Chapter 53: The goddess from the moon

Shui Sheng was so scared that her flower-like face turned deathly pale. As the so-called prefect had a higher status than a mere country magistrate. Her father, on the other hand, was just a somewhat famous martial artist, and if the imperial court really wanted to deal with the Shui family, then it may really be exterminated.

Song Qingshu was also dumbfounded. He originally thought that Wei Xiaobao was greedy and fearful of death, so he wanted to push the boat along the river and let Shui Sheng go, but he didn’t expect that it would play out like this.

Noticing that Shui Sheng was sufficiently scared, Wei Xiaobao chuckled, and changed his words, “But, if you become the maidservant of Brother Song, then this official will not hold you and the Shui family accountable for this matter due to the face of Brother Song. You have been given a way out, now it is up to you to decide what to choose.”

Shui Sheng’s expression looked uncertain, and finally she bit her silver teeth and unwillingly spoke up, “I will be his maid!”

“That’s more like it…” Wei Xiaobao spoke to Song Qingshu with satisfaction, “Brother Song, come, let’s continue drinking.”

Song Qingshu glanced at Shui Sheng with a wry smile, and then began to drink with Wei Xiaobao.

That night, the group rested in Yuhua Pavilion. The local prefect was worried that Wei Xiaobao would have an accident on his own domain, so the Yuhua Pavilion was reserved for the mission to rest at night, and a platoon of heavy armored soldiers were sent to guard the Yuhua Pavilion to prevent the assassins from coming again.

When Song Qingshu returned to the room while slightly drunk, he found Shui Sheng, who had her acupuncture points sealed. She was sitting quietly on the bed, then she hurriedly raised her head and looked over, her eyes full of fear and weakness.

“That Zhang Kangnian’s martial arts is nothing to speak of but he is really considerate.” After Song Qingshu was slightly surprised, he soon realized that this must be the masterpiece of Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian.

“Oh…how sweet, did you take the initiative to warm up my bed?” Song Qingshu sat down at the table in the middle of the room, picked up the teapot and poured a cup of tea. After drinking it all at once, his expression suddenly became clear.

“Smelly thief!” Shui Sheng glared at him bitterly.

Song Qingshu smiled, got up, and came close to Shui Sheng. When he sat down, he clearly felt her body tremble slightly, “You women are so stupid. If you stupidly curse like this. It will only provoke a man’s desire to conquer.”

Under the effect of wine, Song Qingshu reached out and touched her cheek, feeling a smooth and soft texture. She was very attractive.

“Ah!” Shui Sheng exclaimed, her tone full of panic, “Don’t touch me!”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, then became conscious and thought what was wrong with him, was this happening because he hadn’t tasted meat for a long time?

But watching a beautiful woman sitting on her bed without resistance, especially those slender legs. Shui Sheng was used to riding a horse, but it didn’t cause any issues with her legs, instead it made her thighs round and full. Song Qingshu felt that there seemed to be an evil little devil constantly shouting in his heart, ‘Pounce on her, press her down, tear up her dress, enjoy her…’

Song Qingshu felt that a certain thing of his body seemed to have raised its head, so he quickly jumped up, and sat back on the chair in the middle of the room.

He didn’t want to do anything he would regret. Also, he sensed that there seemed to be a master breaking through the layers of blockades of officers and soldiers outside and entering inside the Yuhua Pavilion.

In order to calm down his body’s excitement and deal with the coming enemy, Song Qingshu drank another cup of tea. Helooked back at Shui Sheng, who seemed grateful for escaping this disaster, and said, “Miss Shui, in fact, you don’t need to be so afraid of me.”

Shui Sheng turned her head and ignored him, but she felt very angry. She saw the lust in his eyes just now, so as a girl, how could she not be afraid of him?

“Miss Shui, I am in a good mood today. I will teach you an effective way to guard your innocence. Will you listen?” Feeling that the little dragon between his legs was still quite aggressive, Song Qingshu sighed and had no choice but to make a unique move.

