Chapter 5: Master of the Dark Sword III (part 2)

What he saw before his eyes was the figure of Ophelia wildly wielding a dark black sword.

Bahamut was stunned for a moment at the sight of her fluid yet complex movements. It was more like she was performing a kind of sword dance rather than simply swinging the sword at random.

‘It’s cool… in a way, it seems like performing a combo in a fighting game…’

There were things like that in the games of his original world, so Bahamut associated the swordsmanship with that even after he was transferred to this other world.

Ophelia skillfully handled the longsword that would be difficult for even Bahamut to wield, as she cut through the air with her sharp skills.

Bahamut continued to spectate Ophelia’s sword practice without saying anything for a while. The feeling she gave him was something entirely different, as she was a person who would later become one of the strongest swordsman in the world.



“Hee-eok, hee-eok, hee-euk…”

Ophelia sighed heavily as she performed the last swing for the day, while drenched in sweat.

Seeing that, Bahamut started to clap without realizing it.

“Ah.. lo… Lord Bahamut!”

Only now did Ophelia discover that Bahamut was watching her at the sudden sound of the applause.

In response, she immediately put her sword in its scabbard and bowed her head respectfully toward Bahamut.

“That was great! It’s been a while since I got to witness such marvelous swordsmanship.”

“Thank you. Lord Bahamut.”

Ophelia blushed slightly at Bahamut’s praise.

Her current appearance wasn’t simply because of the intense training, but Bahamut continued talking while looking at her without recognizing that fact.

“Do you train like this every day? That’s great too! If it were me, it would have been impossible.”

“As a servant who protects her master, I am just doing what I should.”

Honestly, even in his original world, Bahamut had stopped going to the gym only after a few days, so what he said just now was quite true. But, Ophelia took that as a compliment.

“Lord Bahamut, you are here. We are here to inform you that the meal is ready.”

The voices of the servants interrupted them.

“Ah… has it already been prepared? All right, then let’s go.”

As Bahamut was about to head to the dining room, he suddenly looked at Ophelia, who seemed to be making a sad expression with her eyes.

The moment he saw it, the story of Ophelia, a woman he had read about in the novel, began to appear in Bahamut’s mind.

She was a female warrior who had always lived a lonely life without being protected by anyone.

In the end, she entrusted herself to a lord who persecuted and tyrannized his people.

Nevertheless, Ophelia eventually sacrificed her life for the lord who first recognized and mistreated her talent.

‘Fortunately, there is a high possibility that such a future won’t happen now.’

A lonely and pitiful woman who had never been truly loved, and had to die without being able to express even the love she had for Isaac, the protagonist.

Recalling that fact, Bahamut felt deep compassion and spoke to Ophelia.

“That’s good. It looks like it’s just in time of dinner. If it’s okay, you can join me as well.”

“Yes? Ha.. but.. how could I do something like that…”

“What’s wrong with doing that? I’ve heard people say that food tastes better with company or something.”

“That…isn’t that…”

Bahamut half-jokingly said to Ophelia.

“I’m sorry, but please prepare a meal for Ophelia. Would that be possible?”

“Of course. I will do that, Lord Bahamut.”

Bahamut immediately gave an order to Ophelia, who was still at a loss for words, and after that, she started walking behind Bahamut, at a loss for what to do. Her demeanor was completely opposite of when she was performing sword dance without hesitation just before.

“Let’s eat then.”

“Yes… I will eat well.”

Luxurious and plentiful food was placed in front of their eyes.

Looking at the exquisitely cooked ingredients, Ophelia was having a hard time utilizing the knife and fork she had never used before.

And such a scene was unexpectedly giving a fresh feeling to Bahamut.

‘Wow… Ophelia, who would slash and kill thousands with her long sword, is having trouble holding that little knife…’ 

Seeing the timid appearance of the woman who would later be called the “Demoness of the Battlefield”, Bahamut felt that she was a little cute and spoke to her while holding the tableware in front of her eyes.

“Now look. You have to do it like this.”


Then Bahamut skillfully cut the meat with his knife and puts it in his mouth with the fork.

Seeing this, Ophelia began slicing the meat with the most awkward movements, like a child who had just received a spoon.

After going through a process where the sauce splashed and the meat almost slipped several times along the way, Ophelia finally succeeded in putting the meat in her mouth with great effort.

Watching this, Bahamut held back the feeling of wanting to applaud, and asked with a smile on his lips without realizing it.

“How is it? Delicious?”

“Yes… really… it’s really delicious! This is the first time I’ve ever eaten something this delicious…”

Ophelia expressed her happiness with a sincere expression.

Bahamut also felt that he was in a good mood without even knowing it, and he, too, devoted himself to the meal.

Properly cooked steaming meat and freshly baked bread. Various grilled vegetables accompanied by a glass of wine.

The first time he ate it, the food had also brought him much happiness, but now Bahamut was feeling happiness in another way, which was completely different than the feeling he had gotten used to.

He watched as Ophelia eagerly put the food into her mouth with awkward hand movements beside him.

It was just a simple meal, but seeing her be so happy with just that, Bahamut began to think that it was really a good idea to bring her here.

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