Chapter 60: The four major Tibetan Tantric Sects

Seeing that he couldn’t understand, Wang Yuyan couldn’t help but smile, and explained softly, “That monk used the Tubo’s Ningma Temple’s unique ‘Flame Blade’. Every time he slashes with the palm of his hand, it will form a sharp and hot blade slash. As for the sword technique used by Young Master Song, it should be based on the Five Sacred Mountain Sect swordsmanship. But when one move is just used, it immediately becomes another one. Although I know every move, it is constantly changing and it has become an exquisite sword technique I haven’t seen before.” (Goblin: Ningma Temple means Tranquil Agate Temple.)

Hearing Wang Yuyan’s voice, the wise experienced Jiumozhi’s gaze turned even more intense. His opponent used some fairly standard and unremarkable swordsmanship, but together they were extremely exquisite. Only a master of his vision could understand the truth. The other party was no longer performing swordsmanship, but sword intent.

“But the two of them are attacking from a distance, can they really defeat each other like that?” Wei Xiaobao asked suspiciously, but he was happy in his heart: ‘Ah, such a nice voice! If you called me husband with that voice in the future, I would be willing to sacrifice ten years of my… Oh no, I would like to live for many more years.’

“That monk’s sword aura can reach its target from several feet away. Young Master Song is using his exquisite swordsmanship to find the weakest place of the opponent’s sword aura. Therefore, every time he is attacked, he can disperse that monk’s sword aura.” Wang Yuyan’s face was shining brightly, the duel between the two top masters brought her knowledge of martial arts to a higher level, and she thought that she must tell her cousin about this the next time they meet.

In the room, Song Qingshu jumped out of Jiumozhi’s attack circle, and immediately said, “I concede.”

Jiumozhi had a puzzled expression, “The young benefactor’s swordsmanship is great, and the poor monk hasn’t taken the slightest advantage. How can he admit defeat?”

Song Qingshu showed the wooden sword in front of him with a wry smile, looked at the slightly scorched marks on the sword’s surface, and sighed,  “Great monk’s Flame Blade is extremely hot, and I am afraid that my wooden sword will get burned if I use it again.”

Song Qingshu knew very well in his heart that his skill was not as good as his opponent’s, otherwise it would be impossible for the sword to be damaged by the heat of the opponent’s sword. If he was strong enough even real flames couldn’t hurt the wooden sword at all, so he could only sigh secretly, ‘Wooden sword, you are so pitiful! You met a master like me.’

“Hahaha~” Jiumozhi let out a long laugh, “Benefactor Song’s swordsmanship is superb, and he is upright and honest. It’s really rare.”

At this time, Wei Xiaobao had an idea, he realized that it was the right time to intervene, and he immediately jumped out, “Since you two masters cherish each other, then what is the use of fighting? We are all brothers from different corners of the world. You two should sit down and enjoy a refreshing glass of water. Owner, come here! Bring me the best vegetarian dishes you have.”


Hearing the acceptance from the owner, Jiumozhi felt very comfortable in his heart. He couldn’t help but glance at Wei Xiaobao, “From the style of this little brother’s costume, you should be from the Qing Dynasty, right?”

“A master is really a master, I haven’t even introduced myself yet, but you can tell at a glance.” Wei Xiaobao’s expression of exaggerated admiration was very effective on Jiumozhi.

At this time, Song Qingshu on their side explained Wei Xiaobao’s identity to Jiumozhi. Jiumozhi’s eyes lit up and he glanced at Wei Xiaobao in surprise, “The little brother is so young, but he can be in a high position in the Qing court. This poor monk admires him.”

“As the Tubo national teacher, the great monk is really polite. May I know the purpose behind the great monk’s visit?” Song Qingshu had already explained the identity of Jiumozhi to Wei Xiaobao on the road before.

