Chapter 50: The villainess is in denial (part 1)

Shael looked down at me. I couldn’t understand why the hell she was tying me up for.


“Stay still.”

Shael started poking my forearm while holding the rope. ‘What is she going to do again this time?’

“It tickles!”

“Close your mouth.”

The villainess silenced me and started pressing her arm against my forearm.

It was as if she wanted to give me a massage.

What suddenly came to mind was the paper Shael was looking at earlier.

[Getting a massage is a great help in circulating one’s mana.]

It seemed that suggestion was written in it.

‘Is she just following the suggestions on that paper?’

Then I need to figure out what the suggestions are for.

I asked Shael while pointing to the paper with my gaze.

“What is that paper for?”

Shael didn’t answer my question, and produced a magic circle.

Suddenly, the paper turned to ashes and scattered on the floor.

Oh well, it looks like I’ll have to focus on Shael, and I’ll have to give up on finding out about the paper.

But I was still quite curious. Even if it was suggested on the paper that a massage would be beneficial, it was still surprising that Shael decided to give me a massage.

‘Well, it’s not a big deal. As long as it stays like this, let’s enjoy just it.’

“I think my right shoulder is quite stiff.”

“Don’t… order me”

Despite what she said, Shael followed my words. But I was a bit disappointed.

“Please knead the stomach a little more.”


“Oh, go a bit lower.”

I feel better than I thought. Maybe it was because I’m tired, it felt very comforting.

“How do you like this, then?”

Shael started pinching my back. I couldn’t even resist because I was tied up with a rope.

”I’ll be quiet, so please don’t pinch me!”

Still, it was fortunate that she didn’t burn me with magic. Before long, Shael stopped pinching me.

But at the same time, Shael got up from her seat and walked at the place where I had put my magic pouch, and she directly opened my magic pouch!

No, is she stealing my things in front of my eyes?

Fortunately, the pearl that Ruelle had given me was inside my chest pocket.

It was an item that I should never lose, so I was carrying it with all kinds of protection magic.

I think I did a good job by not putting it in the magic pouch. It would be a serious issue if the villainess ever found out about the pearl.

But it wasn’t like there wouldn’t be any damage. The serpent orb that I used to control the villainess was in the magic pouch.

“I’ll be taking my things back.”


I couldn’t say anything and had no choice but to watch as my leverage was taken away. Well, that thing belonged to Shael from the start, so it was okay.

Even though I lost a tool to intimidate the villainess, there was still another weapon called dessert.

As Shael naturally took out the dessert from my magic pouch, she asked, “What about the medicine?”


‘What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

“Well, it’s nothing.”

It was a suspicious question, but I had no choice but to ignore it. It would be embarrassing if I said more, and Clie’s bracelet, which was supposed to be hidden under my clothes, was discovered.

Fortunately, Shael took out all the desserts from my magic pouch and closed the magic pouch with satisfaction.

With the cupcake in her mouth.

“Do you like it?”


I couldn’t tell what she was saying.


[Shael’s POV]

Eran went home.

Normally, she’d just lie on the bed without thinking about anything and go to sleep, but for some reason she was feeling quite bored.

Shael left her room as she stretched. When she came upstairs, she met Enella Azbel, her mother.

As soon as Enella saw Shael, she asked, “When are you planning to marry Eran?”


Shael couldn’t give an answer. 

She actually wanted to say that she had carried out a scheme called ‘fake marriage’ with Eran, but… when she tried to say that she would marry someday, her mouth didn’t open that easily.

“We can clearly see that you love Eran.”


Perhaps expecting Shael’s rebuttal, Enella entered her room before Shael could even open her mouth.

Shael frowned and also headed for her room. However, in the end, Shael shook her head and moved her steps to Azbel family’s library.

[We can clearly see that you love Eran.]

That was what Enella said. 

‘But, it’s obviously not true!’ Shael shook her head in denial.

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  1. “Shael stared pinching my back. I couldn’t even resist because I was tied up with a rope.”
    typo? ‘stared’ > ‘started’?

    somehow I want to see Enella more.

  2. Roberto Rafael

    I feel like one of the reasons Shael doesn’t realize she’s in love is because she grew up with the idea that the only way to love is like her parents’ candy… She needs a book that explains that there are different ways to express love between couples.

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