Chapter 57: The events before the beauties meet

“If you don’t speak, no one will think you are dumb.” Shui Sheng snorted. “This lady will sleep for a while. Don’t blame me for not warning you. If you yell and call the guards over, then I would be dead anyway, but I will definitely stab you to death first. At worst we will both die.” Shui Sheng raised the knife she had just taken out of her boots.

Looking at the bright dagger in front of him, Song Qingshu asked strangely, “Then why didn’t you stab me to death just now? Aren’t you more afraid that I will reveal your plot?”

Shui Sheng blushed, and she thought to herself, ‘Although this person’s mouth is a bit dirty, he didn’t do anything bad to me after all. So how can I kill him?’

“Ah, I see,” Song Qingshu cried out in surprise, “You must have seen that I am young and handsome, with a high level of martial arts, and you secretly fell in love with me…heh…eh.”

Shui Sheng was startled by his fake surprise and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she heard his nonsense. She couldn’t bear it anymore and took out her embroidered cloth from her arms and put it into Song Qingshu’s mouth.

“Finally calm…” Shui Sheng took a long breath, lying on the soft bed, she wrapped her body with the quilt, and closed her eyes with a peaceful expression on her face.

In her sleep, Shui Sheng felt a little bit cold, and she unconsciously leaned back to a place that seemed warm. She felt that it was warm like a bearskin coat, so she shrank into a ball and let it cover her whole body.

Early in the next morning, a scream broke the tranquility of dawn. It turned out that Shui Sheng woke up and found that unbeknown to her Song Qingshu was sleeping behind her back. What’s more, her head was resting on his arm, and her body was shrinking in his embrace like a little bird, which made her almost collapse. What was even more shameful was her own hand was pulling his big hand, allowing it to cover her soft mounds.

Pushing away his thigh that was on her waist, Shui Sheng pointed to Song Qingshu with a pale face, “You…you…you…” At the moment, she couldn’t even speak a complete sentence.

“Miss Shui, I did remind you, to be careful of getting on the wrong bed.” Song Qingshu opened his eyes and looked at her with an innocent expression.

“Didn’t I seal your acupuncture point? I also tied you up…” Shui Sheng looked around with disbelief.

“Are you looking for this?” Song Qingshu took out a light blue ribbon from his arms. It was the same one from yesterday; the one that Shui Sheng untied from her dress and tied his hands. He then took it to the tip of his nose and smelled it, “I am a master. So, naturally there is a way.”

Watching as Shui Sheng grabbed it in a panic, and tidying up her messy dresses, Song Qingshu rested his head on his hands, lay on his side on the bed. He looked at her, and spoke in a leisurely manner, “Miss Shui, in fact, you don’t need to be so nervous at all. Last night, I was better than Liu Xiahui. I didn’t do anything, just…”

“Just what?” Shui Sheng’s eyes were cold, staring at him nervously.

“It’s just that someone rubbed my arms desperately last night and took the initiative to guide my hand to hold her breast…”

“Stop talking!” Shui Sheng felt extremely embarrassed, her teeth clenched, and tears fell.

Shui Sheng’s big eyes turned red with tears, Song Qingshu still couldn’t bear to watch her continue to feel sad, “Crap, what’s the big deal about a maid warming the bed for her master? Hurry up, come here and help your master change clothes.”

Shui Sheng glanced at him bitterly, she jumped out of the bed, turned her back, and didn’t want to talk to him again.

Song Qingshu was not worried, and after finishing wearing his clothes, he said, “Miss Shui, thank you for not killing me last night, so I decided…”

“To let me go?” Shui Sheng looked back in surprise.

“Although I do have the idea of ​​letting you go, but now I really want to experience what it’s like to be served by a very charming maid. So, to create a balance between the two, I decided that, if you will serve me well for some time, then I will let you go free.” Song Qingshu looked at her with a smile.

“Shameless!” Another layer of frost shrouded Shui Sheng’s face.

“You really have a dirty mind.” Song Qingshu cried injustice, “Listen up, being a maid is a sacred profession, OK? In the Western Continent, there is a nice alias for it, that is, a maidservant…” Song Qingshu was lost in his memory for a moment, but soon came to his senses and continued to say, “I didn’t tell you to be a lowly servant, so what are you worried about?”

Shui Sheng thought about it carefully, and realized that although Song Qingshu was tied up with his acupuncture point sealed last night; he was probably just acting to cooperate with her. The difference of strength between the two was too great, and it seemed unlikely that he wanted to let her escape. “You want me to serve you? You expect me to just believe your words. But, if you are a man without conscience, wouldn’t this lady be serving you for a lifetime?” Shui Sheng suddenly raised her head and said coldly.

Song Qingshu was not at all affected by her cold voice, but instead he noticed the change of her tone, and said cheerfully, “I have always been an honest and righteous young man… Uh, what is with your expression, don’t roll your eyes! Alright, since you don’t believe me, then I will set another deadline. After almost half a year, I will let you go. Of course, if you serve me very well and let me enjoy some intimate comfort, then I can also let you go in advance.”

“Okay, it’s a deal!” Shui Sheng said indifferently.

“You’re like a cute puppy.” Song Qingshu swaggered into the chair and patted his arm, “Here, come and squeeze it for your master.  Last night, I was used as a pillow by someone all night long, and now my arm is sore and painful.”

Thinking about the soft and warm pillow last night, Shui Sheng blushed, she twisted her body, walked over, and said, “Oh, is it here?”

“A little bit down, yes… yes… a little bit less strength, oh~” Song Qingshu felt that his arms were ironed with an iron, and nothing was improper; It was far from comfortable. But, still he felt great.

