Chapter 50: No. 1 fighting master in Jin Yong’s book

Although these monks were wearing robes, they couldn’t conceal the ferocity of their faces. Coupled with the strange sabers in his hands, Song Qingshu immediately realized that these should be disciples of the Blood Saber Sect.

“Why did the ‘Blood Saber Elder’ come to assassinate Wei Xiaobao?” Song Qingshu was very puzzled. These two should have nothing to do with each other.

However, Song Qingshu didn’t plan to save these people now. It was not the right time to save them yet. The reason was, Wei Xiaobao’s guards were full of combat power at the moment. Only when one was in a desperate situation, the effect of saving people could be maximized.

You want to talk about chivalry and righteousness? Sorry, Song Qingshu had never been such a person.

The martial arts of the monks in the Blood Saber Sect were far higher than the short sword welding guards, and Wei Xiaobao’s imperial guards were finding it quite difficult to deal with them. Only relying on their numerical advantage would they be able to defeat the assassins.

“Young Master Wei really has a knack for finding good companions during this trip to Jiangnan.” With a long laugh, a middle-aged monk with a valiant face appeared on the roof, and he slowly swept across his shiny bald head with the back of a saber while speaking.

Seeing that iconic action, and then hearing his way of speaking, Song Qingshu wondered if he was the Blood Saber Elder who was a heaven defying fighting master?

In Jin Yong’s novels, the Blood Saber Elder was certainly not the highest in terms of martial arts, but he had the most brilliant record. Faced with four masters of the same level as himself, he killed three of them and captured one, which made him gain the reputation of the number one fighter in wulin.

Wei Xiaobao didn’t know the name of the Blood Saber Elder, but when he saw him appear on the roof, he rubbed his ears that were sore from the sound of his laughter, and thought in his heart, ‘Motherfu*ker, now this granddaddy’s subordinates have to fight him too. We were at a tie even when fighting with the little monks. Now this new old monk has a ‘I’m a master’ label on his forehead. As soon as he takes action, this poor Wei Xiaobao is going to lose his life.’

But, almost Immediately he pasted his trademark smile on his face, and he laughed, “This senior has a mighty and majestic temperament. At first glance, it is apparent that you are a man who appreciates flowers. This lowly junior loves making friends the most in his life. I just met a beautiful young lady today. If you fancy her, just take her away, you don’t have to mind me.”

Shui Sheng on the side made a strong voice of indignation, but it was a pity that her small mouth had already been blocked, and in the end it all turned into a whining sound.

The Blood Saber Elder glanced at Shui Sheng with surprise, he unconsciously touched his chin back and forth with his hand, then nodded and said, “Well, she’s indeed a beauty! Hmm, her eyebrows are not open, and she is still a big girl with yellow flowers, not bad, this elder likes her.”

Wei Xiaobao looked at him with admiration, “Sure enough, an expert is an expert. From such a distance, you can see that this little lady still has a pure body. Xiaobao’s admiration for you is like a surging river, endless… “

The Blood Saber Elder laughed again, “It is said that the Great Qing Dynasty’s Lord Wei is a hero who could sell justice for money, and he really deserves his reputation when I saw him today. If it weren’t for the fact that we serve different masters, this elder would really want to make friends with you, it’s a pity. It is a pity.”

Hearing what he said, Wei Xiaobao broke out in cold sweat, and he secretly regretted that he didn’t bring that fathead, Lu Gaoxuan, or the brothers from the Heaven and Earth Society when he came here, otherwise he would not be so vulnerable. This Zhang Kangnian usually boasted so much, but was useless at the critical moment. ‘If I can escape this time, I will definitely let Xiao Xuanzi drive you all back to your hometown…’

While Wei Xiaobao was thinking about how to escape, his men had already been defeated by the Blood Saber Monks.

Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian led a few remaining guards in front of Wei Xiaobao, and their voices were a little trembling, “Wei…Master Wei, the situation is…somewhat bad.”

“Of course it’s not good, you moron, I can see it myself.” Wei Xiaobao was speechless and cursed, “The others are all dead, why didn’t you two suffer any injuries?”

Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian looked at each other and could only smile awkwardly.

Song Qingshu saw that it was almost time. With Wei Xiaobao’s wily nature, who knew whether he would suddenly be able to use his own skills to escape. At that time, his wishful thinking might just vanish in smoke.

With a light cough, Song Qingshu walked out of the dark, looked at the group from Blood Saber Sect, shook his head and sighed, “The monks should be compassionate, and the masters here actually committed the killing precepts. It is really sinful.”

When Wei Xiaobao saw Song Qingshu, his eyes lit up. His ability to observe words and qualities were unmatched in the world. If he claimed to be second in the world, and no one would dare to say they are first.

Mu Wanqing and even Feng Qingyang thought that the wooden sword on his back was a decoration, but Wei Xiaobao saw through it at a glance. ‘Judging from his indifferent expression, it is obviously not a decoration!’

“This hero carries a wooden sword and looks like a master in the midst of masters. These evil monks have no Buddhist mercy at all. They want to kill us and I hope that the hero can save us.” Wei Xiaobao gained confidence, and his attitude immediately took a 180-degree turn.

“Huh, quitting killing is a thing of your Central Plains Zen Buddhism, we don’t have so many rules in the Tibetan Buddhism,” The Blood Saber Elder hesitated, he looked at the wooden sword on Song Qingshu’s back, and still asked, “I say, this little brother, can you really hurt people with this wooden sword?” Although he had never heard of a wooden sword used as a weapon, his instinct still made him subconsciously wary of Song Qingshu.

“Your Blood Saber can hurt people, but why can’t my wooden sword hurt people as well?” Song Qingshu faintly smiled, but he screamed in his heart. ‘This kind of feeling of pretending to be an expert is really not bad!’

The Blood Saber Elder hesitated for a moment, but still ordered his disciples to attack. In these chaotic times, many sects in the Western Regions were looking for a powerful leader in their hearts. Most of them were interested in the stronger Mongolia, but it was a daunting task to take refuge in the domain of the monarch of Mongolia. Some people had taken refuge in the Ruyang King Cha Khan, who managed the Western Regions, while others had taken refuge in the more popular Kublai Khan. Temüjin loved his seventh son, Ali Buge, and he would surely pass his position to him in the future.

Currently, Ali Buge was staying in the Mongolian steppe and was at odds with the Manchus. This time they discovered that Kangxi Emperor sent his most trusted confidant, Wei Xiaobao, to the Southern Song State to discuss alliance matters.

Ali Buge was worried that the alliance between the Manchus and the Song State would go smoothly, and his situation would become even more difficult. Knowing this, the Blood Saber Elder volunteered and led his disciples to go south and planned to intercept Wei Xiaobao in the Great Song Dynasty. As a result, not only would the Manchu and Song states fail to form an alliance, they might even start a war because of Wei Xiaobao’s death. .

Although his instinct told him that the eccentric young man in front of him was not an easy opponent, but time was running out, and he must finish the fight quickly and kill Wei Xiaobao before the Song Dynasty court could react. So he let the disciples take the lead and gauge Song Qingshu’s abilities.

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