Chapter 64: The villainess is ignorant (part 1)

In my room.

At the moment, I was facing Shael. 

I said something quite provocative a few moments ago, and Shael, who was following me at the time, had heard it.

And thanks to that, Shael was now paying extra attention to me.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing…”

The villainess continued staring at me. 

I didn’t expect my plan to be this effective, it was really quite amazing!

To the point where I was beginning to think that maybe I was a bit too harsh.

I barely held myself back from apologizing to the now agonizing Shael, considering that I too had to suffer for quite a long time because of her.

Honestly, I didn’t intend to hold onto that grudge anymore, but… I needed a rational reason for doing this. 

Because, I wanted to experience more of the cute side of Shael while she looked after me.

Shael looked at me and said. “That…”



Shael shut her mouth. 

‘Why did you say such a thing?’ — I could easily guess what she wanted to say.

[While I was unconscious, were you worried?]

[Ah, Neyo. Not at all.]

At Shael’s dishonest words, I pretended to be angry and left the hospital room.

Because of that, it was clear that the villainess wanted to say something despite her shame.

Then, Shael took a deep breath and spoke, “I should have been worried.”


What do you mean you should have been worried? It’s the same as saying that you were not worried.

Of course, it was a bit disappointing, but it was still a huge improvement. 

Even so, I didn’t want to tell Shael the truth.

Instead, I decided to give her some compensation, considering that she couldn’t eat my dessert for 15 days.

“Please follow me.”

“Yes? Yes!”

She answered twice! That’s how nervous Shael was.

Still, maybe her tension would be relieved soon.

I went to the Baslett family’s kitchen. 

It was still quite early, so the cooks of the Baslett family hadn’t come to work yet. Thanks to that, Shael and I were able to use the cooking room alone.

“Why are we here?”

“I will make dessert for you.”

During these 15 days, Shael, who had been waiting for me, seemed to have become quite frail. So I wanted to give her some food full of nutrients. 

With that thought, I started cooking, while Shael found a seat and sat down.

However, she suddenly stood up from her seat. 

I thought that she wanted to give me some useless advice as usual, but this time it was different.

“I can help.”


Shael held out her hand towards me. It seemed to mean that she was asking for work.

Even though I knew the meaning, I hesitated. 

The last time Shael cooked, she ended up making that strange cookie. So of course she was terrible at cooking.

In the first place, it was rare for the nobles in this world to cook for themselves.

“I will do it myself.”

“No, I will help too.” Shael strongly insisted. 

I had no choice but to give in. 

Even if she couldn’t cook, she could at least help me with fetching the ingredients.

“Fetch me some sugar. Just sprinkle a little bit on the cupcakes.”


And soon, I found out that it was the worst mistake I could make.  

I gave her the simple work thinking that Shael could do it, but… at some point, the cupcakes were entirely covered in sugar! 

I mean, I should’ve expected that, since Shael didn’t know the meaning of moderation. 

And now, the cupcakes looked too sweet to eat.

“What is this?”

“Why?” Shael tilted her head as if asking me what she did wrong. 

I also continued my questioning, “If you sprinkle so much sugar, how on earth will you eat it?”


Shael looked puzzled for a moment before picking up the cupcakes. They were extremely unhealthy.

And, before I could stop her, she took a bite of the cupcake. 

Then she said to me while eating it, “What’s wrong with it?”


From now on, I must keep my eyes on Shael all the time. Because I didn’t want her to ruin her health with so much sugar.

Anyways, I sighed and continued cooking. 

Of course, as before, Shael continued to “help” me.

“Oh, I will do this.”

“Go ahead.”

The cucumbers, which had been thoroughly washed, turned into powder before I knew it.

“Of course this has to be heated, right?”




The dough turned to ashes and disappeared after burned by Shael’s magic. 

But, that wasn’t the end. Shael was still continued to diligently help me.

She said that she would do a good job, but she was horrible at it.

And I couldn’t stop her.

I became worried that we won’t have anything to eat if I let this carnage continue. So I asked Shael. “Could you rub my shoulders while I cook?”


It was a request that the villainess would definitely refuse.

“That sounds like it would be really helpful.”

However, Shael simply nodded her head!

Shael stretched out her arm to overcome the height difference between us and began to rub my shoulder.

In that way, I was able to finally finish cooking with the villainess.

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