Chapter 49: The thickest thigh in the book

On the two horses, one white and one yellow, sat a pair of young man and woman. The young man was dressed in a yellow shirt, he was slender and tall. The young woman was elegant and beautiful. She had a dark complexion and was pretty, and her white dress was fluttering in the wind.

“What a well matched couple!” Song Qingshu secretly admired them, but when he thought that these two were riding horses on the streets, he felt a little unhappy. Then he noticed that the two of their expressions suddenly turned a little dignified, so he followed their gazes curiously.

It turned out that the person they collided with was also a young man, but with a big braid and wearing a full-fledged official uniform. He was probably still a high official in the Qing Dynasty. So Song Qingshu watched him shout and throw his arms about in all directions with interest.

“You fu*kers, arrest them for me!” Although the young man was not really hit just now, but it gave him a nasty fright. He looked back, and wanted to teach the culprit a hard lesson.

“Wait!” The young man looked back and saw a beautiful and energetic girl sitting on the horse. He became happy in his heart, ‘I would be smiling in my sleep if I could be tangled by this girl’s legs once.’

After making up his mind, the young man suddenly changed his tone and snapped his fingers left and right to stop his men, “Didn’t I tell you all? If there was an assassin doing the assassination just now, this young lord would have just kicked the bucket and go to see King Yama and my old man. Now look here! I was saved thanks to this little lady kindly reminding you stupid people to raise your vigilance.”

“Master Wei is wise…” The guards around the young man nodded and bowed, and quickly confessed their mistakes.

“Wei Xiaobao?” Song Qing gave him a weird look. At a young age, this young man was in an important position in the Qing Dynasty. If it wasn’t Wei Xiaobao then who? He thought in his heart that this guy might be the Manchu-Qing alliance messenger mentioned by the dunkards in the inn just now.

Wei Xiaobao finished teaching his subordinates, wiped saliva from his mouth and turned his head back to smile at the white-clothed girl, “Little lady, in order to thank you for your life-saving grace, this lord would like to invite the two of you to the restaurant in front of us.”

The white-clothed woman had a bewildered expression. It was clear that she ran into him just now… But after hearing his words full of sincerity, she almost had the illusion that she really seemed to have saved his life.

When the young man on the other horse saw Wei Xiaobao talking and staring straight at his cousin with questionable eyes, his heart surged in anger.

Just now when he saw this young official shouting and scolding him, his identity seemed not small, and he became worried that today’s affairs would not end well for them. But after seeing that this official didn’t pursue the incident, instead he had ulterior motives about his cousin. He suddenly gave a cold reply, “No need.”

Although Wei Xiaobao still had a smile on his face, he had already begun to scold this guy in his heart, ‘All my life I hated people more handsome than me. This little pretty boy and the little lady are sneaking glances at each other, I am afraid they have already hooked up and become an adulterous couple. If that’s the case, then I guess it’s time to use some extraordinary methods.’

Hearing the words of her companion, the woman in white also scolded, “We ‘Twin Sword Heroes’ hate sick perverts who lust after flowers the most, even more so for the dog officials of the Qing Court. If it weren’t for us worrying about breaking the covenant between the Song Dynasty and you, we might have bestowed justice on behalf of heaven today.”

“Shui Sheng and Wang Xiaofeng?” Song Qingshu remembered the identity of the two when she mentioned her family title. It seems that because of the influence of his deeds at Jingzhou, they had not met the Blood Saber Elder yet.

“I agree that I’m really lustful, but where is this flower you speak of? Zhang Kangnian, have you seen any beautiful dark flowers in this world?” When Wei Xiaobao said this, Zhang Kangnian and others had already roared with a wave of tacit laughter. “Indeed. I have never seen any beautiful flowers that are dark.”

Yes, as Wei Xiaobao said, Shui Sheng’s skin tone was dark, but Song Qingshu smiled slightly at the notion. Shui Sheng was a bit dark, but her skin was even and delicate, and it didn’t make people feel unsightly. What’s more, that skin tone added a touch of healthy vitality to her charm. She was most certainly a beautiful girl.

The ‘Twin Sword Heroes’ were young and vigorous. How could they take such insults lying down? Moreover, Shui Sheng was a young lady, and she directly swung her horse whip at Wei Xiaobao.

