, was struck on the head. His protective energy prevented serious injury, but the pain was real.


The audience, initially stunned, erupted in applause and cheers, with some even whistling. Yang Miaozhen’s agility and technique had captivated them.

Song Qingshu nodded in approval, realizing he had underestimated her. She had cleverly chosen this strategy, understanding that keeping the spearhead would endanger Shi Potian’s tendons.

Despite his naive appearance, Shi Potian was a martial prodigy. He understood that Yang Miaozhen’s attacks were focused on his wrist. However, understanding and avoiding were two different things. Despite his incredible internal strength, he lacked advanced techniques, relying mostly on instinct.

Yang Miaozhen’s pear blossom spear technique, refined over generations, was unpredictable and deceptive. Shi Potian often fell for her feints, reacting quickly but not always successfully.

As their fight intensified, Shi Potian’s wrist was struck repeatedly. Initially just numb, the repeated blows weakened his protective energy, making it difficult to hold his knife.

With a final, crisp strike, Shi Potian’s knife flew from his hand, landing with a clatter a short distance away, vibrating on the floor.

“I’ve lost,” Shi Potian said, scratching his head in frustration, making his already messy hair even messier.

“Thank you for letting me win,” Yang Miaozhen panted slightly, relieved. The boy’s internal strength seemed endless. Prolonging the fight could have exhausted her.

Huang Rong stepped onto the stage, looking at Yang Miaozhen with admiration. “To prevent injuring Young Master Shi’s tendons, Fourth Lady Yang removed her spearhead, even at her own disadvantage. This kindness is truly commendable.”

The audience, now understanding her actions, cheered loudly. Women, especially those as skilled and attractive as Yang Miaozhen, were always popular in the martial world.

“The final match of the third round: Ah Qing against Master Xu Zhu…” Huang Rong announced. The crowd fell silent, anticipating the main event.

The earlier matches had been thrilling, and the crowd eagerly awaited this one. 

Ah Qing, with her innate sword energy, versus Xu Zhu, possibly proficient in Shaolin’s seventy-two ultimate techniques—both were formidable opponents.

“Little monk, don’t cry if you get hurt…” Ah Qing teased, brandishing her bamboo staff and sending a Sword Qi slash towards Xu Zhu.

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