Chapter 63: The villainess feels danger (part 2)

Instead, Shael tried to save me. 

It reminded me of what I saw when I passed out. It was the scene of Duke Ezran on his knees in front of a dark silhouette.

It was obvious what that dark silhouette was.

In order to save me, Duke Ezran paid a price to the Demon King. 

And the price was — ‘He wouldn’t be able to use Aura.’

The words that I had dismissed as lies were true!

In addition, the Baslett family was strangely lacking in heirlooms and wealth despite being a ducal family.

Now, all of that made sense. Except only one— why did Duke Ezran hand over the wish given to him by the Demon King to Shael.

‘Well, I’ll figure that out later.’

Anyway, because of that, Shael stole the bracelet of holy power from Clie.

Despite all his powers, the Demon King wasn’t a god, and it would’ve been impossible for him to save a dead person just because a price was paid. Therefore, he must have needed the bracelet of holy power that possessed vast amounts of holy power.

In the original timeline, Shael didn’t try to steal Clie’s bracelet on a whim, she had a reason!

The next thing I remembered was the paper placed in front of Shael.

Written there, were the wishes Shael wished for me.

[Please allow him to carry the poison detection magic, so that he can detect poison no matter how stong it is.]

It wasn’t for no reason that I studied magic diligently as soon as I was sent to this world. Maybe that was the reason why I read the novel in the first place.

“Please make the theater he loved a better place.”

[Ah, it would be nice if we could chat together while watching the play.]

A movie theater with features that didn’t fit in the world at all. It also made sense why the theater provided sound-blocking magic tools which were quite expensive.

[I hope I can see my daughter much earlier, who I didn’t get to see in the end.]

Our daughter came from the future for a reason. 

As for the journal that Ruelle gave me at that time.

I thought it was written by the future me. Of course, I would, since it was in my handwriting, but… I didn’t.

Because in the memory, it was Shael who was writing the journal using my handwriting.

I read it over and over and thought a lot about contents of the journal, to the point I had memorized it all.

The contents I had thought to be connected with Ruelle, were all nonsense written by a foolish Shael.

The recipes for the desserts must have been added by Shael, who somehow managed to get them.

And the meaningless advice in the second half.

I could understand them now.

ㅡ Unconditionally accept and drink the drink Shael gives you.

It must be because Shael tried to make me drink the sap of the tree of obedience and failed.

No, rather, in that memory, I fed the sap of the tree of obedience to Shael instead.

— Make lots of desserts for Shael.

Of course Shael wanted to eat my dessert.

— When you become the head of household, give up your work and devote all your time to Shael and Ruelle.

ㅡ When you receive a love letter from someone, do not ignore it, but punish the sender with a curse.

When I think that all of those advices were written by Shael, it fit perfectly!


I was the Eran Baslett mentioned in the original novel from the very beginning!

Maybe the reason I read the novel was because of Shael’s wish to save me.

I sorted out my thoughts and released Shael from my embrace.

“While I was unconscious, were you worried?”

“Ah, Neyo. Not at all.”

“Oh, I see.”

She was the same dishonest villainess. 

I pretended to be angry and left the room.

Even though it was dawn, I needed to go see Duke Ezran. Because I wanted to know more about the past.

Above all, he knew about the Demon King. 

Seeing how all of Shael’s wishes had come true, I had to know how much price he had to pay.

When I reached his study, a knight approached me, and asked,  “Young Lord Eran! Are you finally awake?”

“Yes. Where is my father?”

“Ah, he went somewhere a while ago. He instructed you to spend time with Lady Shael when you wake up.”

Unfortunately, it seemed that the conversation with Duke Ezran would have to be postponed. 

Still, I couldn’t get rid of all the complicated thoughts.

The Crown Prince poisoned me.

The Mage Tower Lord was antagonistic towards Shael and me. 

Lastly, Clie, who attacked the Azbel family in the past.

Even assuming that Clie had now lost her strength, all of those were difficult trials to overcome.

Therefore, it was necessary to prepare for the future. 

I had too many things on my plate.

But before that, I needed to take care of the most important person to me.

Of course, that person was Shael.

And at the moment, that Shael was secretly following me. The reason was simple.

[While I was unconscious, were you worried?]

[Ah, Neyo. Not at all.]

I came out of the hospital room pretending to be angry at Shael’s dishonest remark.

I kind of feel sorry for Shael, who must have suffered quite a lot while I was unconscious, but my main priority was to change the dishonest personality of the villainess.

Therefore, I spoke in a moderately loud voice so that Shael, who was following me, could hear it.

“I have nothing to say to her.”

I glanced at the direction of Shael, and found that she was staring at me in bewilderment.

Then I added, “I’m starting to get tired of being patient now. Oh, should we break off the engagement?”


Shael, seemingly shocked by my words banged her head against the wall. 

Barely holding back my laughter, I began to devise a plan to correct her dishonest personality.

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  1. oh!! well my guess about the first timeline being same person technically isn’t wrong. but it isn’t right either ????. it’s not read novel>isekaied1st timeline>2nd timeline. it’s original>modern times>isekaied back. I’ve reading something like this(got spoiled) but I’m not expecting it to be here too.
    and also I was right about the letter but im not expect it’s written by shael herself.

    1. They fooled us with the Isekai scoop, but this fits all the pieces.
      Now all that remains is to check if the author of “the books of the 999 ways” is the Demon King.

  2. Getting reincarnated in a modern world, then regressing back to the old world. I only know two manhwas that did the same thing except the mcs of both manhwas still retain their memories from the start unlike our mc here.

  3. So basically original timeline… Death +reincarnated on earth and reads a novel that tells the story of the other world… Death+ reincarnation + memories =second timeline

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