Chapter 5: Demons (part 2)

The principal said so and left the infirmary. 

The nurse was also called to follow behind. 

Now, there were only the three of us left in the infirmary, and it became very quiet.

“I, um… ”


The protagonist hesitated and looked at me. Then as if she had finally gathered the courage, she loudly shouted, “Thank you for saving me!”

“What… I didn’t do anything.”

“Right. It wasn’t him who saved you, wasn’t it me?”

Stella, who had been silently listening with us, quickly chimed in.

But I couldn’t say anything to refute her. It was true that if it weren’t for her, even my life would’ve been in danger.

After reading my reaction, Stella raised her nose and started bragging about herself.

“Heh, what could a guy who just accidentally summoned a 3-star summon actually do? A summoner is not just a person who made a contract with a summon, but a person who treats them as if they were their own limbs!”

“That, but!”

The protagonist got up and blocked between me and Stella. 

The atmosphere was quickly turning strange.

“Hey, he was the first to run and save me! If it wasn’t for this person, I’d probably be…”



“It’s my name, Ian Clark.”

Because I didn’t feel comfortable being called in such a formal way, I told the protagonist my name. 

After hearing my name, the protagonist realized that she still hadn’t introduced herself yet and started introducing herself.

“I’m No…ah! Ahck…”

The protagonist blushed because she had made a mistake by biting her tongue. 

After thinking that the protagonist was kind of cute, I turned to look at Stella.

Stella tilted her head as if wondering why I was looking at her.

“What are you doing, won’t you introduce yourself?”

“You don’t know my name?”

“I know?”

“Then why should I introduce myself?”

“It’s basic courtesy.”

“Stella Eritz.”

Hearing Stella’s family name, Noah flinched as she looked at her. She even started to tremble.

“Ah, maybe, are you from the House Eritz?”

“You didn’t know?”

“My Lady, I have been extremely rude!”

“No need for that. You can call me Stella while at the academy.”

“Ah, yes. All right, Stella.”

“You’re more daring than I thought.”

The two were having a friendly conversation. 

I wondered if it was because she was the protagonist from the original story, so her compatibility with the heroine was unnaturally good.

While looking warmly at the conversation of two beautiful girls, I suddenly turned my head and made eye contact with Stella.

“Oh, Ian.”


“Your request is settled with this! So don’t approach me again!”

“Ah, yes. That’s okay.”

Now that I had managed to find the protagonist, there was no reason for me to bother with Stella anyway. So I waved my hand and parted with the two of them.

When I returned to my room, I grabbed my pounding chest and checked the status window.

It was the power that only I can use in this world.

The status window immediately confirmed the rewards and experience gained from today’s battle. 

After the battle, it was now possible for Anna to level up.

[Level up possible!]

[Consumes 1 Soulstone]

[Do you want to level up? → Yes / No]


In the game, the player also needed soulstones to level up their summons. Usually, I used to grind and save up enough soulstones to level up my summons, but…

‘How do I get it here?’

I turned off the status screen and lay down on the bed. 

There were more things I needes to find out.


[Stella’s POV]

After taking a bath, Stella, who was being served by the maid, blushed when she heard what her maid had to say.

“Wasn’t that a date?”

“Woh, what!?”

“When a man and woman drink coffee together in a cafe, the world calls it a date.”

“It can’t be! How can it be a date!”

Stella shouted at the maid serving her, denying what happened today. 

But the maid whispered quietly with an expressionless face.

“My Lady, there is a saying that excessive negation is a sign of acception.”

“Nonsense! It’s all nonsense!”

Dating? With such an unsightly, rude, and ignorant man who didn’t know how to properly handle his summon?

Just imagining it terrified her, as Stella felt goosebumps all over her body.

But the maid, who enjoyed making fun of her lady, didn’t stop and continued to tease her.

“Couldn’t you have refused?”

“That, that… I didn’t want to be in debt…”

“So it was a debt, I didn’t know you didn’t have any money. If you don’t have enough, should I lend you some from my monthly salary?”

“It’s not like that!”

At that point, Stella had also noticed that the maid was making fun of her.

When Stella finally noticed, the maid smiled and stopped combing her hair.

“My Lady, it’s done.”

“Thank you.”

“It was nothing.”

While the maid, who had finished her job, left the room and headed to her quarters, Stella jumped onto the bed and remembered what had happened today.

Ian Clark’s face kept popping up in her mind.


Thut! Thut! 

Her small fists hit the pillow. She hit it hard enough to make the bed bounce up, and she didn’t stop until her summon came out to check if something was wrong.

[What’s going on? I felt you were suddenly very agitated.]

“Oh, nothing…”

[Is everything really okay? Then I will return.]

“Yes. Thank you for your concern. Ifrit.”

[What, ah, and Salamander was worried as well.]

“Tell it I won’t forget it next time.”

After sending Ifrit back, the Stella hugged the pillow and rolled on her bed. She stomped on the bed hard enough to cause it to bounce again, but the high-end bed in the Academy’s dormitory wasn’t damaged at all.

‘I, the lady of the House Eritz… going on a date with that guy?’

Of course, what Ian did today was a bit cool. Hearing the woman’s scream, he moved without hesitation, and he even risked his life to save the girl.

He was like a knight that came out of a fairy tale. She wouldn’t be surprised even if that girl named Noah fell in love in an instant.

‘It’s just, it’s just a relationship based on a debt!’

She had promised to give him a heirloom. ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen because my father’s reply hasn’t arrived yet.’

Until she paid him back, she had to listen to his demands. 

‘Thankfully, I saved his life once today, so I think he might not bother me again.’

‘Once pay off my debt. I won’t even see his face again.’

With that thought, Stella buried her face in the pillow.

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  1. Obliviuos MC will without knowing use the push and pull strategy on Stella? First leave a strong impresion and agitate her a lot and then ignore her? Funny. How a natural player MC is. Without even trying.

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