Of course, it was not because of how brilliant Shui Sheng’s technique was. After all, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t compare to the experts that Song Qingshu had been to in his previous life.

The source of all the pleasure lay in the identity of Shui Sheng. It felt really refreshing to think that she, a young miss who had never done any rough work since she was a child, had to now massage his shoulders.

“I don’t know how it would feel if any noble lady or princess gave me a massage.” At this moment Song Qingshu couldn’t help but ponder the possibility.


When Wei Xiaobao saw Shui Sheng standing obediently behind Song Qingshu, his pair of eyeballs almost fell off. He pulled Song Qingshu to a side and smiled, “Big Brother Song is really a master, and he managed to tame this little hot pepper in a single night!”

Wei Xiaobao didn’t know any martial arts, and he deliberately didn’t avoid Shui Sheng, so all his words were heard by her. Shui Sheng glanced at the gloating Wei Xiaobao, and she really wished to beat him to death.

After breakfast, Zhang Kangnian, Zhao Qixian and all the envoys embarked on the road to the Capital with great fanfare, but Wei Xiaobao quietly followed Song Qingshu out of the back door and rushed towards Gusu.

“Hey, there are no carriages and no horses. How far can we go like this! Shuang’er, I miss you so much.” After a while, Wei Xiaobao bitterly complained.

“How useless!” Shui Sheng grumbled disdainfully. He was the cause of all of her current misfortune. Of course Shui Sheng wouldn’t give him a favorable look.

“Smelly girl, what are you talking about?” Wei Xiaobao glared at her fiercely, and then began a fierce scolding war.

Those hundreds of words are omitted here.

Shui Sheng was a big girl with little experience, she was no match for Wei Xiaobao, who came from the streets. Soon, her cheeks were flushed with anger, and her eyes were tearful, wishing to kill him with a sword.

Song Qingshu secretly smacked his tongue when he heard it all from the sidelines. It was embarrassing to walk in front of Wei Xiaobao with all this farce going on.

With a light cough, he interrupted their scolding war. Song Qingshu deliberately showed off in front of them. For Wei Xiaobao, he wanted to increase his weight in the other party’s heart. For Shui Sheng, it was a matter between man and woman. It was all instinctive.

“It’s too slow to walk like this, you get closer, and I will take you to Gusu.” Song Qingshu spoke up.

The two came over suspiciously, Song Qingshu’s left hand grabbed Shuisheng’s waist, and his right hand lifted Wei Xiaobao by his shoulder, then he used the Traceless Sand Treading Steps while carrying them. The three of them quickly disappeared into the distance like a wisp of blue smoke.

She was hugged by Song Qingshu and before Shui Sheng could say something, she screamed. She realized the terrifying speed they were traveling. Looking at the trees that quickly disappeared behind her, Shui Sheng looked up and stared at Song Qingshu’s profile with a complicated expression, ‘Cousin is far worse than him in terms of talent, appearance and martial arts…Oh, Shui Sheng, what are you thinking about…’

Unlike Shui Sheng’s complicated thoughts on the side, Wei Xiaobao shouted out with a “yoo…hoooo”. He looked very excited and thought in his heart, ‘If I had such a good movement technique, who could stop me in the future?’

Wei Xiaobao was someone who would do it if he thought of it, and immediately asked, “Big Brother Song, can you teach me this movement technique?”

Song Qingshu smiled bitterly and said, “This movement technique is extremely labor intensive. Brother Wei, you don’t have the slightest foundation for internal arts, so you can’t learn it.”

“Oh~” Wei Xiaobao’s disappointment was overwhelming. He turned around and noticed that Song Qingshu was gently holding Shui Sheng in his arms, but he was holding him by his shoulders, and he couldn’t help but angrily think, ‘This pretty boy just doesn’t want to share the goods, so you don’t want to teach me.’

Song Qingshu was also a master at observing words in his previous life. As soon as he spoke, he was worried about hidden grudges. So, he quickly added, “Actually, I know that there is a superb martial skill in the wulin, which can be performed without any internal force. It is very suitable for Brother Wei.”

“What’s that?” Wei Xiaobao’s spirits revived all of a sudden.

“God really works in mysterious ways.” Song Qingshu faintly spat out a few words, “It’s the Iron Sword Sect’s martial skill, and even more coincidentally, the Yuan Chengzhi we are going to deal with just happens to be in possession of it.”

“That’s good, then it won’t take much effort.” Wei Xiaobao smiled, “If we catch him in the future, he will be severely tortured and asked about this movement technique.”

“Brother Wei is really smart by nature. Every word that comes out of his mouth is worthy of quoting.”

“Big Brother Song, many of those words just naturally come to me. Some of them are from what I read from a book in the past.”


After a long time on the road, Song Qingshu was still halfway away from Gusu territory. After all, Song Qingshu was carrying two people with him. So, suddenly he felt a little tired and stopped to take a break.

“Shouldn’t we enjoy a little while travelling?” Wei Xiaobao took out a thick stack of silver bills. “Big Brother Song is good at martial arts, but your money is definitely not as much as mine. Don’t be polite with me today. Pick the most expensive things. Waiter, bring out your best tea and snacks one by one.”

The three of them sat down in the private room on the second floor, and Shui Sheng muttered, “Vulgarians.”

Song Qingshu admired Wei Xiaobao’s arrogance and generosity. He was about to compliment him when he heard a loud voice from downstairs, “Miss Mu, I have already spared your life several times. You should be grateful to this monk.”

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