Chapter 51: Birds of a feather

The second-generation disciples of the Blood Saber Sect, headed by Bao Xiang, were not weak in martial arts. In the original book, Ding Dian thought he would suffer if he had a head-on clash with the few of them. So he deliberately adopted a sneak attack tactic to gain victory.

Song Qingshu didn’t dare to be careless, the wooden sword flew out from his back under the shock of his internal strength, accompanied by a trace of inner qi.

Bao Xiang and the others were taken aback. Song Qingshu took advantage of their dazed state, and lightly stepped on the ground, leaving only an afterimage, “Pop…pop…pop…papa!” After a few crisp noises, Bao Xiang and others only felt a pain on their wrist. Due to the intense pain, the blood sabers in their hands fell on the ground one after another, and when they looked up in amazement, Song Qingshu had already returned to his original place, and the wooden sword had been put in the sheath again.

The truth of the matter was that Song Qingshu, as a modern person, was not used to taking lives yet. Just now, he just shot a few people’s acupoints on their wrists with his sword, making them unable to regain their combat power in a short period of time.

“Fu*k, it’s a big shot!” The Blood Saber Elder was baffled. “This little brat has higher martial arts than this granddaddy! Things won’t be so easy to handle this time.”

Wei Xiaobao on the side was even more dumbfounded and shocked, “This is a master. If I have his support, then I won’t have to worry about Empress Dowager, that old witch, or the Mystic Dragon Cult leader Hong Antong, or Chengguan…that old fart.”

Song Qingshu was very satisfied with Wei Xiaobao’s reaction, because he originally planned to take advantage of Wei Xiaobao’s momentum, and naturally needed to make him feel shocked by his strength.

The Blood Saber Elder was caught in a dilemma. He was determined to succeed in this mission, but the opponent’s martial arts was clearly higher than his own. He looked down and saw the expectant eyes of the disciples, and he was shocked, “If I retreat without a fight, then my prestige is sure to roll in the mud. It will be a big loss, and who knows what these wolves would do then.”

After making up his mind, the Blood Saber Elder stabbed down with his toe, and several tiles quickly flew towards Wei Xiaobao, who was watching the play. The tiles flew with the sound of splitting wind. If he was hit, even if Wei Xiaobao had a treasure armor on his body, he would at least be seriously injured if not dead.

Song Qingshu was shocked. Wei Xiaobao was of great use to him now. He couldn’t let him be injured here. He hastened his qi from the dantian to the acupoints on the shoulders, as the qi traveled through his arms, he put out his hands and performed a technique from the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. It was “The Twin Dragons Fetch Water” and the tiles flying in the air were sucked towards his palms.

“This kid’s internal strength is really terrifying.” Thought the Blood Saber Elder, and taking advantage of the opportunity when Song Qingshu was saving Wei Xiaobao, he took a leap, brandishing the blood saber in his hand and slashed towards the immobilized Shui Sheng.

Everyone on the scene thought that he would take the opportunity to assassinate Wei Xiaobao, who knew that he would attack a charming little lady with such a fierce strike!

Song Qingshu was also shocked, and hurriedly jumped up, using The Dragon Soars in the Sky he hit the Blood Saber Elder’s back while in the air.

The Blood Saber Elder showed a sly smile. In fact he attacked Shui Sheng with a slash that looked fatal, but in truth, he held back the majority of his strength. He calculated that a young man like Song Qingshu would not bear to see a beautiful girl split into two. And he would definitely come to rescue in a haste, but the flaws caused by that hasty movement gave the Blood Saber Elder a chance.

With a flip of his wrist, the blood saber in his hand moved from down to top and back. This gave Song Qingshu a serious fright. He was afraid that the Blood Saber Elder would hack Shui Sheng with his saber, and he would be too late to rescue her. So he unleashed an all-out attack on the Blood Saber Elder. He thought he only had to turn left and right to avoid him, but who knew that this old monk had reserved his strength from the start and was waiting for him to show a flaw. This backhand strike aimed at the lower part of his abdomen in an instant.

Song Qingshu could only resort to performing the Cloud-Ascending Ladder with haste, allowing his figure to move up a few feet out in thin air. This allowed him to barely avoid the strike and his feet fell on the ground. He felt a chill in the place between his legs, and he thanked his luck in his heart. ’I was almost forced to perform the Devil Warding Sword Art.’

