Chapter 54: The beauty and her sword

The woman was trapped, with swords in all directions, but she was not flustered at all, with graceful footwork, all the sword strikes of the guards smashed into empty air. But each movement of her sword would take away the life of a guard. 

Wei Xiaobao had already been alarmed by this time. Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian drew their swords to protect him. Wei Xiaobao watched with trepidation, “Fu*k, it’s a woman! This girl surely came aiming for this Xiaobao’s life. Zhang Kangnian is only good at flattering. If he were to fight against her for real, then he won’t stand a chance.”

Looking back, Wei Xiaobao felt a little relieved when he saw that Song Qingshu had come to him. After this terrible shock, the woman’s stunning appearance did not leave any ripples in Wei Xiaobao’s heart. It will be a blessing for him if he is able to protect his precious life.

As the moment passed by, more and more guards arrived and the woman knew that she couldn’t do anything anymore, so she decided to leave while she had the chance. He had already seen through her intentions from her movements, so Song Qingshu knowingly smiled . When he was about to help her, his eyes glanced at a pair of archers coming over.

Song Qingshu was shocked. He didn’t expect that the Jinling prefecture would have so much money. One must know that the sharpest and the most effective weapon for officers and soldiers to deal with martial arts masters was bows and crossbows. Using these weapons they could shoot and turn their opponents into hedgehogs.

Song Qingshu couldn’t bear to see this fairy-like character die like Xiang Xiaoyu here. So, he quickly raised his hand and sucked the wooden sword inserted on the pillar into his hand, “The assassin is getting away!” He yelled and rushed forward.

The woman also noticed that the archer was coming over, and was anxious. When she saw the young man with unpredictable martial arts rushing over just now, her heart sank, and she knew that today, there would be no good end for her.

Originally, she had many adventures during this time, and made great progress in her martial arts. This time, she discovered that Wei Xiaobao did not have any top masters. When something happened, he just ran away and hid behind others. But, she didn’t know that she would meet Song Qingshu and would be trapped here.

Song Qingshu was holding a wooden sword, but his swordsmanship was so exquisite. The officers and soldiers around looked at him with admiration. Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian were also watching and explained to Wei Xiaobao,

“Master Wei, this Master Song’s swordsmanship is really tricky and mysterious, no ordinary swordsmanship can match up to him.”

“Yes, yes, the sword in the woman’s hand is extraordinary, but it can’t hurt the wooden sword in Master Song’s hand. It shows just how shocking Master Song’s internal strength is.”

“Obviously it is due to Master Song’s exquisite swordsmanship, the wooden sword does not touch the woman’s sharp sword at all, and he looks for flaws every time and stabs the woman’s body in key points!”

Wei Xiaobao secretly wiped his sweat, “Fu*k my rotten luck, this time’s trip as an envoy is really proving to be unfavorable for me. After I’m done with this, I have to go to the temple to donate a little more and pray for good fortune. Fortunately, this Xiaobao’s life is strong and I got acquainted with Brother Song.”

The chat between Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian reached the ears of the soldiers in the courtyard, and they nodded secretly, admiring Song Qingshu, who only used a wooden sword to confront the enemy.

However, the woman in the confrontation had a different feeling. At first, she had the same thoughts as the others in the scene, but later she noticed that when the opponent was about to stab her, his sword strikes suddenly changed. Due to the speed being too fast, Song Qingshu’s clever swordsmanship, and the low martial art level of the rest of the people in the scene, no one actually noticed this flaw.

The woman didn’t understand the reason behind her opponent’s show of mercy. Then she remembered that when the archer had just rushed in, he immediately jumped out to fight with her, so he did that to protect her!

Sure enough, Song Qingshu took advantage of this fight, and sent a secret message, “Miss, wait a while and do your best to use your movement technique to run out of here. I will help you.”

After speaking, Song Qingshu looked at her for a flaw, parried her sharp sword with his wooden sword, did a few complicated gestures with his left hand, and a palm strike struck her shoulder like thunder.

To the woman, this palm seemed as fast as lightning, and she was struck with a tricky energy. She felt her body was slammed against the courtyard wall by a strong force. She would be a fool if she didn’t understand the other party’s intentions. So, she had an idea, and she deliberately forced out a mouthful of blood. Her blood sprayed in the air as she turned around and bitterly spoke, “Your deed today will be repaid in full in the future.” After speaking, she disappeared into the night with her movement technique.

“Hurry up!” Wei Xiaobao yelled anxiously, and thought in his heart, ‘Brother Song can’t protect me day and night. It would be really bad if such a martial artist woman is always after this Xiaobao’s life. What should I do!’

The world was so big, a goodbye today was probably a goodbye forever. Song Qingshu also wanted to take this opportunity to catch up and have a chat with the beauty. After hearing Wei Xiaobao’s voice, he volunteered and said, “Brother Wei, I will chase her.” After speaking, he chased the woman in the direction she disappeared.

The woman had travelled quite far. With a touch of her toe, she lightly flew out a few feet, it was similar to the Minute Ice Ripple Steps. Her posture was also very graceful, like a snow speck devoid of dust.

Suddenly, the woman stopped and looked back at the man behind her with alertness. She was quite shocked in her heart, ‘My Hundred Divine Steps have very few equals in the world, and I was still overtaken by this man.’

“This girl’s movement technique is truly otherworldly. I have encountered many people in this world, but this girl’s movement technique is the fastest of them all.” At the moment, Song Qingshu had put the wooden sword behind his back to show that he had no hostility.

“Thank you for your help just now.” The expression on the woman’s face eased, and a small smile appeared at the corners of her lips. “May I know why you are chasing me?”

“May I know if this Miss wants to hear the truth or lies?” Song Qingshu didn’t wait for her to respond, and then said, “The lie is that Wei Xiaobao wants to catch you, the assassin who makes him lose his sleep, so I volunteered to chase her. “

“What about the truth?” The woman smiled slightly and stared at Song Qingshu with a scorching gaze.

“Naturally, the truth is that I don’t even know this lady’s name, and I’m not content to remain as a stranger.” Song Qingshu’s words made the woman’s heart jump. She didn’t expect that he would express his favor to herf so directly.

The woman remained silent for a moment and did not answer directly. Instead, she asked, “Your martial arts attainment is so high that you have few opponents in the wulin, and in terms of swordsmanship you can be regarded as a master of this generation. Why would you take refuge in a Manchu Dog Official? Why not other forces?”

“Although I personally don’t like the Qing Empire, but for now they have some part to play in my plans, and I personally like Wei Xiaobao, that slippery little bastard.” Song Qingshu has always been clear about his plan, and he was willing to use Wei Xiaobao’s influence. Apparently, he was thinking of the treasure in the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters.

The woman stared at him for a long time, as if she was searching for the truth in his words. Song Qingshu deliberately broke the silence and asked, “Why did the young lady want to assassinate Wei Xiaobao? As far as I know, although he is a bit cunning and shameless, he has never done any great evil, so it shouldn’t take an expert like this young Miss to come personally and assassinate him.”

After saying that Song Qingshu’s heart suddenly clenched, ‘Could it be that this woman was also harmed by Wei Xiaobao’s sinister methods?’  But he subconsciously shook his head , unwilling to think about this cruel possibility anymore.

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