Chapter 52: The princess turns into a maid

“Bah! You are full of foul language, and you said that you were not a thief.” Shui Sheng spit at him, and Song Qingshu dodged and avoided it. “Are you so anxious to let me taste your fragrance? Come, drink this cup first. Let’s talk about wine.” After talking to Shui Sheng, he filled her mouth with a glass of wine in his hand as she opened her lips.

Wei Xiaobao on the side looked excited, thinking in his heart, ‘I’m not afraid that you have any strange hobbies, but I’m afraid you don’t have a hobby at all! Now it seems that this guy likes beauties, this is going to be easy!’

“Big Brother Song, you and I seem to match quite well, do you want to become sworn brothers?” Wei Xiaobao talked with Song Qingshu more and more, and opened his mouth to apply his usual tactics of wooing people.

“This…” Song Qingshu hesitated. Wei Xiaobao thought he would not agree, but Song Qingshu changed his tone. “Official Wei is an extremely capable minister, and he can talk to me as a friend. It shows that he is brave and bold. How dare I refuse?”

Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed. Kangxi asked him to recruit experts from the wulin some time ago. This time, by chance, he ran into Song Qingshu. Since they became brothers, wasn’t that the same as getting a helper?

He got up quickly and pulled Song Qingshu to the side, asked him about his age, and vowed, “I, Wei Xiaobao, today became brothers with Song Qingshu. In the future, we will share blessings and difficulties together”

Song Qingshu noticed that he hadn’t played any tricks in the oath, so he did the same,  “I, Song Qingshu, today I became brothers with Wei Xiaobao. In the future, we will share blessings and difficulties together!”

Wei Xiaobao has always had a talent for fooling people, but this time he was afraid that the other party would notice some flaws, which would cause dissatisfaction and affect the relationship between the two. The truth was that the Kangxi Emperor was in urgent need of martial arts talents from the wulin. Kangxi wished for it, so how could he be willing to offend a master just because of some details? Besides, if he had such a powerful martial artist as big brother, no matter what he thought, it would not be considered a disadvantage.

Of course, he was not entirely honest. He didn’t dare to say in his oath that they would die in the same year, the same month, and the same day. In a flash, Wei Xiaobao smiled again and began to chat with Song Qingshu.

This was also in line with Song Qingshu’s wishes, ‘Wei Xiaobao is obsessed with drinking all the time, but I practice authentic internal skills. He is destined to die earlier than me…’

“Big Brother Song, I think you were very interested in this woman just now. So let’s give her to my elder brother as a gift from this younger brother.” Although Wei Xiaobao felt a little distressed, he had always been generous while attracting people. Although Shui Sheng was beautiful, he was not that fascinated by her. Of course, if it was a great beauty or something, he would definitely not give up.

“Bastard, you should die!” Shui Sheng cursed excitedly when she heard it.

“Oh,” Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows and glanced at Shui Sheng with disgust, “Thank you, Brother Wei, but this lady has a bad temper. It would be impossible for her to be a concubine, well, I’ll just barely accept her. I’ll let her be a girl who does rough work.”

Song Qingshu frowned and looked at Wei Xiaobao as he spoke. Our Lord Wei was a perceptive person. He immediately knew that the other party had said this deliberately, and was afraid that he would accidentally offend him, so he laughed and said in cooperation, “Well, she does have long hands and feet. Her body is also quite strong, she should be suitable to be a maid.”

Song Qingshu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It was convenient to deal with smart people. It was Shui Sheng, on the other hand, who yelled at him. He could only shake his head in secret.

She was also a human being. But why was she so stupid? He was obviously trying to save her. Otherwise if she was caught by Wei Xiaobao, it was inevitable that she would lose her innocence.

“Why did I have to go and save her?” Song Qingshu felt that Shui Sheng was too noisy, and sealed her mute acupoints, and started to have a headache.

“If you stop scolding, I will unseal your acupuncture points. If I unseal the acupuncture points and you still curse, don’t blame me for blocking your mouth with rags. If you agree, just blink.” Song Qingshu suddenly got a clever idea. After thinking about it, he turned around and said to Shui Sheng.

When Wei Xiaobao saw Shui Sheng blinking her big watery eyes, he was about to have a cramp. He thought Brother Song really had a way with women. It was exactly the same as when I dealt with a small princess in the palace.

While thinking about this and that, Wei Xiaobao had a sudden realization. Looking at Song Qingshu’s handsome face, he muttered in his heart, ‘Oh fu*k! Brother Song, why would you have to be a pretty boy? And so good at picking up girls as well. If my wives get wooed by him and put many different green hats on my head, won’t I, Wei Xiaobao, become the most ridiculous big turtle egg in the world? (Goblin: In Mandarin Chinese, calling someone a turtle egg is a very serious insult. The suggestion is that turtles do not know who their fathers are, so it is a slight towards the mother’s honour.)

Song Qingshu didn’t know that Wei Xiaobao had so many thoughts in his mind in such a short period of time. He let out a cold snort and moved his finger to unseal Shui Sheng’s acupuncture point. Shui Sheng immediately turned her face to another side.

“Now that you belong to me, I don’t know your name yet.” Song Qingshu didn’t get annoyed, picked up a glass of wine and looked at her with a smile, and asked.

“Bah, shameless, who belongs to you!” Shui Sheng turned her head and glared at him. She thought that this guy was even more hateful than the dog official of the Qing Dynasty.

“Brother Wei has given you to me, then you are naturally my people.” Song Qingshu drank the wine in his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t say your name. I’ll just have to choose a new name, what should I call you? Lovely…kitty or doggy.” (Chun…Ama or Agou.)

Song Qingshu let out a cold sweat, and secretly applauded his wit. He almost used Wei Xiaobao’s name just now!

“Huh, your name is kitty and doggy!,” Shui Sheng hesitated for a while, a little worried that this guy would really give her such a bad name, and said, “My name is Shui Sheng.”

Wei Xiaobao didn’t say anything yet, but Song Qingshu was waiting for these words, he pretended to be shocked, and said, “Is Shui Dai, one of the four wonders of the South, your father?”

Seeing Song Qingshu mention her father’s prestige, Shui Sheng became proud, and she said while raising her small face, “I advise you to release me quickly. As soon as my dad gets the news, he will chase after you with my uncles. Then you several dog thieves will die without a place to bury your corpses.”

“Is her father very famous?” Wei Xiaobao looked at Song Qingshu suspiciously.

In order to make him nervous, Song Qingshu deliberately exaggerated his words, “Her father and his few brothers are very famous in Jiangnan, and they are called ‘Luohua Liushui’ (falling petals and flowing water). They are a group of four martial artists from orthodox sects. They are all powerful martial artists, not under the Blood Saber Elder we saw just now. I think we’d better let her go to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

“A group of martial artists called Luohua Liushui?” Wei Xiaobao thought to himself, ‘I gave this woman to Brother Song. If we were to send her back, Brother Song would definitely be upset even if he doesn’t say anything on the surface. It’s a good opportunity to show good will.’

Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobao immediately smiled and said, “Big Brother Song should not worry, isn’t it just a few unimportant men in Jinling City? His daughter is suspected of assassinating this Qing Dynasty envoy. I will send someone to inform the Jinling prefect to catch him. Lock him up and be tortured to see if there are any other comrades.

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