Chapter 61: The legendary courtesan

“My sworn brother is now the person most trusted by Emperor Kangxi of the Manchu Qing dynasty.” Song Qingshu said while pulling Wei Xiaobao over. “Come back to Yanjing with us, and Xiaobao will recommend you to him. The Emperor will definitely treat the great sage with courtesy as a guest. With the strong support of the Manchu Court, the great sage would not have to worry about the other three sects.”

Jiumozhi’s heart moved, and he really wanted to be able to form an alliance with the Manchu and Qing dynasties. With their help and support fighting against the  Mongols would be easier. If he joins this party and discusses with the Emperor of Song, then the three kingdoms will be united.

“In that case, this poor monk will rely on the two to say something favorable to the emperor.” After making up his mind, Jiumozhi put his palms together and bowed respectfully.

“Great monk, since you are busy with your country’s major affairs, what do you wish to do by holding me and Miss Wang?” Duan Yu on the side has been waiting to get out of this place, but it was a pity that he had a strong internal force but a shallow foundation. He could not use it, and if he did, it made his whole body numb.

“I heard that this weird young man knows the world’s number one swordsmanship, the Six Meridians Divine Sword, and this Miss Wang is also familiar with all the martial arts in the world. I think the Emperor will welcome you very much.” Wei Xiaobao was reluctant to let go of Wang Yuyan, and ruthlessly said to himself, ‘Do you think you have a big face just because you are some prince of Dali? Just wait until we go back to the capital. When you arrive at this grandpa’s domain, I will deal with you accordingly!’

Jiumozhi didn’t plan to let them go either, and Wei Xiaobao’s words were in agreement with him, “What is the opinion of Benefactor Song?”

“I have no objection.” Song Qingshu turned around and glanced at Wang Yuyan, “Miss Wang, don’t worry, you have performed great kindness towards me, and I will definitely protect you.”

Wang Yuyan smiled reluctantly, she knew that Song Qingshu and Wei Xiaobao were companions, and his martial arts attainment was inferior to Jiumozhi, so he was already doing his best to help.

“A few days ago, this poor monk heard that Lord Wei had already negotiated an alliance with the Song Dynasty. Your mission was a success. Now you should be on your way back to Yanjing. Why did you show up near Gusu?”

Wei Xiaobao looked embarrassed, then he told him about the matter of Song Qingshu fending off the blood saber elder, and his mission about Shandong’s Yuan Chengzhi.

After hearing this, Jiumozhi smiled confidently, “Now with this poor monk and Master Song around, you can even walk through a Tiger’s cave. Don’t worry, Master Wei.”

Song Qingshu felt the same way. He was confident that with his current level of strength he would be able to fend off anyone, unless a master of the rank as that nameless holy monk personally came to assassinate him. And now, he also has the thick thigh of Jiumozhi, so he really doesn’t have to be afraid of anyone.

At this moment, Wei Xiaobao’s spirit suddenly lifted up, and he was secretly proud, ‘Although I, Xiaobao, is not good at martial arts, but fortunately, I have many friends with strong martial arts, hahahaha…’

Mu Wanqing noticed the beautiful woman standing behind Song Qingshu a long time ago, and couldn’t help but ask, “Little Foo… Brother Song, who is this?”

Just now, she heard this girl claimed to be Song Qingshu’s wife. Shui Sheng rolled her eyes and suddenly got an idea. She timidly took Song Qingshu’s arm and said in a sweet voice, “Song Dear, who is this girl?”

The truth was, Shui Sheng actually believed that these two were husband and wife. So she deliberately planned this situation. This way, this woman would definitely not spare Song Qingshu. He would be in a difficult situation, and the best way to prove his innocence was to drive her away.

Sure enough, Mu Wanqing’s face turned livid, she quickly stood up, and turned her head to leave regardless of everyone’s opinion.

Duan Yu stared at her slender back when she left, and felt uncomfortable in his heart, “Sister Wan, seems to have changed a little…” (Goblin: Yes…yes she did.)

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Song Qingshu, wondering why he didn’t chase her. Song Qingshu shook his head and picked up the wine glass, “Sheng’er, pour your master some wine.”

Shui Sheng and the people at the scene looked at each other. They never expected that he didn’t seem to be angry at all. He looked like… as if he was quite happy.

Song Qingshu was naturally very happy. Thanks to Shui Sheng’s mistake, he now found out that Mu Wanqing had his place in her heart. Maybe she hadn’t even realized it yet.

As for why he didn’t chase, he had his own thoughts. 

Song Qingshu’s experience in his previous life taught him that if you coax a woman when she is throwing a tantrum, it would only double her arrogance. The current Song Qingshu had enough of coaxing women and catering to their every need. He knew that after Mu Wanqing calms down, she will realize her own heart.


The group embarked on a journey to the north. When entering the Manchu border, they met Duo Long, the chief guard, who had been waiting for them for a long time.

“Brother Duo, why are you here?” Wei Xiaobao asked in surprise when he saw his old friend.

“Brother Wei, not long after you began your journey, the emperor was worried that there were not enough guards by your side. I was sent to greet you with three thousand elite riding cavalry.” Duo Long clasped his fists and respectfully greeted him.  “So I was waiting for you at the border of the country to receive you.”

“Lord Wei…” At this moment two familiar voices came from Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian.

“You?” Wei Xiaobao looked at the two in surprise. Although the two have no real abilities, and were only good at slacking off, but Wei Xiaobao regarded the two as friends. So he was always worried that the mission of the two would go wrong.

