Chapter 48: The villainess questions (part 2)

Maybe that’s why she looked even more bewildered. Of course, it wasn’t much of a concern to me.

“Now I want to ask. What happened with the Crown Prince and the Mage Tower Lord?”

Because it seemed like she hated the Crown Prince and the Mage Tower Lord, and only wanted to use them. So I had to ask that question.

“They are boring.”

Boring? Maybe she got tired of them and abandoned them. I couldn’t understand the meaning behind the answer.

That answer didn’t help me at all.

Anyways, there were many things I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t.


Because Shael, who had already come out of the bathroom before I knew it, was standing next to me. 

Her face was strangely red.

She must have heard everything I said, and she must have come out because she couldn’t stand the shame.



Then I was taken aback by Shael’s behavior. Because Shael, who had been lost in her thoughts for a while, suddenly held my hand! Just like she did when Clie was following us.

This time she even crossed her arms around me. It was the same order as before.

Fortunately, there was no catastrophic actions similar to when she had taken out the rope.

Clie, who was watching this closely, opened her mouth.

“I won’t mind… for now. Because it doesn’t seem like the right time yet.”

Clie said coldly. Then she turned around and started walking away. 

I immediately turned my head to Shael.

She had created a magic circle! 

As soon as I confirmed this, I hurriedly said, “Ah, please stop!”


Shael was preparing to strike Clie at the back of her head, but I was able to stop her in time.

Clie had disappeared before I knew it. Fortunately, it seems that the dire situation had safely passed.


‘She said she won’t mind for now?’

‘It sounds more like a murder notice.’

The current Clie’s weapon was not only the strengthened holy power unlike how it was in the original novel.

For one thing, Clie could also use the male protagonists, the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince.

Since she was the female lead, she must have been favored not only by them but also by many people.

‘Am I in trouble?’

I didn’t know. But no matter what, Shael and I were also descendants of dukes.

I think we should be safe for a while. I just have to find a way during the time I have.

I took out the magic pouch and looked at Clie’s bracelet. It was the bracelet that was the source of Clie’s powerful holy power.

She didn’t try to take this bracelet back even if she could use the retrieval magic.

She knew that was impossible to break the bracelet. So she was probably using it to track me down and talk to me.

If I manege to somehow break this bracelet, I would be able to erase the overwhelming force of the holy power that she demonstrated out of the blue. 

Clie seemed really confident that she had the power to confront us.

Besides that, I also had a feeling that this bracelet wouldn’t break that easily, but I guess I’ll have to find some way.

In the first place, breaking the bracelet was not really going to solve the main problem.

Because Clie had the support of the male protagonists who would one day posses tremendous power.

So the best solution would be to resolve it through dialogue.

“What are you doing?”


I put the bracelet back in the pouch. I was distracted and had taken out the bracelet in front of the villainess.

I had to change the subject before she could get mad at me.

“How long are you going to keep holding my arm?”


Shael hurried away from me. Then she said, “You need to explain what happened.”

“Let’s go to the Azbel Mansion.”

There was no way the quick-tempered villainess would accept it. But, unexpectedly, the Shael obediently followed my suggestion.

And on the way to the Azbel family, when we reached a street corner, Shael suddenly used magic to spill water on me.

However, the magic was slower than usual, so I was able to avoid it.

“Ah, what is it all of a sudden?”

It didn’t take me long to realize why she was acting like this.

Shael must have heard the conversation between Clie and me.

[Shael is cute. Unlike someone who is like a snake.]

I said that. When I finished thinking, Shael barely opened her mouth to speak.

“What did you mean?”

At those words, I recalled more of my conversation with Clie.

[Everything she does is cute.]

Yeah, that’s what I said.

It was clear that the villainess was now questioning my remarks.

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  1. Roberto Rafael

    Eran says that breaking the bracelet is very difficult… But I remember that Shael’s character was created with the ability to go against Clie, nullifying her charm and hurting her.
    So my hypothesis is that the Villainnes Shael will destroy the bracelet in a random and simple way.

  2. she be questioning everything right now, like “did he only act rude to me to see my ‘cute’ reaction”…

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