Chapter 479: Innate Sword Qi vs Northern Darkness True Qi

The crowd gasped collectively. Such exaggerated Sword Qi, even brushing against it would surely take half a person’s body. Not even the revived Wang Chongyang or Zhang Sanfeng could withstand it.

Xu Zhu’s expression also changed dramatically. He had intended to exchange pleasantries with her, but Ah Qing attacked without warning. Seeing the Sword Qi about to strike him, Xu Zhu quickly rolled and leaped a yard away.

Ah Qing continued to smile. With a flick of her wrist, the Sword Qi seemed to have eyes, relentlessly following Xu Zhu.

Xu Zhu’s face turned serious. Planting his feet firmly on the stage, he took a deep breath, causing his clothes to billow.

“One of the Shaolin Temple’s three great divine skills, the Indestructible Vajra Body!”

An eagle-eyed person from the audience shouted.

Song Qingshu shook his head secretly. He was very familiar with the Shaolin Temple’s Indestructible Vajra Skill, having faced masters like the Master of the Vajra Sect and Grandmaster Xuan Cheng, who had perfected the skill.

Xu Zhu did not exhibit the typical characteristics of the Indestructible Vajra Skill. Song Qingshu noticed that the air around Xu Zhu seemed to flow into his body, forming a vortex.

“What kind of martial art is this?” Song Qingshu was puzzled.

Seeing Xu Zhu standing still to receive her Sword Qi, Ah Qing frowned slightly and quickly reduced its intensity. After all, Xu Zhu was not like the big bad wolves that came to steal sheep in the winter. She didn’t want to see him injured.

The pale blue Sword Qi finally struck Xu Zhu. However, as it approached within three inches of his body, it seemed to melt away like snow. Ah Qing murmured in surprise and, with a wave of her green bamboo staff, sent another stream of Sword Qi towards Xu Zhu.

Xu Zhu crossed his arms in front of him, creating an invisible barrier of qi around him. The blue Sword Qi hit this barrier and began to dissolve as if swallowed by a giant maw, disappearing into thin air.


The audience was stunned into silence. Initially thinking Xu Zhu would be severely injured or dead from the Sword Qi, they were shocked to see him effortlessly neutralize it.

They stared at the plain-looking young monk on the stage with complex emotions. This unassuming monk was truly profound, proving that the Shaolin Temple, the foremost martial arts sect, was indeed full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Song Qingshu was equally shocked. Even he would have avoided Ah Qing’s Sword Qi. How did Xu Zhu manage it?

Filtering through the possible martial arts Xu Zhu might know, Song Qingshu’s mind flashed. Could it be the Northern Darkness True Qi? With its ability to absorb others’ internal energy, it could indeed counteract Sword Qi, which was a form of internal energy.

Xu Zhu’s face showed a slight flush. Although he had successfully absorbed Ah Qing’s Sword Qi, her innate Sword Qi was not ordinary. He felt his meridians slightly injured.

‘No more direct confrontations…’

Xu Zhu decided to close the distance while Ah Qing was still in a daze. Given her Sword Qi, a long-range battle would put him at a constant disadvantage. He needed to bring her into close combat to fully utilize the Shaolin Temple’s Seventy-two Supreme Arts.

As Xu Zhu advanced, Ah Qing showed no intention of dodging. Instead, she looked at him with interest. “Little monk, what did you just do?” she asked, her bamboo staff pointing at him casually.

Xu Zhu was alarmed. Ah Qing’s seemingly casual strike came from an incredible angle.

Xu Zhu wanted to dodge, but the bamboo staff seemed to have a life of its own, adjusting slightly to ensure it still aimed at him.

Though it appeared to be an ordinary piece of bamboo picked up in the forest, Xu Zhu did not dare to take it lightly. The fearsome Sword Qi earlier had come from this very staff.

Using his hand as a blade, visible true qi flowed along his palm. He struck at Ah Qing’s bamboo staff, causing a crisp sound. Ah Qing was surprised to find half her bamboo staff cut off, the cut as clean as if made by a sharp blade, with faint burn marks.

“Mother, what was that move the little monk used just now? It’s amazing,” Guo Fu exclaimed, her mouth wide open in disbelief.

“That should be the Shaolin Temple’s Seventy-two Supreme Arts technique, the Burning Wood Saber,” Huang Rong explained. The visible true qi was due to the Burning Wood Saber technique’s intense heat causing the air to ripple, distorting the light. “For him to use it with just his bare hands is truly… astonishing.”

Huang Rong struggled to find words to express her shock. The Burning Wood Saber technique involved striking a piece of dry wood eighty-one times with a saber without damaging it, yet the heat from the blade would ignite the wood. The monk Xuanzheng had mastered this technique, but Xu Zhu used it bare-handed, which was unprecedented.

Song Qingshu frowned slightly. Though the Burning Wood Saber technique was impressive, it shouldn’t have been able to cut through Ah Qing’s bamboo staff. Yet Xu Zhu’s technique had the characteristics of the Burning Wood Saber.

Suddenly, Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up as he recalled a scene from the original “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.” When Shaolin monks were poisoned by You Tanzhi’s cold toxin, Xu Zhu used Northern Darkness True Qi to cut open a monk’s ribs, allowing the poison to be expelled. 

Xu Zhu must have used the “Qi Blade” technique from Northern Darkness True Qi, enhancing the Burning Wood Saber technique’s power tenfold. This was why Ah Qing’s staff had been so easily cut.

Seeing his success in severing Ah Qing’s weapon, Xu Zhu couldn’t help but smile. Raising his other hand, he struck with another blade hand.

Ah Qing, pouting as she looked at her broken staff, casually tossed it aside. She met Xu Zhu’s blade hand with a Sword Qi.

When Sword Qi met blade hand, both fighters trembled and separated. Xu Zhu felt his blood surge and his chest tighten. Ah Qing, too, felt discomfort, as if her punch had landed in empty space. Each wary of the other, they stood several yards apart, ready to continue.

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