“We followed the lord’s order and went all the way north. Just after crossing the river, we ran into the imperial guard commander. After he learned that there was an assassination attempt on the lord, he specifically ordered us not to say anything, and pretend that the lord was in the mission team, so as to confuse the enemies and provide cover for your safe return.” Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian looked at each other, and they both were rejoicing in their hearts.

“It’s all thanks to Brother Song and Tubo’s Master Jiumozhi for escorting me all the way.” Wei Xiaobao introduced the two to Duo Long. “They are among the best martial artists in the world. The Emperor will definitely be very happy to see them.”

“There’s no doubt about this monk, but is this little pretty boy also a master?” Duo Long muttered to himself and decided to test him.

“Thank you Master Song for taking care of our brother Wei during this trip.” Duo Long smiled and stretched out his hand to Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu felt it was strange, but he still shook his hand. Duo Long’s expression suddenly changed. It turned out that no matter how much force he put on his hand, the other party just looked at him with a smile, and Duo Long finally realized that he had kicked the iron sheet. He withdrew his hand with a sullen expression, “Master Song is really strong in martial arts.”

“Oh, I finally have the feeling of being home after seeing you guys,” Wei Xiaobao did not notice the surging undercurrent, and took a long sigh of relief. “Is there any fun place around here? During this period of time, it was only sleeping in the wind and bland meals. It made me bored.” Although Wei Xiaobao had been protected by Song Qingshu and others on the way, after all, he had not been in contact with his acquaintances for a long time, and he was always a little worried. Now seeing old friends like Duo Long, his heart finally relaxed.

“Brother Wei, now that you reminded me, I really remembered something.” Duo Long raised his eyebrows and smiled. “A stunning courtesan recently came to a brothel in Yangzhou City. She came under the pretense of being a performer and is not selling herself. All the men in the whole Yangzhou city dream of having a night with her, but I heard that no one could be her guest so far, and I’m certain that Brother Wei will definitely be able to get her.”

“A courtesan who sells art and does not sell herself?” Wei Xiaobao muttered, but he cursed out  in his heart. ‘This grandpa here was born in this brothel. Do you think I don’t know the activities inside? Isn’t it because those people want to increase her value? Which bi*ch doesn’t love money… Hmph, then you just have to talk some sweet nothings and fill her with a few glasses of fine spring wine. I don’t believe she won’t spread her legs after that!’ (Goblin: Wei Xiaobao’s mother was a prostitute. Spring Wine is a kind of aphrodisiac.)

Wei Xiaobao secretly regretted it, but it was a pity that he had already taken his mother to the capital.

“But this courtesan seems to be different from the ordinary prostitutes.” When Duo Long saw that Wei Xiaobao didn’t believe it, he quickly explained. “She doesn’t even meet any customers. She has some strange conditions…”

“Brother, let me hear what those conditions are…” Wei Xiaobao was screaming in his heart. She was just a bit*h in the brothel, so what was the reason behind all the hypocrisy. ‘This grandpa hates being forced to do things. I will definitely get her.’

“This…” Duo Long looked embarrassed, “I don’t remember.”

“Okay, let’s go and have a look.” Wei Xiaobao wanted to take everyone to the Brothel.

“Miss Wang is an innocent lady, how can you take her with you to such a filthy place?” Duan Yu on the side immediately protested, and jumped out to stop him. Wang Yuyan on the side blushed and was very unwilling to go there as well.

Shui Sheng also looked at Song Qingshu aggrievedly, Song Qingshu laughed, turned his head and deliberately stopped looking at her.

Jiumozhi’s expression was also a bit ridiculous. No matter what, he was in the end, a monk. So, it would not be appropriate for him to visit a brothel.

Wei Xiaobao gave a “ha ha ha” laugh ​​and glanced at Duan Yu, “If I leave you outside, what would I do if you run away? As for Miss Wang, it’s an easy thing to do, just let her pretend to be a man, who can tell the difference.”

“Will it be inconvenient for the great monk?” Song Qingshu noticed the hesitation on Jiumozhi’s face.

“It’s okay, a clean heart need not be weary of filth. This poor monk can bear this.” In fact, it was Jiumozhi who wanted to use Wei Xiaobao to convince the Kangxi Emperor, and he was afraid that if he didn’t go, it would create some dissatisfaction.

“Come, prepare a set of clean clothes for the two girls.” Seeing this, Duo Long hurriedly ordered the soldiers to take action.

Wang Yuyan  lightly bit her teeth, hesitated for a while, took a deep look at Duan Yu, but still followed the soldiers. Duan Yu was shaken by her look, and felt regret. ‘At the beginning, uncle and dad asked me to learn martial arts, I didn’t learn. And now I can’t save Miss Wang from suffering this kind of grievance.’

Shui Sheng raised her head to see Song Qingshu making no expression. Her teeth were itchy with hatred. She really wanted to kick him and ran into the tent with her mouth pouting.

After some time, the two women raised the tent flap and walked out. They watched as the group of men quietly swallowed their saliva. Song Qingshu saw the two beautiful and charming  women dressed as scholars, and his heart jumped, ‘I finally understand why some people were so into crossdressing in my previous life.’

The group of people went to the brothel in a grandiose way. Duo Long originally planned to reserve the whole place, but Wei Xiaobao raised his hand to stop him, saying, “A man goes to a brothel to enjoy a lively atmosphere. If it’s deserted, what fun is there?”

“It is exactly as Brother Wei says!” Duo Long was taken aback, and soon revealed a knowing smile.

As he walked, Wei Xiaobao’s rolled eyes and turned to Song Qingshu and said, “Big Brother Song, let’s exchange our attire and identity.”

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