Chapter 64: The villainess is ignorant (part 2)

Shael picked up one of the cookies and handed it to me. 

To think that such a thing was possible!

In the past, she didn’t even allow me to touch her desserts. 

But, not anymore. 

Now, Shael didn’t mind if I also ate the desserts. 

As I took the cookie and ate it, Shael opened her mouth, “That…”

“What is it?”


Shael looked at me and said, “Are you angry?”

Was I angry? Not at all. 

Did she think that because of what I said when she was following me?

But the question was too sudden, and Shael was staring at me more than ever before.

I looked at Shael in confusion, and she said, “You’re different than usual.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know.”

She didn’t know why?

Well, I could understand why Shael felt that way.

When Shael was helping me with cooking… (of course, she didn’t really help me) I had suddenly asked her to massage my shoulders.

It might’ve seemed quite strange, since I suddenly asked for such a favor while she was helping me with the cooking. I mean, although she really wasn’t that helpful, Shael did want to help me.

Of course, it was also possible that Shael, who has a strange way of thinking, wouldn’t find that strange at all, but… I sighed as I looked at the sugar-covered cupcakes.

[I have nothing to say to her.]

Then, some time ago, when Shael was following me, I had said such cold words. So of course, it might also cause her to feel that way.

I looked at Shael, who continued to stare at me with a sullen expression.

Anyway, it seemed like the time had come to stop playing around. 

I began to think about what to say to Shael.

What kind of words can brighten her sullen expression?

Using a bunch of cheesy word would be too embarrassing. So I needed to say something that wouldn’t be too embarrassing and express my true feelings at the same time.

So I came up with a good idea. I wanted to first make Shael confused and then happy.

And so, I said, “Actually, I have a girl I love.”


I didn’t tell her who the girl was. 

Feeling shocked, Shael asked me, “Whh…who?”

“Are you curious?”

Shael nodded her head. 

So, I threw a clue for Shael who was now curious. It was a really simple and easy clue. Just enough for her to figure out who that person was.

“First of all, she has a very bad temper.”


I was sure that Shael, who was quick-witted, would understand the meaning of my words…no, come to think of it, Shael only became stupid in situations like this. 

Shael, who remained silent for a moment, struggled to open her mouth.

“It will be difficult to be with someone with a bad temper.”

“Is that so?”

It didn’t matter anyway. These days, the bad-tempered villainess was getting cuter and cuter.

Then I spoke to Shael, who still didn’t get the clue.

“She is a person who really likes dessert. She really loves the desserts I make to death.”


Shael, who was ignorant, didn’t understand what I was saying this time as well. 

She just spoke with a dissatisfied expression, “If you marry a bi*ch like that, you will become a slave who only makes dessert!”

Would I end up being used as a dessert slave in the future?

It didn’t matter.

As long as Shael enjoys it, I can make her any number of desserts.

Ah, of course, for Shael’s health, I will have to make them in moderation.

By the way, Shael called the girl ‘a bi*ch’. She was unintentionally cursing herself!

I looked at Shael, and laughed, then I tried to make it even more obvious.

“Sometimes she’s really cute when she speaks a lot of nonsense.”

“What’s so cute about speaking nonsense?”

Shael sounded really dissatisfied. At the same time, I heard a faint whimper.

Now Shael even started to cry!

‘Isn’t this really bad?’

Shael was more ignorant than I thought! 

So, in order for Shael to notice it right away, I gave a huge clue.

“She is also the girl who is always by my side.”


“She is still with me.”

At this point, even a braindead fool would notice.

If the girl was with me right now, it could only be Shael. So Shael must have noticed by now.

I waited for Shael to say something. 

After some time, Shael finally opened her mouth, “Is it the… female knight from the Baslett family?”

A female knight from the Baslett family? How could that be possible?

I could only sigh.

And, as I was about to tell her the truth, Shael spoke without giving me a chance to open my mouth.

“Don’t cheat!”

Then she glared at me.

Looking at it now, the girl I love was… really very ignorant.

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