Chapter 59: Flame blade Vs wooden sword

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“I’m afraid the Blood Saber Sect master is exaggerating, that young man is not Xiao Feng, or Zhang Wuji.” Hong Antong smiled, showing a clear disbelief.

Yuan Chengzhi also smiled faintly in his heart. Over the past few years, he has successfully integrated the martial arts techniques of the Mount Hua Sect, the Golden Serpent Gentleman, and the Iron Sword Sect.

“Leader Hong only has to ask himself if his martial arts is better than mine. If he thinks so, then we should have a sparring match to make it clear.” The blood saber elder narrowed his eyes, and his hand holding the blood saber tightened.

Hong Antong faintly smiled, his white hair fluttered in the wind, and he disappeared from his place. His fist aiming to put a hole in the chest of the blood saber elder with a punch. Although the Blood Saber Elder was surprised at his speed, he himself was experienced and well prepared, so he received the attack with the swing of his saber.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged a dozen attacks. Hong Antong’s original martial arts skills were slightly higher than that of the Blood Saber Elder, but in actual fights, it didn’t go as well as he expected, and this fact made him extremely depressed.

Shangjie on the side noticed that the fight between the two was getting out of hand, and he quickly jumped into the fight. With a few palm strikes with both hands, he immediately separated the two.

“Heh!” Hong Antong snorted, turned around and sat down, “The great mudra of Tantric Buddhism is indeed well-deserved.”

The Blood Saber Elder also put the blood saber on his waist and slowly sat down.

Yuan Chengzhi was taken aback after witnessing this, and he secretly calculated if he would have a chance to win against any one of the three. If any two of them teamed up to fight him, then he could manage a narrow victory at most. But, if all three of them attacked together, then he was afraid that he could only rely on God’s will to keep his life.

“Blood Saber Elder. Is that young man really so good?” Yuan Chengzhi originally wanted to deal with Wei Xiaobao. Seeing several people with the same goal as himself, he thought that he and them had no prior hatred, so there was nothing wrong with joining forces once.

There was a horrified expression on the face of the Blood Saber Elder, “I dare to say that I have seen many masters of martial arts in the wulin, but it is the first time I have seen anyone who can use an ordinary wooden sword to perform such exquisite swordsmanship.” After saying this, he continued to narrate the situation of that day in detail.

The other three people were amazed. Yuan Chengzhi was also surprised, thinking that half of his strength came from his golden serpent sword. If it was changed to an ordinary wooden sword, he was afraid he couldn’t even beat one of these three.

After witnessing the Blood Saber Elder’s martial arts, everyone believed his judgment. Yuan Chengzhi was also interested, but he still had to ask about some things to clear the doubts in his mind, “Everyone present here is the overlord of an organization, why would you work together to deal with a weakling like Wei Xiaobao?”

Shangjie glanced at the blood saber elder, folded his palms, and said, “Golden Serpent King, we do not wish to hide it from you. The Blood Saber Sect master and I are now dependent on the seventh prince of Mongolia. Those of us who are his subordinates are thinking about how we can lessen worries for him. So we decided to get rid of the Emperor Kangxi’s right-hand man. As for leader Hong, he also intends to take refuge under our Prince.”

Hong Antong nodded slightly, but secretly calculated in his heart, ‘When I find Wei Xiaobao and force him to tell the secrets of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters, wouldn’t it be better to establish an independent kingdom overseas? Who would join you and become a slave.’

“According to our many investigations, Wei Xiaobao seems to be traveling separately from the army. Now he should be in the territory of Gusu in Song State. We will ambush him on the way back to Yanjing, Yangzhou!” As soon as the big four decided to join forces, they quickly started planning.

“We must make him stay in Yangzhou for a period of time before we have enough time to reel in the net.”

“What weakness does Wei Xiaobao have?”

“Merry making, gambling, money.”

“Yangzhou has always been a land of pleasure, so we might as well use beauty as a bait.”

“But Wei Xiaobao is an official of the Qing Dynasty. He is used to enjoying stunning beauties, I’m afraid he won’t even care to glance at the average low quality flower.”

“The Madame of this seat can be considered as an exceptional beauty. She could be considered a suitable candidate, but it is a pity that the little thief has already met her, and it would be bad if he was suspicious in advance.”

“It’s a pity that Madame Hong’s fame has spread far and wide. What a pity.”

The group of men were looking at each other, worrying about the bait. At this time, the flap of the big tent was opened, and a beautiful young woman came in. Although she was not very old, her hair was already in a bun, which indicated that she was already a married woman.”Brother Yuan, I heard that some guests have come to visit?”

The several people in the tent looked at each other one after another, and cried out in their hearts, ‘I went everywhere, even broke my iron shoes for the truth but still got nothing, who knew, it was just under my eyes!’  [A line from a poem by Xia Yuanding (夏元鼎). I also loved the whole poem. Read it if you like reading poetry.]

Yuan Chengzhi’s face was full of black lines, ‘Qingqing, you couldn’t come earlier or late, but you had to come at this time!’

Who knew that when Xia Qingqing heard their plan, she became very interested, “It’ll be fun and exciting! Just let me go, I don’t believe Wei Xiaobao, that smelly thief, will not fall under this lady…madam’s skirt.”


Looking back at the confrontation between Song Qingshu and Jiumozhi. 

Jiumozhi didn’t put Song Qingshu in his eyes at first, but when the two faced off from a distance. Jiumozhi soon realized his mistake, and understood that his opponent was a master. His martials arts attainments were not inferior to him.

