Chapter 49: The villainess is cute (part 1)


Shael glared at me, and waited for my answer.

‘Isn’t this also kind of cute?’ 

I didn’t know either. No, it seems a bit like that.

She didn’t seem cute when she tried to harass me, but… during those times I just looked at the results.

Anyways, regardless of how I felt, my answer would remain the same.

“Yes, you are cute.”


I answered Shael’s question with an affirmation. I mean, I had to answer that way regardless of my opinions and how cheesy it sounded.

Because I wanted to see Shael’s embarrassed face.

“Why… why?”


I couldn’t give a reply. I also had a thing called shame. It’d be a little too much to say something like that in front of the person in question.

After a moment of silence, Shael spoke again.

“You have very strange tastes.”

Well, she’s kind of right. I mean who would call a villainess who bulled him, cute?

I also thought that my tastes were indeed quite strange. Of course, the villainess herself was no different, she also had strange taste.

What kind of young lady liked catfish and trampled on flowers as a hobby?

“You have strange tastes too.”


“Isn’t that why we are engaged to each other?”

Shael shut her mouth. She let out another sigh and lowered her head. This time she talked about a completely different topic.

“I was not serious about attacking you…”

Shael couldn’t even finish her words and blushed in shame. As for why she was suddenly talking about it, the reason was simple. 

It was due to the conversation I had with Clie before.

[Everything she does is cute. Oh, and I also need to see my daughter.]

‘Is that why she’s saying that?’

Of course I knew that it also might be a joke to annoy me. Otherwise, there’s no way the villainess would say such a thing to me.

“Is that so?”


But I wasn’t joking.

“I wasn’t joking when I said that.”


‘I have to see Ruelle again.’

At my words, which was enough to make anyone blush if they heard them, Shael spoke as if she was taken aback.

“So you want us to have a child?”

“Well, isn’t that what you suggested first?”

Even if it was a joke, it was Shael who had said it first.

However, hiding my true feelings, I had no choice but to add.

“It was actually a joke.”

I had to make that choice, because Shael was making an increasingly suspicious face.


I was able to make the villainess sigh as a bonus. But that wasn’t the end.

As usual, the villainess was thinking about how she could torment me.

If I made her feel embarrassed, she will definitely try to take revenge on me.

Well, she can try. At the same time, I will be able to make fun of the villainess even more.

However, the words that came out of Shael’s mouth were something I didn’t expect.

“You are cute too, Eran.”

I reflexively put my hand on the scabbard, and almost drew my sword.

Because it was such a disgusting remark!

‘I’m cute?’

Actually, I knew that she wasn’t serious at all, and she was just lying to make fun of me.

But, I still felt offended. I think I now know a little bit about how Shael felt when I teased her.

But I barely endured it. And, I knew what I had to do to counter that.

I had to come up with more embarrassing and cheesy remarks that would make the villainess feel even more ashamed.

I told the villainess who was appreciating my flustered expression.

“But I’m less cute than you.”

I forcibly moved my motionless mouth and spoke up. It was a statement that was cringy enough to hurt even me. But I had to endure!

Because the remark that hurt me also caused enormous damage to the villainess.

“What, what….”

“What, do you have any problems with that?”



It was then that I heard a voice from behind. It was the sound of something falling.

Shael and I looked back with an ominous feeling in our hearts. 

We were right in front of the Azbel family’s mansion… and we didn’t pay attention to people around us.

As expected, ominous feeling hit the bullseye!

It was Duke Jespen!

Duke Jespen dropped the magic tool he was holding and was staring at Shael.


It was obvious why he said that. It was clear that Duke Jespen overheard my conversation with Shael.

“You are cute too, Eran.” He repeated Shael’s remark.


At that, Shael lowered her head. She couldn’t even make an excuse.

Good timing! 

Duke Jespen had listened to that embarrassing conversation, so I thought I could tease Shael more effectively.

The appearance of a reliable ally would be of great help in defeating the wicked villainess.

But contrary to my thoughts… Duke Jespen wasn’t on my side.

“I’m less cute than you.”

Duke Jespen, who had been blurting out embarrassing things behind our backs, added as if he had suddenly realized something.

“I learned a useful thing from Eran. I should use it on Enella.”


Damn it!

* * *

Inside Shael’s familiar room. 

It’s been a rough day. 

We encountered Clie, the heroine of the original novel, and I experienced her overwhelming power holy power.

To be honest, I was still a bit dumbfounded. I didn’t know what would happen if I became hostile to Clie.

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  1. Roberto Rafael

    In this novel, the one who has the most destructive power is Duke Jespen… Plus he has the luck of a hero to arrive at just the right time.

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