Chapter 6: Practice (part 2)

‘Origin… what?’ 

It was another bizarre term that I didn’t know anything about.

‘And, if you don’t have a strong bond, you can’t use it?’

In my entire career as a [Project Luna] player, I had never heard of such a thing.

However, instructor Oliver folded his arms and continued his lesson.

“What you guys are going to do today is to develop a strong bond with your summoned beings and learn the Origin Art. You can come to me to learn more once you succeed.”

After saying those words, the instructor laid out a chair and a parasol he brought from somewhere, lay down on it, and began to enjoy a leisurely rest!

The cadets looked at him with a dumbfounded expression for a moment, but their gazes full of contempt weren’t strong enough to penetrate Oliver’s thick skin.


Eventually, the cadets gave up and summoned their summoned beings one by one. Then they began to develop bonds with their summons. 

I didn’t understand this concept one bit, but I couldn’t just stand alone in the place where everyone else was talking with their summoned beings.

So, I summoned Anna.

“Come forth!”

Anna appeared in a grand manner as always, with her white wings spread out behind her back. She then looked around and made sure that there was no danger before turning her head to look at me.

“Master, did you need me for something?”

“Well, how should I develop my bond with you?”

“I am already fully devoted to my Master.”

“Yes, yes, I know right?”

This Origin Arts or something must be a special move of some kind, and since I already knew how to use the one I had, there was no need to put any effort into this stupid exercise.

As I was chatting with Anna, someone tapped my back.

“Ian! Did you have a good date yesterday?”

It was none other than trouble itself, Syrah Acacia.

“A date, what are you talking about?” I was confused.

“But, yesterday… you went to town with…”

I immediately covered her mouth. 

I had no such relationship with Stella and I also wanted to keep it that way. But, it would be quite troublesome if someone heard Syrah say such a thing out loud, who was the daughter of a Marquise.

If rumors spread, then I wont be the only one in trouble, it could even deal a serious blow to Stella’s prestige as an heiress. And, House Iritz would investigate the truth behind the rumor right away!

In that case, Stella might even have to drop out of the academy in order to cut off any ties with me. 

Anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra cautious when it comes to dealing with troublesome matters.

“What do you want?”

“I wanted to continue that discussion from last time. You know, when you said that Bluebirds have great powers hidden in them.”

“I didn’t say anything like that!”

“Um, but don’t you think that they might posses some kind of tremendous power? What can I do unlock it?”

‘Why are you asking me that?’ I looked at Syrah with that expression.

She on the other hand, looked at me with a bright smile.

When she kept her mouth shut, she could be considered a very beautiful woman, so I couldn’t be angry with her.

“Do what the others are doing.”

“Is that so?”

At her words, I looked around to see how the other cadets were furthering their bonds with their summons. 

Each having their own interpretations, most of the cadets were building their bonds with the summoned beings by talking or hugging, and some were even kissing them!

‘Haahh… will take them forever to have any kind of success like this.’

If my guess was corrects, the so called Origin Art was the special attacks of the summoned beings. It didn’t really requite the summoner and the summon to create any kind of special bonds.

However, since probability was such a strange thing, many cadets often realized their special moves while doing something very absurd, like these people.

“Instructor. I seem to have realizes something.”

“Is that so?”

Instructor Oliver put down the newspaper he was reading and slowly got up. Then he pointed to his summon and said, “Then try it my summon.”

“Yes? But it would be dangerous!”

“My summon is not weak enough to be harmed by the attack of a 1-star summoned beast. Rather, I’ll praise you if you succeed in inflicting even a single scratch on my summon.”

“All right.” The cadet clenched his fists in anger.

In fact, instructor Oliver wasn’t wrong. If a 3-star summon was weak enough to be beaten by a 1-star summon, would anyone be crazy enough to make a contract with them?

Goblin: Firstly, I would like to apologize for the very low quality of the previous 13 chapter releases. Their quality could only be described as trash and I feel extremely ashamed that I put them on the site. 

If I had to give a reason, I was in terrible mental condition at that time. The other readers already know about this, but at the time (and even now), my world was falling apart. I needed to earn more, so I added three more projects on my schedule— RTV, PETTV, and this one. 

Things went quite well of the other two, but I couldn’t deliver the same quality for this one. 

I am a person who values integrity, and I always want to deliver my best in everything I do. Unfortunately, I failed to do so for this project.

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