Chapter 65: The villainess complains (part 2)

In the first place, I wanted to convey my true feelings in a perfect atmosphere. If I said it now, I was pretty sure that Shael would dismiss my words as lies.

Instead, I spoke to Shael, “How can I do that? I was always serious about you!”

It has been like that since the very beginning. Even after I cursed at her and began my retaliation.

I mean, how can I not be serious when dealing with Shael?

And so, I waited for Shael’s reaction. 

Shael, who was holding her breath, spoke to me, “Then, why did you have an affair with that female knight!”

At Shael’s accusation, I wiped the cold sweat that was dripping down my forehead.

The villainess really had a strong power of imagination. In her mind, the nonexistent female knight of the Baslett family had become a real person! 

So, I quickly tried to clear up Shael’s misunderstanding.

“I have never had an affair with a female knight!”

However, Shael immediately found a loophole in my words.

“If it’s not a female knight…is she a maid from the Baslett family?”

Of course it couldn’t be like that!

Anyways, I decided to be direct, so that she wouldn’t misunderstand anymore,

“Lately, I haven’t talked to any woman except for you.”

It was true. 

I had been so busy with my training and planning that I didn’t have the time to talk to any woman other than Shael. Except for the time I met Shael, my schedule was really packed to the brim.

All I had been doing were practicing my swordsmanship, training my magic, cooking for Shael, and reading books to gather more information.

Except for Clie, whom I had talked with through the bracelet a long time ago, I hadn’t really talked to any other woman.

The conversation with Clie was an important matter for both my and Shael’s survival. So I had to do that. 

Maybe this time Shael would understand my meaning?

I’ve never had a conversation with any woman except for her. Then who would be the woman I love?

But Shael didn’t notice.

“I guess so.”

“Yes, what?”

I had no choice but to express my doubts about Shael’s remark. 

That’s right, it was as if Shael had expected it from the start!

And then, I finally understood the reason why.

The Ring of Mutual Restriction. It was the ring Shael and I shared.

The ring allowed one to set as many restrictions as one wished so that the target wouldn’t be able to communicate with the opposite sex, except for the person wearing the other ring.

“It’s not that you didn’t talk, it’s just that you couldn’t. It’s because I’ve put a restriction on you from talking to any other woman.”

Honestly, I was at a loss for words. I never dreamed that things would turn out like this.

Who would have predicted such a situation?

As expected, no one would!

I remained silent with a puzzled expression on my face. 

Then Shael spoke, “And because of that, are you talking to me about the woman you love?”

[Because you couldn’t take the ring off without my permission.] 

I could tell that’s what she wanted to say.

I looked at Shael, and saw the good old smirk of a villainess.

It was the same smile she showed when she used to bully me. It was a smile I hadn’t seen in a while. 

Shael continued to say, “Don’t worry.”


“Because I will never allow it!”

Then she revealed the sneer of a classic villainess. 

No, it was quite different from usual. Before I knew it, it had become a grin of a snake!

I used to be the villainess’s nemesis in the past, but not anymore. 

At the moment, my nemesis was Shael.


I no longer cared about the right mood, and tried to open my mouth, determined to tell the truth— ‘the woman I love is you!’

I was going to say that… but I couldn’t. Because Shael shoved another cupcake in my mouth.

I hurriedly chewed the cupcake and tried to tell Shael my true feelings.

But I couldn’t.

The cupcake Shael gave me was overly sweet, more than the cupcake I ate earlier.

“Water, some water…”

Coughing continuously, I drank the water Shael handed to me. Then I barely managed to calm my mind and tried to tell Shael the truth.

‘The woman I love is you!’

I wasn’t able to open my mouth as well.

Because I suddenly began to feel extremely drowsy. 

I looked up to see Shael’s smiling face.

It was then that I remembered something. I was a conversation we had in the past.

[What kind of medicine is that?]

[A dr*ug that will knock anyone out.]

I had a hunch. That the water I drank had that dr*ug in it!

Isn’t that too harsh to use that on someone who was unconscious for 15 days? 

Well, I did play a joke on Shael first.

But fortunately, she bought the dr*ug at the auction house, so there shouldn’t be any problems with my health. 

I was certain about that fact, since Shael would’ve never used it on me otherwise.

But that didn’t matter at all. 

I looked at Shael’s smile and fell in love with her all over again.

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