Song Qingshu knew that his opponent was afraid of losing face and would not make the first move, so he used the “Dark Clouds but No Rain” of the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms.

“Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms?” Jiumozhi was extremely knowledgeable, and he recognized Song Qingshu’s martial arts technique at a glance. ‘Apart from Guo Jing, I’ve never heard of anyone mastering it the younger generation of Beggars’ Sect.’

This was more exciting, so Jiumozhi used one of Shaolin’s 72 Styles, the “Prajna Palm” to greet this attack. They exchanged blows and fought each other for dozens of moves. Pranja Palm was one the most fierce and powerful techniques in the world. It was among the Shaolin Temple’s core techniques and was difficult to grasp. But, it was also true that every technique was destined to meet a talented person.

It’s a pity that Song Qingshu has not been able to reach the advanced realm of Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms. Therefore, he could only bring out a fraction of its power. Jiumozhi also relied on tricks to perform the Prajna Palm; he could only bring out its form, not its essence. That’s why it was taking so long to get a clear winner.

If it was Xiao Feng or Guo Jing who performed the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms at this moment, and Jiumozhi simply used the Prajna Palm to receive it, he would have surely been defeated. In the same way, if the Prajna Palm were to be used by the Sweeping Monks, then Song Qingshu’s Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms would not be able to stop it.

Nonetheless, the two master’s moves were exquisite, and the surrounding tables and chairs were swept away by their force.

“This group of damn martial artists, what should I do with all this damage and loss of property?” The boss of the restaurant went upstairs, and when he  saw this mess, he couldn’t help but feel sad, and started crying.

“Shut up, don’t disturb this grandpa’s interest in watching.” Wei Xiaobao was eagerly watching, and threw out a handful of money towards the boss, “I have paid for your loss. This should be enough!”

“Enough, it is enough! These masters should fight as long as you want, and I will go make a pot of tea for you.” After counting the amount of the money, the boss suddenly smiled and ran down.

After being interrupted by this, the two took the opportunity to separate, and Jiumozhi looked at Song Qingshu in amazement, “Master Song is the highest level martial artist this monk encountered since this poor monk entered the Central Plains.”

“It takes thirty-four years for one to master the Prajna Palm of Shaolin Temple. This monk must have learned it only a few years ago. It is really puzzling that he is able to practice to such an extent.” Wang Yuyan muttered to herself, while lowering her head. She was thinking hard, and seemed puzzled.

“The great monk is really amazing, and his one year of cultivation is worth ten years compared to other Shaolin monks!” Song Qing praised sincerely. Although he knew that the other party would not be moved by pretty words, just a flattery won’t cause any harm.

Although Jiumozhi was one of the eminent monks in this generation, he could not break out of his obsession with his martial arts fame in the end. He heard his opponents’ admiration. Although he felt ashamed, he showed a faint smile on his face and accepted the praise.

However, Song Qingshu was shocked when he saw his smile, and he hurriedly dodged to the side. Only then could everyone see that there were a few deep holes in the position Song Qingshu was standing just now. If he did not dodge, he might have been seriously injured at this moment.

“The ability to easily escape the finger attack of the poor monk shows that the benefactor has a profound knowledge of Buddhism. Ordinary people don’t know the essence of the Buddha’s gesture of holding flowers, and the essence of Venerable Kassapa’s smiling gestures, so naturally they don’t realize the timing of the Flower Pinching Finger.” Jiumozhi slowly retracted his fingers one by one, admiring the young man in front of him more and more.

“Then this one is not going to hold back. Please pardon the offence.” The expression on Song Qingshu’s face was suddenly full of hostility, he changed his palms into claws, and fiercely attacked.

When Wei Xiaobao saw that the marble floor of the room had several deep holes due to the force of Song Qingshu’s claws, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Big Brother Song is awesome!”

Wang Yuyan frowned. She sighed softly after watching these sets of attacks, “Although the Nine Yin White Bone Claw is very powerful, Master Song doesn’t seem to have achieved great success in the technique itself. Now he is only relying on the power of his martial arts, and it wont do him any good for long. I’m afraid it’s inevitable that he will fall into a disadvantage.”

Hearing her soft voice, Duan Yu couldn’t help being stunned. In his mind, the confrontation between two stinky men in the room was nothing compared to staring at Miss Wang.

Mu Wanqing had half of her attention on him, and immediately noticed Duan Yu’s dreamy appearance. She felt uncomfortable in her heart and started paying attention to the situation of the fight with all her heart.

Sure enough, after Song Qingshu’s energy was exhausted, Jiumozhi used Shaolin’s Dragon Claw, and countered the claw with claws, forcing Song Qingshu to a hasty retreat.

Jiumozhi smiled faintly, “This poor monk is very curious about the wooden sword benefactor Song has on his back. Over the past few months, all the way from the east, to the Central Plains this poor monk has seen a lot of wonderful swordsmanship, such as the Six Meridians Divine Sword. But, I have never seen anyone use a wooden sword. Could it be that benefactor Song thinks that this poor monk is not worthy of your sword?”

“I heard that the most famous technique of the great monk is the ‘Flame Blade’. May I have the honor of witnessing it.” Song Qingshu drew out his wooden sword, and sent a deadly chain of sword slashes.

“Good swordsmanship!” Jiumozhi gave a secret compliment, and he countered it with his own sword technique.

Wei Xiaobao saw the two dancing swords in the air, and repeatedly splitting their palms at their opponents. He understood nothing. He scratched his head and his ears. Then he had an idea in his heart and spoke to Wang Yuyan with a smile, “Miss Wang, can you explain what they are doing?”

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