Chapter 56: The wrong bed in darkness

“Okay, I will travel with Brother Song and go to Gusu. Zhang Kangnian, Zhao Qixian?” Wei Xiaobao raised his head and shouted.

“This humble one is here, what is the order of Lord Wei?” When the two heard Wei Xiaobao’s call, they opened the door and spoke with a flattering smile.

“You find someone to pretend to be me, make a big fanfare, and travel as usual. Brother Song and I will go to Suzhou first.” Wei Xiaobao took out a handful of cash and divided it among the two. “Get the brothers to cheer up. This time the situation is very dangerous. Be careful about everything.”

“It’s really a blessing for us to have such a compassionate superior as lord Wei.” Zhao Qixian said with a smile.

“Isn’t it! With the Duke, life is so easy…” Zhang Kangnian suddenly gave himself a slap on the mouth, “Look at my memory, it’s lord Wei now.”

“Okay, okay, stop flattering, you can go and get ready.” Wei Xiaobao waved his hand to let the two of them go prepare first.

After seeing the two closing the door, Song Qingshu’s expression seemed as if he just remembered something, and suddenly spoke up, “By the way, Brother Wei, this time we should travel lightly. If we take that chick from the Shui family with us, it would be a bit of a hindrance…”

Before Song Qingshu even finished speaking, Wei Xiaobao looked at him as if he was looking at a monster, “Big Brother Song, you are willing to kill such a beautiful and pretty woman?”

Seeing that he had misunderstood what he meant, Song Qingshu said with a black line on his forehead, “I mean it’s better to let her go…”

Wei Xiaobao thought to himself, ‘If only a big man accompanied me along the way, the journey would be so boring.’ And he subconsciously refused the notion, “Aren’t we trying to hide from people’s eyes and ears? The people in Golden Serpent Camp shouldn’t know that there is a woman in the mission. On the other hand, she will be useful to hide our identity even better. Besides, if we are in a hopeless situation, we can still take that girl as a hostage. Isn’t that Yuan Chengzhi full of benevolence and righteousness? If an innocent woman dies and he does nothing, his prestige would be greatly damaged…”

Song Qingshu glanced at him in surprise. He used to think that Wei Xiaobao was just clever and a profiteer, but after meeting him he realized just how clever he really was. This guy’s thoughts moved much faster than ordinary people.

“Okay, we’ll just follow Brother Wei’s intention and take her with us.” Song Qingshu thought that what he said was reasonable, and now that Wei Xiaobao expressed this thought himself, then he couldn’t outright disagree with it.


Back in the room, when Song Qingshu wanted to unseal Shuisheng’s acupuncture points, the corner of her lips showed a sly smile, and stretched out her delicate hands, in a blink of an eye, she tapped a few major acupoints on Song Qingshu’s chest .

“How did you unseal your acupuncture points?” Song Qingshu was thinking about other things at the time, and didn’t realize that Shui Sheng was just pretending to be weak.

“Huh!” Shui Sheng wrinkled her pretty nose, jumped off the bed, tidied up her clothes, and proudly said, “Their acupuncture skills are nothing special, plus this lady’s martial arts is very strong. I just opened the acupuncture points with force.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Song Qingshu chuckled, “Miss Shui, since you are free, please leave by yourself. If you are discovered by them later, you won’t be able to leave.”

“Why would this lady leave?” Shui Sheng sat down with a big grin, and poured a cup of tea to quench her thirst just like Song Qingshu did before. As soon as the tea entered her mouth, she suddenly remembered that Song Qingshu had also drunk from this cup, and with a “Bah, baah…” She quickly spit it out.

“Why won’t you leave?” Song Qingshu couldn’t figure out the reason behind her actions, and a thought came up in his heart, ‘Could it be that this girl developed Stockholm syndrome after being kidnapped?’

Of course Shui Sheng had hidden the fact that she planned to escape as soon as she unsealed her acupuncture points, but after just walking two steps, she found officers and soldiers everywhere. With her average level martial arts, how could she escape? So, she had to go back to the room and think about a solution. But before she could think of anything, she heard the voice of a guard greeting Song Qingshu not far away. Then she had an idea, she lay back on the bed, pretending that she was still immobile.

When she noticed Song Qingshu staring at her with a weird expression, Shui Sheng thought of his disgusting appearance from before, so she stopped hitting him, and stretched out her dainty little foot to kick and cursed, “You dirty thief you bullied me. Now, I’ll teach you what happens if you bully me.”

“Miss Shui, you are calling me bad names one by one. If this is heard by someone who doesn’t know what’s happening. I’ll be fine, but what will people think of you, as a girl?” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

“You dead turtle, rotten turtle, big bastard, smelly dog… you are the cause of it all.” Shui Sheng was taken aback, thought that it actually made sense, and became even more angry, she used her hands and feet to hit Song Qingshu again.

Although being hit by the fists of a flower-like girl was enjoyable rather than painful, but Song Qingshu didn’t want to leave her shoe prints all over his body. How could he have the face to see people tomorrow if that happened? Song Qingshu turned his head, and deliberately coughed, “Beauty, don’t blame me for not reminding you. A master like me can easily unseal my acupuncture points. If you continue to hit me, maybe my acupoints will be unsealed.”

Shui Sheng was really bluffed by him. She quickly stopped her hand, and was shocked, ‘If he really unsealed his acupuncture points, it would be bad.’ The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became. She clicked a few acupoints on his leg, and then got up and thought. ‘I have to find a rope in the room to tie him up.’

But she didn’t find anything that could be used to tie after looking around. So, she sat back on the bed and was secretly sulking. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she turned around and started to untie her waistband.

“Beauty, do you want to be violent to me?” Song Qingshu made a frightened look, “Iyada! I don’t want my first time to be like this?”

“Bah!” Although Shui Sheng didn’t understand what he was yelling, she knew it was definitely not a good thing, so she glared at him viciously, “If you yell again, I will take off your socks and stuff them into your mouth.”

“My socks are sour and smelly. It really doesn’t have a good taste. But, you are a beautiful woman, if you take off your socks and put them in my mouth. I promise you that I will not talk again.” Song Qingshu stared at Shui Sheng with a sleazy pair of eyes.

“Disgusting, shameless!” Shui Sheng was trembling with anger, and quickly tied his hands behind his back with her untied waistband, and finally tied him tightly around the head of the bed twice.

“Well, it smells so good~” When Shui Sheng bound him, her hair inevitably brushed over Song Qingshu’s face, and Song Qingshu seemed intoxicated.

Seeing that Song Qingshu had been properly  tied up by the waistband, and his acupuncture points had also been sealed by her before, Shui Sheng finally felt relieved and looked back at him bitterly, “If you talk nonsense again, I will really put your socks in your mouth! “

The fact was, a proper lady such as Shui Sheng didn’t want to take off a man’s shoes and touch his stinky socks with her hands. If she couldn’t do that|; then she would have to use her own socks to gag him. But, she felt sick when she even thought about it. So Shui Sheng threat was just to scare him.

“Okay, I won’t talk, I won’t talk!” Song Qingshu quickly closed his mouth tightly, as if he was very obedient.

Shui Sheng finally patted the dust on her hands with satisfaction. Her nerves were tense for the whole day. Now that she could relax, she felt sleepy. She turned around and confirmed that Song Qingshu was firmly tied to the shelf beside the bed. She then planned to rest for a while, replenish her energy and find a way to escape when the guards were most sleepy at dawn.

Song Qingshu saw her take off her boots and set up the quilt on the bed. He couldn’t help but give her a weird look, “Beauty, it is very dark here, be careful while sleeping on the bed. Don’t forget that this is my room.”

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