Chapter 50: The villainess is in denial (part 2)

But Shael still wondered what it meant to be in love.

Having seen her parents, she seemed to know a little bit what it was, but… she had no knowledge of human relations at all. 

Even when other young girls enjoyed reading romance novels, she didn’t.

So Shael started looking for the books about love in Azbel family’s library.

She chose the books that seemed interesting, and returned to her room, then started reading the books. 

It was a good time for her to read, as she was bored without her toy to relieve her stress.

As she thought of that, Shael, who was opening her book, frowned. 

Because one of the lines from the book said,

ㅡ If your partner isn’t around, but you keep thinking about that person, that’s the beginning of love.

‘Absolutely nonsense!’ Shael frowned at the page. ‘I was just thinking about how to bully Eran.’

At the same time, she tore apart the page she was reading. 

Shael convinced herself that the page didn’t exist in the first place.

Then she casually flipped through the pages again.

ㅡ If you often feel worried about your partner, you may be in love with that person.

‘Worried? I’ve felt it many times with Eran. But that was mainly due to the dessert.’

So Shael judged that this, too, was nonsense.

After tearing the page into bits, her gaze fell on the next page.

— Contrary to what young ladies think, if they fall in love, they tend to quarrel a lot with their partner. The more they like their partner, the more they will quarrel with them.

— However, it is a common characteristic of love that the quarrel does not last long. 

In Shael recalled an argument with Eran in her mind. 

As usual, if Shael started a quarrel with Eran, he would also fight back. But most of the quarrels seem to have ended very quickly, or it ended with Shael’s defeat after falling for Eran’s temptation of dessert.

After finishing her thoughts, Shael tore the page again, and pouted her lips.

The books she choose were always very strange. So she added restructuring of the Azbel family’s library in her list of things to do.

Shael also tried to burn the book, but she barely endured it and continued reading.

Maybe something might come up that would be of help to her.


ShaelI continued to tear the pages that annoyed her.

She closed the book due to the fatigue. 

At the same time, Shael held her breath. Because before she knew it, more than half of the pages had disappeared.


Shael shook her head in denial. ‘It’s clear that the book is wrong!’

If it wasn’t, there’s no way the contents of the book would overlap with Shael’s actions to this extent.

Shael turned her head to open another book.

Shael started reading, hoping that this time she would find out something meaningful.

ㅡ Don’t care about trivial disputes. If that person loves you, he too will repay you with some petty revenge.

Shael’s face hardened for a moment. ‘This sentence…’ 

She didn’t know why, it seemed to be a situation that had happened to her and Eran every time.

ㅡ As long as it is not something that is harmful, that person will always give you the right to choose.

Shael remembered the time when she went to the cinema with Eran. He gave her the choice to pick the movie they would watch.

Not just when it came to movies, but in everything except desserts. 

Shael hated to admit it, but… dessert was indeed harmful to the body.

Shael closed the book in embarrassment.

She didn’t want to read any more. There were only things in the book that were confusing, not helpful at all.

But, in the end, Shael couldn’t erase her doubts. 

She, of course, somehow convinced herself that her own behavior being similar to the book was just a coincidence.

However, Eran’s actions, which were also similar to the contents of the book, couldn’t be easily overlooked.

‘If the contents of the book are true… does Eran love me?’

“That’s nonsense!”

‘But then, why didn’t Eran break off our engagement, and why is he never seriously upset by my antics?’

Shael was curious about the reasons. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to find out about those reasons just by asking Eran.

‘Then how can I find out?’

The troubled Shael jumped up from her seat, and opened a drawer. 

Inside, she saw a vat of strange liquid.

It was something she had bought from the auction house.

[Finally here! Obedience Tree Sap! Of course, it’s impossible to make a target do something they completely refuse to do… but you can make them do anything else!] (G: She got it at chapter 9)

‘This is it!’ 

But the smell was just too strong. Eran, who hated bitter things, would definitely refuse to drink this tree sap.

So she needed a method.

Shael’s eyes flashed. 

The villainess began to make an elaborate plan.

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  1. I can guess what’s gonna happen next and I wish duke jespen would see it again… it would be so freaking funny

  2. Oh so this is what’s in the book right, like “Don’t refuse the drink Shael give you” or something along those lines

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