Chapter 49: Tumultuous Events V (part 2)

Once that conclusion was reached, Bahamut watched with interest to see who the next challenger would be. It wasn’t the first swordsmanship match he had ever witnessed, but it had a unique feeling to it.

At that moment…he heard Ophelia’s voice.

“My Lord.”



Ophelia gazed at him with eyes filled with longing.

Bahamut felt a bit embarrassed by that but soon smiled and nodded.

“…thank you, My Lord.”

After expressing her gratitude, Ophelia took action.

Looking at the opponent in front of her, the silver-haired woman began to show some interest.

‘This time… it might be a little fun…’

Thinking that, the silver-haired woman calmly gazed at the person before her eyes—a woman with black hair and green eyes.

Unlike her previous boisterous competitors, this one had an appearance that suggested subtlety.

Observing her, who felt similar to herself, the silver-haired woman threw a wooden sword on the floor.

“I don’t think I need to say anything else. Let’s get started.”

“I look forward to it.” Ophelia calmly said while picking up wooden sword.

In fact, she just wanted to measure her own growth, so Ophelia settled her mind and calmly gazed at the person before her eyes.


And… looking at Ophelia’s demeanor, a smile appeared at the corner of the silver-haired woman’s mouth.

‘As expected…then, I should take a defensive stance, not launching the first attack. I will wait for the opponent to strike and then counter. This is good. She is different from the previous challengers who only relied on strength.’

With that thought in mind, the silver-haired woman also took a stance and quietly aimed for the opponent’s gap.

A short but long silence ensued.

The crowd also held their breath, recognizing that the atmosphere had changed.

And…finally, it was the silver-haired woman who broke the silence first.



The silver-haired woman came in with a sharp sound.

Ophelia deftly blocked it.



“The side is open!”

Unlike Ophelia, the silver-haired woman, holding a sword in both hands, blocked Ophelia’s movement with one hand and attacked with the other.

At that moment…



The next moment, Ophelia pushed the silver-haired woman out with force.

The silver-haired woman gave up on the unexpected counterattack and stepped back.

For the first time, embarrassment began to appear on her face.

‘This woman…she’s strong!’

It was a very brief moment, but Ophelia displayed explosive power.

As a result, the silver-haired woman could more clearly grasp what kind of opponent she was facing.

‘Mana…being able to control the output this fast… is not an ordinary skill. Contrary to her appearance, she has been mastering her mana for at least several years.’

It was an opponent on a different level from the small flies she had defeated so far.

The silver-haired woman’s smile widened, thinking that she had finally met someone she could compete against for the first time in a while.

On the other side, Ophelia was also experiencing the feeling of chills running down her spine from the previous bout.

‘It was dangerous…this woman…is stronger than I had imagined…’

It was a single encounter, but it also could’ve been the end!

She had attacked while holding the sword with both hands, but it was blocked with only the strength of one hand!

‘I was able to defend myself because I was considering the fact that the opponent would use a maneuver of a two-handed sword, but if I had reacted just a bit slow, I would have been completely defeated.

If I hadn’t been born with a talent for mana, the defense itself would have been impossible…it’s amazing.’

But… even thinking that far, Ophelia didn’t entertain the thought of defeat.

‘If we stick to the rules, there’s no chance of winning… but it’s not like there’s no way.’

Thinking about that, Ophelia straightened her posture again.

Although it was close, Ophelia believed that she had won their previous bout, and judging from the reaction of the other party, it seemed that her strategy had gone well.

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