Chapter 49: Tumultuous Events V (part 1)

Bahamut, who was walking down the street, saw something unusual in front of his eyes.

It was a group of people gathered in the middle of the square.

They sat in a circle, their attention focused on something intriguing.

“What’s going on? Who’s performing?” Bahamut inquired.

“No, that’s…” Ophelia began, but her expression tightened, dismissing Bahamut’s words.

Intrigued, Bahamut moved closer to investigate further. 

Inside a simple fence made of rope, two people sparred with wooden swords. One was a muscular man with a massive physique, while the other was his complete opposite: a young woman with silver hair and a petite figure. 

She appeared to be in her early twenties, with blood-red eyes and skin so pale it seemed almost translucent. 

She wielded a wooden sword in each hand, skillfully defending against the muscular man’s attacks while counterattacking with finesse.

“Is this some kind of arena?” Bahamut asked.

“Yes, it is. This is Dalian, a combat sport carried out solely with wooden swords, originating from the Dragona Empire,” Ophelia explained.

“It’s forbidden to kill or inflict excessive injury. The winner becomes the ring’s owner, accepting challenges until someone defeats them…” She continued, clarifying the rules for Bahamut.

“Ah, so the sparring will continue until the owner of the ring runs out of strength… I understand. It’s a simple but tough game that requires physical strength and skill at the same time.” Bahamut remarked, understanding the challenge involved.

“Yes, it is. Even for me, when I was an adventurer, I only had 3 victories in a row at most, but…” As she said that, Ophelia began to look at the silver-haired woman in front of her with a sharp expression.

As the match unfolded, it became evident that the silver-haired woman had the upper hand. The crowd could see that the game was already decided. The muscular man, barely holding his ground, eventually fell to the floor, defeated.


“Would you like to continue?” The woman challenged, her voice powerful.

“Of course not! I won’t challenge you anymore!” The defeated man exclaimed, throwing down his wooden sword.

However, the woman lightly dodged it as if she had already expected it, and struck him in the back of the head with her wooden sword.


The man immediately fell to the floor and fainted at the blow!

At the same time, the spectators erupted into cheers, marveling at the woman’s skill.

“Wow.. that’s really amazing..”

“That woman has defeated six opponents without a scratch!”

“Who is she? She doesn’t seem local… Is she an escort for some merchant lord?”

The woman had captured the crowd’s attention. 

In response to their intrigued murmurs, she shouted confidently, “Is there no one else? I heard that Strength users from all over the continent gather here, but is this all they have to offer?”

Despite her provocation, no one dared to step forward.

Although there were some adventurers who were hired to escort merchants from other regions, or some direct escorts, but after seeing the previous confrontation, their desire for battle was splashed with cold water.

Their opponent’s ability could only be described as overwhelming, and the intimidating display of her abilities discouraged any potential challengers.

Observing the scene, Bahamut pondered, ‘Six wins in a row… this woman is truly extraordinary. A formidable warrior with silver hair and twin swords… but could it be…?’

A sudden realization crossed his mind, but he quickly dismissed it, shaking his head. 

‘No, it can’t be. It must be a coincidence. There could be other silver-haired individuals skilled in dual swordsmanship, right?’

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