Chapter 7: Battle (part 2)

At that moment, the Stone Turtle, which was as hard as steel, shot towards Anna like a spinning ball!

Anna saw that and quickly raised her shield to block the attack, but the turtle’s overwhelming mass and speed made the attack hard to defend aginst.


Anna raised her shield up to deflect the attack, but the Stone Turtle shot towards the exposed gap once again. 

She wasn’t able to stop it the second time.


Just like the previous cadet, the attack hit Anna in her stomach. 

As a result she collapsed and began to tremble. 

Seeing that, instructor Oliver became arrogant and began to mock me.

“Did you think everything will go your way just because you were lucky enough to summon a 3-star summon? You’re just a newborn cub. There are many summoners greater than you.”

“Ah yes… alright.”

I wasn’t really interested in listening to his word of wisdom. I turned my head to look at Anna, and I was shocked to find that she was still shaking and couldn’t get up.

‘So things were different in reality after all. I can’t continue to measure things just by HP or MP.’

Well, it was another valuable information I found out about this world. Now, I should find a way to finish this match soon.

“Anna, get up.”

“Ah, Master… sorry.”

She heard my order and got up with much difficulty. 

As Anna raised her shield and sword again, Oliver smirked. 

“Your summon’s sword can’t even put a scratch on my summon, and her shield can’t block a single blow. Don’t you think this is a meaningless fight?”

“Well… we won’t know unless we try.”

There were some things that gave me an edge over the summoners in this world, that was, I knew all the information about most of the summons, which included their strengths and weaknesses. So I could outwit the summoners of this world with ease.

There were also a few other things as well… but they were not something I could use at the moment.

Anyways, I whispered a command so that only Anna could hear it. 

Anna nodded her head as if she heard me and took a fighting stance.

“Then let me give you one more piece of advice as your instructor.” Oliver looked at Anna and shouted. “You should listen to your elders! Stone Fortress!”

The Stone Turtle’s entire body instantly turned gray, and his strength increased again. 

Anna’s sword couldn’t pierce that gray stone.

In fact, instructor Oliver was using the best strategy available for the Stone Turtle. He attacked with the Cannon Tackle, and while it was on a cooldown, he defended with the Stone Fortress.

The opponent can only waste their energy by uselessly slashing away at the nearly impenetrable Stone Fortress, then lose in the end while facing the devastating Cannon Tackle.

It was supposed to be like that, in theory, at least.

But, this was reality! 

And, there were many tactics that could counter that seemingly foolproof strategy.


Anna approached the Stone Turtle and pushed the shield under it’s stomach, she then lifted the turtle up using the principle of lever.

Although she looked like a human woman, she had the blood of both angel and human in her veins. As a half-angel, she could easily lift something massive like the Stone Turtle.



The Stone Turtle was soon turned over on its back. With its belly out in the open, the turtle struggled with its short limbs and desperately tried to turn itself over again.

It was a summoned beast with superhuman strength, if I left it alone, it would quickly regain its original posture in no time, but… ‘This is a battle.’

Anna pointed her sword at the turtle’s stomach. 

When I saw the sword pointed at the most fragile part of the Stone Turtle, I immediately shouted, “Do it!”

Anna’s sword suddenly began to shine. 

It was an ability that allowed Anna to discharge all damage she received in the past.

“Repentance Strike!”


Anna couldn’t break through the Stone Turtle’s tuff shell. 

However, what if she attacked on the body of the turtle itself?


The sword pierced through one point. Then it slowly penetrated even further. 

It went so deep that it was hard to believe that the training gound was enchanted with a magic that prevented the summons from killing each other.


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  1. Funny MC is behaving as if the game he was playing was a VR or at least a 3D one not a 2D Gacha game where you only spam clicks. And why did he order his angel to defend when he mentioned few updates back that it was real world so mass was important? Why not order Anna to dodge? Fly? ETC?

    Thanks for chapter

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