“Bold! How dare you assassinate the envoy of the Qing Dynasty in broad daylight.” In fact, just now Wei Xiaobao said all those things on purpose. He wanted to irritate the two of them and let them act first. Zhang Kangnian, his subordinate, had been working with him for a long time, so how could he fail to understand his intentions? He immediately drew out his sword and his people surrounded the ‘Twin Sword Heroes’.

When Wang Xiaofeng saw that this matter was not going to end well, he quickly drew his sword and stepped forward to cover for Shui Sheng.

The two groups clashed and fought for half a day, and Song Qingshu yawned in boredom from the sidelines. Now he has become one of the top masters in terms of martial arts in the world. How could this kind of little quarrel arouse his interest?

The Kangxi Emperor sent Wei Xiaobao as an envoy to the Song Dynasty to discuss their alliance, and was worried about his safety, so he chose a large number of martial artists and powerful imperial guards from the palace to protect Wei Xiaobao.

In normal circumstances, ‘Twin Sword Heroes’ were more than enough to punish some local ruffians and martial artists. But at this moment, they were facing a group of wolves and tigers, and the Imperial Guards showed their might.

It didn’t take long for the two to be subdued by the guards and pressed down in front of Wei Xiaobao, “Now that the assassin has been caught on the spot, we seek the command of Lord Wei on how to deal with them.”

Wei Xiaobao circled the two of them a few times, and wryly smiled, “In broad daylight, you two were going to assassinate the envoys of the two countries. There must be some conspiracy behind it. There must be a ring leader! Well, that’s it. In order to prevent the two of them from colluding while confessing, I decide to separate the two for trial. Zhang Kangnian…this man, tie him up and send him to the prefect of Song State and order them to strictly interrogate him. As for this woman, she will be tried by the Qing Dynasty. Who on earth wants to destroy the diplomatic relations between the two countries? We must find out!”

“My lord really is wise, it fills us with awe…” Zhang Kangnian led the guards and gave another flattery.

The veins on Wang Xiaofeng’s eyes almost burst open. As long as one was not a fool, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out the scheme of his opponent. If his cousin were to be taken away by this beast, she would lose her innocence for sure!

Song Qingshu knew that this guy was quite shameless. But he didn’t expect this Wei Xiaobao to be more shameless and more direct than he was portrayed in the original book. But, it actually was more to his liking.

There was a classic question on a website in his previous life. If you want to choose between Guo Jing and Wei Xiaobao as a friend, who would you choose?

He didn’t know how others would choose, but Song Qingshu was very clear, he would definitely choose Wei Xiaobao. The reason was simple, it’s because Wei Xiaobao was a smart person.

If you were his enemy, then you would end up miserable for sure. Just look at Liu Yizhou, his sweetheart was taken, and his life was also ruined. Another good example was Zheng Keshuang; the woman who loved him left him and he finally became a prisoner.

But being his friend had many benefits, so there wasn’t a need to list them all here. 

Does Guo Jing have friends? Except for that “Old Imp” Zhou Botong, he was sure that there were no real friends. But, Wei Xiaobao was different. When he needed help, he just had to raise his arms and waves of fox and dog-like friends would come to help one after another. This could be seen from the incident of “Turtle Vanquishing Conference” and Zheng Keshuang’s evil rectification.

In Song Qingshu’s opinion, Wei Xiaobao is the thickest thigh in Jin Yong’s fourteen books, so he must hug it tightly.

It’s just that this act of bullying men and women was a bit unpleasant. Song Qingshu frowned, and after all, he couldn’t just come out and talk to the guy out of the blue. At that moment, when he was distressed about the possible ways of establishing relations with him, he saw a few bald monks waving a shining cold light. The saber rushed towards Wei Xiaobao from the dark without any warning!

And Song Qingshu was overjoyed, ‘God is helping me!’

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  1. That’s wrong choice. Wei Xiaobao is not a good choice for friend unless you have no plan to marry a beautiful wife.
    He covet any beauty he met, and he has no loyalty to anyone/anything (friends, organizations, martial school/gate, dynasty, etc). He only care for himself.

    Thanks for the translation.

  2. “Shui Sheng and Wang Xiaofeng?” Song Qingshu remembered the identity of the two when she mentioned her family title. It seems that because of the influence of his deeds at Jingzhou, they had not met the Blood Saber Elder yet.

    I have no idea who they are, I’m just reading. Happened multiple times now and its quite annoying that the author expects us to know it beforehand.

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