Although she didn’t believe that he would be so kind, Shui Sheng still turned her head curiously, “What method?”

“When a bad guy tries to take off your dress next time, you just have to wait for the right time to discharge some waste material (shit…literally), and it is expected that no one with a sane mind will have any desires for you.” As soon as these words came out, Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief, and the little dragon finally became tame.

Shui Sheng felt nauseated in her stomach, opened her mouth to vomit, and stared at Song Qingshu bitterly, “Disgusting, nasty, shameless…”

“I just wanted to give some valuable advice, whether Miss Shui values ​​her image more than her innocence is completely up to her own choice.” Song Qingshu laughed, picked up the wooden sword. He came to the window, and pushed it open to look out.

He discovered a graceful figure in the dark night, and Song Qingshu immediately knew that this person must be a young woman from her beautiful and slender curves.

“A young lady, who is so good at martial arts. Who could she be?” Song Qingshu took a look and thought about it in his mind.

He noticed that the woman’s movement technique was very polished, and she didn’t make the slightest sound while traveling through the air or landing on the ground. If Song Qingshu’s internal strength wasn’t so strong as it is now, he wouldn’t be able to detect her subtle movement.

Suddenly the dark clouds dispersed, and a ray of moonlight shone on half of the woman’s face. To Song Qingshu, it felt like her eyes were bright and shining, her complexion was white and her face was bright and innocent.

“Under heaven, above the earth!” Song Qing dumbly looked at her and muttered to himself, “Could it be that a goddess descended on this earth?”

But Song Qingshu soon dispelled that notion, and discovered that the goddess-like figure quietly headed towards Wei Xiaobao’s resting place, and along the way, her attacks were extremely vicious. Before the guards had time to snort, they were taken down by her with a sword slash.

“She’s quite cruel!” Song Qingshu secretly smacked his tongue. Seeing that she was about to rush into Wei Xiaobao’s room, Song Qingshu quickly activated his internal energy and slapped on the hilt of the wooden sword.

The woman was about to break in, when she heard a sharp sound of breaking through the air, she quickly turned back and retreated three feet away.

She looked at Song Qingshu who came out of the house, and then at the wooden sword that was three inches deep into the pillar, the woman’s expression suddenly became solemn.

“This lady who came down from the moon, like a goddess, with unparalleled beauty, but how come you are sneaking around like this….” As Song Qingshu was talking, he shockingly discovered that a poisonous needle had been shot right towards him, so he quickly jumped up, rising up in thin air. And barely escaped a catastrophe.

Before Song Qingshu even had the time to take a breath of relief, the woman had already attacked again, with a sword as thin as an iron needle. It shot towards Song Qingshu’s lower body, attempting to make several fatal holes.

After integrating the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Art with his martial arts, he was able to fight against the sword sage Feng Qingyang. So, Song Qingshu’s swordsmanship could be said to have reached the realm of a master. He immediately knew that her swordsmanship was extremely powerful, it was not something he could take lightly.

His true qi shot out from his dantian, and his whole body twisted in the air using the “The Divine Dragon Swishes its Tail” from the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms. Song Qingshu could not bear to harm such a beauty who seemed to have come out of a painting, so he kicked at the woman’s arms with his toes. It seemed like a ruthless attack, but he deliberately held back quite a bit of strength.

The woman was also shocked. At the exact moment when her left hand came in contact with Song Qingshu’s toes, she barely managed to dodge it from an incredible angle.

Song Qingshu was greatly surprised. With his knowledge of swordsmanship, the timing and strength of his kicks were just right. He thought that his opponent would only have to give up the sword in her hand, but he did not expect that the opponent would have the ability to escape.

However, although the woman was able to counter Song Qingshu’s offensive, she was also forced back into the courtyard by the counter-shock force. At that moment, the guards had already been alarmed and pulled out their sword to surround the woman.

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