The Blood Saber Elder secretly cried out in his heart that it was a pity did not manage to hurt his opponent despite having such a great opportunity. He looked at the officers and soldiers of the Song Dynasty who were hurrying from a distance, and realized that it was no longer possible to succeed today. So he turned around and smiled, “Your Excellency is a great martial artist. I hope to have a proper showdown in the future.” After speaking, he performed his movement technique and ran away.

The blood saber monks followed, and admired him as they ran away as well. Their master was able to fight this person to a tie, even gaining the upper hand!

Song Qingshu was annoyed at the fact that his actual combat experience was still too bad. This Blood Saber Elder really deserved his reputation. Watching the Blood Saber Elder’s figure going farther and farther away, he didn’t want to chase him down. If he pressed the Blood Saber Elder into a corner, then it would most likely turn into a life and death fight.

“Xiaobao thanks the mountain and waves hero for his life-saving grace.” Wei Xiaobao casually dealt with the officials of Song State who came to provide aid, and hurriedly ran up to Song Qingshu.

“Why call me that?” Song Qing’s expression turned extremely strange.

“Your martial arts is as high as a mountain. You can defeat those martial artists with just three punches and two kicks from the air. If this is not what a mountain and waves hero is, then I don’t know what is.” Wei Xiaobao continued to flatter him.

Song Qingshu was dumbfounded by his level of flattery. Although he knew that this guy was full of lies, and he usually hated flatterers the most, but when this guy flattered him, the feeling he got while listening to him… seemed pretty good.

“I am not a mountain and waves hero. My surname is Song, and my name is Qingshu.” He quickly calmed his mind and decided to introduce himself first. Then asked, “May I know your name?”

“Oh, the respected hero asked me for my surname,” Wei Xiaobao didn’t have contact with this tradition for many years, and Shui Sheng who was listening from the side secretly clicked her tongue, “My surname is Wei and my name is Xiaobao.”

“It turned out to be Lord Wei, the number one hero of the Qing Dynasty who captured Obai. I thought you were a young hero, when I first saw you today. It seems I was right.” Song Qingshu made an expression of surprise and admiration.

In fact, Song Qingshu’s ability in flattery was really infamous as well. Over the years, even if Wei Xiaobao had not heard the same praise a thousand times, he had at least heard it hundreds of times.

If this same praise had come from any other guy, Wei Xiaobao wouldn’t care much about it at all. But the effect from the super expert in front of him was very different, and Wei Xiaobao was exhilarated when he heard it. The more he looked at Song Qingshu, the more pleasing he became.

Rejecting the escort of the officials and soldiers of the Song State, Wei Xiaobao kindly invited Song Qingshu to the nearby Yuhua Pavilion for a drink. Song Qingshu pretended to refuse at first, but followed the group to the Yuhua Pavilion after a bout of half pushing.

As soon as he took the seat, he heard a female voice full of disgust, saying, “A pack of dirty dogs!” 

It turned out that Shui Sheng was also brought over by Wei Xiaobao’s men. In order to look good, they released her shackles, but of course they still sealed her acupuncture points. Except for sitting at the wine table by herself, she didn’t have any strength to do anything at the moment.

“Who is this girl?” Song Qingshu asked while pretending to be ignorant.

Wei Xiaobao chuckled and said, “Just now this woman intended to assassinate this official, which led to the Blood Saber Sect’s subsequent actions. This official suspects that she is a spy sent by Mongolia to disturb our mission.”

“Shameless!” Shui Sheng was so angry that she became speechless.

“Really?” Song Qingshu seemed to smile, “Those Mongolian’s sent such a beauty over, but don’t you think she’s a bit violent.”

Everyone at the banquet burst into laughter, and those laughter’s were full of obscenities.

“Smelly thief!” Shui Sheng gave Song Qingshu a fierce look. She was a little grateful that Song Qingshu had saved her life just now, but when she saw him praising Wei Xiaobao as a brother and eating on the same table, all her good impressions disappeared.

Song Qingshu stopped what he was doing. He sat next to Shui Sheng with a glass of wine, and weirdly laughed, “Beauty, you keep calling me a thief, but what did I steal from you? Or are you hoping for something lewd?”

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