Chapter 65: The villainess complains (part 1)

“Don’t cheat on me!”

Those words from the tearful Shael made me go silent. Don’t cheat… it was quite an amusing thing to say.

“I don’t think…”

I tried to tell Shael that I had no reason to cheat, but I couldn’t even finish what I wanted to say.

Because Shael shoved one of her cupcakes into my mouth.

At the same time, I heard Shael’s harsh voice, “Shut your mouth!”


I mean, I couldn’t even open it anyway. It was thanks to someone putting sugar-covered cupcakes in my mouths. It was so sweet that it made me frown, ‘Just how much sugar did she put in?’

Now that it was in my mouth and I was able to taste it, it seemed that Shael had added not only sugar but also other seasonings without my knowledge. I could taste the strange combination of flavors that couldn’t be expressed in words.

Because of that, I couldn’t speak any more. So for now, I decided to listen to Shael’s complaints.

“There were times when we went out together.”

Shael began to complain about her pent up resentment. 

Her reason was simple. 

In Shael’s mind, I was the cheating bad fiancee.

By the way… have we ever gone out together? Even though it was somewhat true, it made me laugh.

Shael was talking as if we went out together because we were in a special relationship.

Anyways, after barely swallowing the cupcake she had shoved into my mouth, I said, “Originally, if you are a normal person, you go out together even if you are not in a special relationship.”

“We are not normal people.” Shael retorted.

That was right as well. Because the villainess’s way of thinking was far from that of normal people.

In the past, Shael would never go out with anyone other than her family. No, the number of times she went out with her family could be counted on one hand.

But I couldn’t figure out why I was included in it. 

Shael added, “I even hugged you.”


Indeed, we did that a few times. 

The first time was in Azbel family’s garden, when she suddenly pushed me against the wall. 

Next, she unexpectedly hugged me when I woke up after being unconscious for 15 days.

And right after Shael hugged me, I had hugged her as well.

I couldn’t say anything this time because it was true. I was just waiting for an opportunity to tell her the truth. 

Maybe Shael took my silence as my inability to refute her words? So she continued to spit out random nonsense.

“We’ve even spent one night together…”

It was an extremely embarrassing thing to say. I mean, Shael’s face was already blushing red.

It was fortunate that the Baslett Mansion had good soundproofing. 

And, of course, what Shael said this time was true as well. But I felt that it was really unfair to me.

“I didn’t do anything.”


I looked at Shael with visible confusion. Why would I be lying?

But, Shael confidently said,  “You slept… while hugging me.”

It was the opposite!

It was she who mistook me for her doll and hugged me! Not the other way around!

Clearly, Shael was trying to accuse me with a really selfish mindset. 

The problem was… even that seemed extremely cute.

It was a strange way of thinking.

I seem to have changed quite a lot.

Since I was laughing, Shael said with an anxious expression,  “I even confessed to you!”


I was sure that was something that had never been heard before. Has Shael ever confessed to me?

It couldn’t be true! 

That had to be the case! 

If Shael really confessed to me… there was no way I’d ever forget it.

But Shael answered my question. Before I knew it, my magic pouch was in Shael’s hand.


What Shael took out of my magic pouch was a serpent orb, and after taking a moment to prepare herself to face the shame, she activated it.

[I like you.]

[I love you.]

She let the recording play out a few times, then turned it off in annoyance. Then she looked at me as if she wanted an answer from me.

“Is that… a confession?”

Shael nodded her head. 

She did it under the effect of the Tree of Obedience Sap, and she did it under my command.

It was absurd to call it a confession.

‘Is she doing all this because her sla*ve who will give her desserts for the rest of her life was about to escape?’

So I said to Shael, “Can that even be considered as a confession?”

With those words, I looked at Shael. 

It was fact that even Shael couldn’t deny.

But Shael made a really sad expression. 

While I was taken aback, she said, “Have you been just playing with me?”

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

I wondered if I should just tell her the truth— that she had misunderstood.

But, that probably wouldn’t work.

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