“This smelly monk coveted our Dali’s Six Meridians Divine Sword. He went to the Heavenly Dragon Monastery to show off his power and was repelled by the monks in the temple. So he caught me in Jiangnan and discovered that Miss Wang knew all about martial arts in the world. He became even more greedy and caught her too. He is really not a good person.” Duan Yu on the side angrily said.

“Young Master Duan’s words are wrong, and there must be a misunderstanding.” Song Qingshu smiled faintly, “I have visited the Heavenly Dragon Monastery before coming here. Although the Six Meridians Divine Sword formation of the Six Monks is magical, but there are many flaws in it as well. The great monk’s martial arts level is higher than mine, he could take it if he wanted, but he didn’t. So naturally he is not as you have accused.”

“Also…” Song Qingshu paused, turned his head and deeply looked at Mu Wanqing, “Miss Mu, in order to save your Excellency, has pestered the great monk for so long along the way, but he didn’t do anything cruel to her. This also proves that his character is good.”

Duan Yu was choked by his words and couldn’t speak, so he sullenly turned his head. Jiumozhi was even more overjoyed when he heard Song Qingshu’s words, “Benefactor Song is really this poor monk’s predestined friend, he understands my intentions. The main reason this poor monk came here is to meet the masters of the central plains wulin, and secondly, I wanted to meet the Emperor of Song. And discuss an alliance.”

Wei Xiaobao and Song Qingshu looked at each other, “Tibetan Empire wants to form an alliance with Song State?”

“Yes.” Jiumozhi said with a wry smile, “Now the Mongolian power is getting bigger and bigger, and our Tibetan Empire has been coveted by them for a long time. Our Zanpu is very worried about this.” (Goblin: Zanpu is the title of Tibetan rulers.)

‘What kind of thing is Zanpu?’ Wei Xiaobao was puzzled, but he was afraid that Wang Yuyan would look down upon him, so he continued to listen patiently.

Song Qingshu hesitated for a while, and asked, “Great monk, as far as I know, your Tibetan tantric master Basipa came under a Mongolian prince, and another master Golden Wheel Dharma King was also canonized as the Mongolian national teacher. I thought that Mongolia and your Tubo had a good relationship.”

A trace of anger flashed across Kumazhi’s face, and he bitterly said, “The benefactor knows many things. Our Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the collective name of the various sects. The four largest branches are Ningma Temple, Nalanda Temple, Vajra Sect, and Shingon Sect.” [Author’s note: The four major schools of true Tibetan Buddhism are Ningma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug (the Panchen and Dalai are in this system). For religious reasons, I will replace them and use other names.]

“The Ningma Temple which this poor monk belongs to is the oldest sect of Tantric Buddhism.  We have alway had a good relationship with the Tubo Zanpu of each generation. It is because the people from the Ningma Temple  were named the Tubo national teacher in every generation, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the other three sects.”

“If it was in the past, under the combined strength of Ningma Temple and Zanpu, other sects would not dare to change sides. However, the rise of Mongolia has allowed the other three sects to see hope, and they have sent spokesmen to Mongolia. The situation is that bad. The master-level figures sent by those Temples were named the state teacher by Temujin.”

“One is the most outstanding master of the Vajra Sect. He has been named the Mongolian national teacher. He is now assisting Kublai Khan in attacking Xiangyang.”

“Shangjie, the leader of the second generation of Shingon sect disciples, was conferred the title of Master Changqi, and now he is the guest of the Seventh prince of Mongolia.”

Kumozhi’s tone was full of worry, “These three factions plans to let Mongolia invade Tibet and destroy Tibetan Empire, so that they can become the master of Tibet.”

What an unexpected surprise! Song Qingshu and Wei Xiaobao looked at each other after hearing what he said, and felt ecstatic in their hearts, “I went everywhere, even broke my iron shoes for the truth but still got nothing, who knew, it was just under my eyes!” [Goblin: Again, a line from a poem by Xia Yuanding (夏元鼎)]

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