Chapter 6: Practice (part 3)

That was the reality of this world, your status would be different once you have a high-ranking summon.

The power of a 3-star summon was just that immense.



The cadet ordered his summon, which was a Gray Wolf, to attack. 

Receiving the order, the wolf’s sharp teeth began to shine.



The wolf’s teeth couldn’t penetrate the turtle’s shell and broke!

The Gray Wolf looked at its master with tears in its eyes.

I mean the cadet was being stupid to begin with. Even if we ignored the difference in levels, it wasn’t wise to give a wolf an order to bite a stone. 

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. I felt like I finally understood what the summoners had in common with a certain something from my previous world.

‘They are Pok*mon trainers!’

There was no reason for an academy like this to exist if the summoned beings could fight well on their own. If that was the case, then it would’ve been enough to just summon a summoned being and send them out to fight, while the summoner remained in a safe place.

However, in reality, the summoned beings were entirely reliant on the summoners orders. 

If the summoner made a stupid decision, the summon would have no choice but to obey.

In other words, it was the summoner who made use of the summon’s abilities. They were the ones to decide where, when and how to use the summon’s abilities. That required a certain amount of skill. T

And, the academy was a place where those skills were developed. 

In that sense, that cadet made an utterly stupid decision.

Perhaps the instructor made a similar judgment as me, and he frowned, as wrinkles formed on his bald forehead, “Where did you come up with the idea of biting a Stone Turtle, which has a strong defense? Why did you rush so recklessly?”

“Ah, but instructor, you told me to attack…”

“So, was the attack successful? Your summon was defeated instead. Now, what are you going to do? You now have nothing left to protect you.”

When instructor Oliver said that, the turtle started to spin. The Stone Turtle, which was spinning like a top, suddenly shot at the cadet like a cannonball.

The cadet fell down while retching after being hit by the Stone Turtle in the stomach. 

Instructor Oliver continued the lesson as if it was nothing, “Always treat every battle with utmost seriousness! If it was a real battle, you would be dead now. From now on, go think about how to make use of the wolf’s mobility. Any one else would like to try?”

No else had the guts to stand out after seeing what happened to the previous cadet. 

Seeing that, instructor Oliver muttered as if he was running out of patience and looked at me, “Ian Clark.”


“It doesn’t look like you’ve been trying to develop a bond, is it?”


“If you have time to flirt with girls, come here, give it a try.”

As he said that, he looked at me with a knowing expression. 

‘Oh sh*t! There’s no way he has heard of what happened yesterday, did he?’

If he really knew about yesterday’s incident, he must also know that I had used my summoned beings ability to defeat the demons.

Well, it wasn’t a normal thing for light to shoot out of a summoned being’s shield.

“I have no desire to fight.”

“Hmm, then we can create desire.”

Instructor Oliver took the cadet roster out of his pocket and began to scribble something. 

‘Is he going to give me penalty point for not listening to him?’

“If you succeed in even making a scratch on my summon, I will exempt you from all my classes this semester.”

“Exemption… that means…”

“You won’t have to come to my classes. You will have to take the test, but other than that, I will give you a perfect score.”

Hearing that, I smiled and started to warm up. I couldn’t just pass on the chance to skip classes in a legal manner, could I?

But there was a chance that something unexpected might happen. So I asked the instructor in a worried tone.

“What are you going to do if I end up killing the turtle?”

“This training ground has been enchanted with a special magic. Summoned beings can’t seriously harm anyone inside its boundaries.”

“Ah, is that so.”

I thought back to how the Stone Turtle hit the cadet right in the stomach just now. In normal circumstances, he would’ve died immediately, but now he seemed completely fine. 

‘So that’s the reason why he hit the cadet in the first place.’

In fact, there were a few places like that in the game as well. It was a place where the players boasted about their summon’s abilities, and mainly used for PVP.

“I will do it!”

Well, the time had finally come to use my knowledge as a player and educate the noobs that there was always a sky above the mountain! 

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  1. Well the MC is so stupid that it hurts. He is arrogant as*hole, that isn’t treating this world with enough caution. He just had an Eureka’s moment for God’s sake! And he would be killed in his previous battle because he froze from fear. And NOW he wants to skip classes were he would practice in non lethal conditions? Learn tricks that are esssentisl for real life and he couldn’t learn them in gacha game. Train mentality so next time he won’t freeze up? Only to have self satisfaction of skipping classes?
    Total and complete brain dead idiot…
    Really hard to like the MC.

    Thanks for chapter

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