Chapter 51: The perfect evil plan (part 1)

Ezran Baslett, the biological father of the body I was possessing came to meet me. 

A conversation with him was always very awkward.

“I heard that today is Shael’s birthday.”

“Yes, so I was preparing a present.”

Duke Ezran nodded. 

Even when he told me about Shael’s birthday, he seemed calm. To the extent that no emotion could be found in his expression.

In reality, the only other family member we had was an aunt.

In the novel, Eran had only his father as his family. It was really sad.

‘Someday, I’ll have to get rid of the awkward atmosphere with Duke Ezran.’

But before that, I had to first rehabilitate the villainess.

* **

Shael was looking at me, but she wasn’t glaring as usual. 

The villainess was looking at me as if she wanted something from me.

Today was the villainess’s birthday. And I knew what the villainess would want.

She wanted desserts.

“Today is my birthday.”

“Is that so?”

I replied as if I didn’t know, and I was doing that for a reason.

I also had a birthday a few months ago. Of course, the villainess didn’t wish me anything.

Actually, the Shael then and Shael now had slightly different personalities, but… still, I couldn’t help but feel sad. But it was okay. Because my revenge for that had now begun.

“I’m sure said something to you last week.”

“Ah. I guess I didn’t hear it because I was distracted.”

Shael looked at me with a gloomy expression. Even though her mouth was closed, I could hear what she wanted to say.

[Then what about my dessert?]

It looked like she was about to say that out loud. 

However, before Shael’s grim expression turned to anger, I pulled out a box.

Shael raised the corner of her mouth.

The reason was simple. Because that box was the one I usually put dessert in.


Shael quickly took the box and opened it. Then the corner of her mouth, which had been raised, went down.

Why? Because the things Shael was expecting was not in that box.

Actually, I did prepare a present. It’s just that I didn’t want to  give it to Shael that easily, for she didn’t give me anything on my birthday.

No, the villainess bullied me even on my birthday. So doing this much should be just fine.

Just like how the villainess bullied me on my birthday, I also wanted to do the same.

Shael looked into the box for a moment before opening his mouth.

“Where is my dessert?”

Surprisingly, Shael didn’t get angry at me. I thought that she’d glare at me as soon as she saw that the box was empty.

That should be enough. A good child should receive a present.

I brought out another box which I had prepared for Shael, who still looked quite depressed.

No, I just showed it to her.

“This box contains desserts.”

But it wouldn’t be free.

If you receive a gift, it is only natural to express your gratitude.

“Please say thank you.”

Actually, it’s wasn’t a good thing to force someone to express their gratitude, but… the villainess needed to be taught how to do that.

“Thank you?” Shael immediately said. 

I couldn’t help but be surprised. Considering the character of the villainess who usually didn’t give thanks, it was very fast!

‘Did the power of desserts reach such a level?’


Her words felt more forced than sincere. That alone was satisfying. If it was the same villainess from a few months ago, she would have glared at me for pulling such a prank.

I was embarrassed, but I had no choice but to hand the box over to Shael.

“Here you are.”

Shael happily opened the box. There were as many desserts as she wanted.

But it wasn’t the dessert that caught Shael’s attention.

“Is this?”

“That is also a gift.”

What Shael took out of the box was a necklace. I chose one with a blue jewel because it matched Shael’s eyes.

“It’s a gem that can be enchanted, so I’ll give you some enchantments that might help later.”

After that, I looked at Shael and waited for her to speak.

“Thank you.”

I was very satisfied. The silent threat to take away the dessert worked, but still, considering the villainess’s dirty personality, it was a huge improvement.


Shael suddenly closed the box. She didn’t eat any dessert.


“Sorry, but I’ll eat it later.”

‘She’ll eat them later?’ I couldn’t believe it. Shael, who loved dessert so much, wanted to eat them later.


As I was expressing my doubts, Shael stood up from her seat.

Shael carefully placed the box of desserts on the table and picked up a box that was already on it.

Shael opened the box, revealing numerous wine bottles.

“Do you like alcohol?”


As Shael said, I’ve never seen her drink any wine. Even if she had to, she only took a sip once in a while.

So I became curious.

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