Chapter 5: Demons (part 1)

The identity of the protagonist of Project Luna was always a mystery. Of course, there were no voice actors as well. However, it was easy to tell whether they were a man or a woman just by their lines.

At least a female protagonist wouldn’t blush just because they had seen a beautiful woman, right? Thus, the opinion that the protagonist of Project Luna was a man was widespread.

‘But why a woman?’

Although there was no official setting, there were no indications that the protagonist was a woman, and Ian couldn’t find anything even after racking his mind for a long time.

So he reached out to the protagonist who had fallen down on the ground.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes…”

“Wait a minute, it’ll be over soon.”

“I’ll help too!”

Saying so, she stretched out her hand. After a while, a cute 1-star summon was summoned from the pattern at the back of her hand.

It didn’t seem like it would be of much help, but she was the protagonist after all. Ian said thank you and turned his head forward.

The Paladin of Salvation, Anna, was fighting a demon using her shield and sword. Even if it was a demon, it was at a level that even the lowest of the lowest, a 1-star summon could easily defeat it.

‘That’s not what’s important.’

‘The fact that there are demons here is a problem in itself.’

This place was touted as the Summoner’s Cradle, the place where the summoner candidates should be the safest on the entire continent.

The fact that demons had infiltrated such a place could also mean that the academy’s security had been breached.

‘I have to hold on until the others arrive.’

Anna was silently wielding swords and shields like a character in the game, facing the demons. This was the second reason we needed summoners in this world.

Summoned beings were unable to perform their abilities properly without the summoner’s orders. So Ian ordered Anna to use her special move.


“Yes, Master!”

“Holy Cross.”

“I shall oblige!”

Shortly thereafter, the cross drawn on the shield in her hand began to glow white, and cross-shaped beam of light spread out from the shining shield.


The demons that touched the ray of light started to panic. Evidently, the bane of demons was that holy brilliance, and this was also the reason why Anna was loved by players even though she was a 3-star summon.

Because her holy brilliance was very effective against the demons.

Kiriri Kreek!

While the demons were scattering and disappearing in the holy brilliance, there was one demon that resisted it. 

It was a boss-class demon which was one head larger than other demons.

As if to boast his large size, the demon who overcame the holy brilliance flew out and grabbed Anna’s shield.

Of course, there was no way he could withstand the holy brilliance that he had barely endured from afar. The moment he grabbed the shield, the boss died in less than a second.

However, during that one second gap he created, the demons rushed in, aiming for that gap. And, their target was me.



After confirming that a demon was flying over her and flying towards her summoner, Anna screamed. Ian couldn’t react to the flying demon, as he slumped down and tightly closed his eyes.

‘Am I going to die like this? So easily?’


However, no matter how much he waited, the pain he had been waiting for didn’t come. Perhaps he died without feeling any pain. When he carefully opened his eyes, Ian saw a huge pillar of fire burning in front of him.



It was a familiar voice, and Ian suddenly remembered an information from the game. In the game, the protagonist has a hard time defeating the demons alone at the beginning, so, the story begins with Stella saving the protagonist.

“It’s unsightly to run away on your own.”

Contractor of the fire spirit Ifrit, Stella Eritz was standing there with her arms crossed.

[Stella, what should we do with these guys?]

“Burn them all, Ifrit!”

[As you wish!]

The 4-star summon, fire spirit Ifrit said so and stretched out both of its hands. A strong pillar of fire suddenly soared high in the sky.

‘He he..’ Ian showed a faint smile.


The main story of this world had begun.


Summoning a summoned being inside the academy was forbidden by academy rules. Of course, even Stella, who has created a pillar of fire on campus, should be punished according to the rules.

And she would have, if it wasn’t for the unprecedented event that demons had attacked an academy student.

The three of us who dealt with the demons headed to the infirmary. This was because the protagonist who was attacked first had suffered minor bruises.

“That should be it. Are you hurting anywhere else?”

“No, thank you…”

“You don’t have to. I’m sorry for making you go through something like this.”

The instructor said so and sent his summons back. As a 3-star summon that healed its allies, it was at the level where it could even regenerate lost limbs! 

After confirming that the treatment was over, the principal pushed the protagonist with a stiff expression.

“So, how did this happen?”

“Well, I want to know that too…”

Principal Catherine immediately questioned the protagonist, but it was impossible for the protagonist to know anything. Wasn’t she in a situation where she would get caught up in the incident right now?

Of course, surprisingly, it was also true that these kind of incidents only happened near the protagonist, but it wasn’t as if it was the protagonist’s fault.

So, it was time for Ian to act.

“They could have dug a tunnel.”


“It’s a tunnel.”

At my words, the principal, with a look of interest, beckoned Ian to continue. 

Ian narrated the story from the game, acting as if he had figured it out with the power of his summon.

“There was a hole near the place where the demons appeared. I checked it with my summon, and it seems that it extends out to hundreds of meters.”

“Is that so? But that doesn’t explain how the demon infiltrated this city.”

“Well, I also don’t know how.”

Of course he knew. However, it would be better if they investigate the matter on their own rather than to raise suspicions by making useless remarks here.

In the first place, it was probably a tunnel, and the investigation team would have discovered it by now, and it wouldn’t take long for them to find out how the demons got in the city.

Hearing my words, the principal shook her head as if she understood.

“Anyway, it was hard. especially you… sorry. I have no excuse as a principal.”

“Oh, no…! Raise your head, Principal!”

As one of the few true educators left in the world, the principal immediately bowed her head. And the protagonist looked at the principal and waved her hand.


Looking at it, Ian was convinced that this girl was the protagonist.

He reproduced the scenes as seen in the game. Of course, the protagonist didn’t have any voice actor, so what he had for reference was just a few lines and the background of the infirmary.

‘This person is definitely the protagonist.’

It didn’t matter why the protagonist turned out to be a woman. It didn’t affect the plot that much.

The most important thing for Ian now was to figure out how he could stick to the protagonist and reap the benefits. The protagonist will always be at the center of the story, and just being by her side would give him a lot of experience and rewards.

“Then I’ll be taking my leave. There many things to do behind the scenes. You, too, don’t tell anyone about what happened today.”

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