Chapter 7: Battle (part 1)

The other cadets quickly started to form a circle around the arena.

Even the nobles among them might not have seen a battle between two 3-star summons, and their faces were full of interest.

“Let’s begin.” I ordered Anna. 

Anna showed no hesitation in attacking her opponent, who was a summoned being like herself. I didn’t know if she acted that way because she knew that this was a match where they couldn’t harm each other, or because she couldn’t disobey her summoner’s orders.

‘Which one could it be… I am sure she can’t reject my orders.’

With that thought in mind, I looked at instructor Oliver’s summon, a giant turtle measuring about two meters in size, and made of stone— the Stone Turtle. 

In the game, it was the summon with the most outstanding defense among the 3-star summons. Of course, its offense power was the exact opposite of its defensive power, but… that was something that was true in the game.


“Go ahead.”

This was reality, not a game, and the Stone Turtle’s inherent weight and size was a powerful weapon in itself.

I mean, wasn’t it pretty clear from the fight just before? 

That cadet was mercilessly knocked out by a single hit from the Stone Turtle!

‘He’s not going to target me directly, so…’

If it was a battle where attacking the summoner was allowed, my victory would’ve been guaranteed. Anna’s special move, the Holy Brilliance, would’ve shot out at the speed of light and burned the opponent to crisps.

But again, this was reality. Instructor Olive might not be able to avoid Anna’s special move which was quicker than any other summoned being out there, so I had be careful not to give orders to attack him recklessly.

“Anna, can you do it?”

“I shall obey.”

Saying so, Anna readied her shield and sword. The equipment she was carrying was divine equipment from heaven. It was powerful, but it was also not very effective against the Stone Turtle, which specialized in defense.

‘It should be okay.’

But I was confident in her speed and the nimble movements I saw yesterday. 

Stone Turtles were slow. It was slow enough to be slower than a 1-star Grey Wolf, and I could use that to my advantage.

“Anna. The thing we discussed earlier, do you think you can pull it off?”

“Yes, I understand. Master.”

And Anna, too, quickly grasped the weakness of the Stone Turtle. It was time to show why she was called the Paladin of Salvation.

Soon after, Anna ran in. She moved so quickly that it was hard to believe that she was holding a sword and shield in heavy armor that covered her whole body.


She disappeared from sight for a moment and appeared behind the Stone Turtle in an instant!


Before the slow Stone Turtle could even look back, Anna’s sword slammed down.

“Stone Fortress!”

And at the same time, Oliver used an ability, the Stone Fortress!

It was an ability which made the body extremely hard and increased the users defense, but in reality, its value was quite different.



Anna’s sword bounced off. She grabbed her trembling arm and stepped back. 

Meanwhile, the Stone Turtle turned and looked at Anna.

After confirming that Anna’s sword could do no harm to the Stone Turtle, Oliver exclaimed with enthusiasm,

“I’m sorry, but my Stone Turtle’s defense is the strongest amongst my peers. It’s not something that can be pierced by a sword.”

“Ah, is that so.”

I looked at the Stone Turtle. Its body which had turned gray, was now much slower than before.

However, its movement speed was not my main concern. If Anna’s attack didn’t work at all, it didn’t matter how slow the opponent was.

‘Holy Brilliance is practically useless unless it’s used against a demon.’

So I couldn’t use that ability. 

Anna looked at me. Her gaze was asking me to think of a solution.

“Hmm, Anna. Come back.”

‘If the attack doesn’t work, let’s spend some time to come up with a strategy.’ 

With that thought in mind, I ordered Anna to retreat.

However, instructor Oliver immediately ordered his summon as if he was waiting for me to make that choice.

“Stone Turtle, Cannon Tackle!”

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  1. Is reality sinking in for hot headed MC? Is he starting to think? Why doesn’t he use the light? He could at least score points fir learning the Arts of his summon even if he lost. What if there are more moves and combos for summons than in game? The MC didn’t consider it for sure.

    Thanks for chapter

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