Chapter 49: The villainess is cute (part 2)

Now, what should we do next?

Even now, although I had entered Shael’s room, I just couldn’t erase that agony. So in Shael’s eyes, I must have looked tired.

“Are you tired?”


“Go to sleep.”

‘Absolutely not! Who knows what you’ll do if I did that.’

As I shook my head in disapproval, Shael carefully looked at the paper she was holding and nodded her head.

I couldn’t use vision magic anymore since the villainess had learned about the existence of the vision magic, and she was protecting the paper from my sight.

“What are you reading? Let me see as well.”


I got up from my seat. Every time Shael looked at that paper, she made strange requests to me, such as telling to go to sleep or use a breathing magic tool.

I raised my head to take a peal and got quick glance at the contents of the paper.

ㅡWhen you are tired, you have to go to sleep quickly.

ㅡIt would be helpful to keep the body still when sleeping.

ㅡ Getting a massage is a great help in circulating one’s mana.

‘What are these suggestions for?’ 

I didn’t know. Still, they were not something strange, so I decided to let it pass without much thought.

After taking a look at Shael’s paper, I was about to go back to my seat, but Shael tripped me. 

At the same time, Shael climbed onto me so I couldn’t move.

“What are you doing? What is this?”

“Be quiet.”

It’s a situation where no one would be able to keep quiet. 

However, I had no choice but to stay quiet. Because Shael took out a familiar type of magic tool. Its true identity was the sleeping magic tool she had bought earlier.


I wanted to resist, but I couldn’t. Apart from the fact that I was extremely tired, Shael was now sitting on top of me, so I couldn’t even think properly.

I fell into a state of light sleep after that.

Fortunately, it was only a light sleep. When I opened my eyes again, it didn’t seem like that much time had passed.

But there was a big problem.

“What is this?”

I had handcuffs on my hands, and the ropes wrapped around my body. She was even using a military grade magic tool that neutralized the opponents mana!

No matter how cautious I was, I didn’t expect that she would use one of the magic tools the Azbel family developed.

I felt helpless.

The rope was tightly wrapped around my body and couldn’t be torn by force.

“Please release me.”

The villainess showed a mocking smile. It’s meaning was simple— she won’t release me.

It was a situation where I couldn’t break free, and there’s no way the villainess would release me.

I didn’t know why the hell she tied me up, but… there is a saying that if you can’t avoid it, then enjoy it. 

I gritted my teeth and said to Shael, “Didn’t I tell you that I prefer to tie rather than be tied?”


“I think I said in the beginning that I wouldn’t concede that much…” I couldn’t finish my words.

Ki kiiik!

Because the door that was firmly closed, suddenly opened.

It was a similar situation that usually happened very often. And even the person who opened the door was the same as usual.

It was Duke Jespen. 

He looked at me in amazement as I was tied up.

“Kheum, excuse me.”


Duke Jespen quickly left. 

Shael and I had no choice but to remain silent.


[Duke Jespen’s POV]

Duke Jespen left Shael’s room.

‘I’m glad they are alright.’

He was worried that Eran and Shael might quarrel.

He really didn’t want to see that happen. Because of that, he often went in and out of Shael’s room without knocking.

In fact, he wanted to witness the lovers quarrel between two fresh lovers.

Another reason was his longtime friend, Duke Ezran, who had lost his lively personality after he lost his wife.

‘If the two of them had a serious fight, I would feel very sorry for him.’

After losing his beloved, Duke Ezran’s personality had changed enough to make you think that he may have lost his emotions.

Duke Jespen felt pain in his heart whenever he though of Duke Ezran.

Because if Duke Jespen also lost his wife… he would end up in a similar state as him as well.

‘I suddenly miss Enella.’

Duke Jespen thought as he turned towards Enella’s residence.

[Didn’t I tell you that I prefer to tie rather than be tied?]

He recalled what Eran said while he was tied up. 

However, Duke Jespen could not sympathize at all.

‘It’s better to be tied than to to the tying…’

Wasn’t that a matter of course?

He reached Enella while relishing his thoughts.

[I’m less cute than you.]

He wanted to use the words he had learned on Enella.

To do that, he had to first be praised as being cute.

Duke Jespen approached Enella. 

At the same time, he showed off his maximum charm.


“Yes, Enella.”

After staring at Duke Jespen for a moment, Enella opened her mouth.

“That’s gross.”

On that day, Duke Jespen locked himself in his room and didn’t come out.

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  1. “I couldn’t use vision magic anymore since the villainess had earned about the existence of sight magic, and she was protecting the paper from my sight.”
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