Chapter 66: Fight and fall in love (part 1)

I woke up feeling really stiff, and unable to see anything.

Because something was covering my eyes, and my whole body was tied up! 

It was a similar to the time when Shael had tied me up to steal the serpent orb.

Additionally, I couldn’t say anything because there was something stuffed in my mouth.

Fortunately, my ears were free. 

As I slightly moved my body, I heard Shael’s voice.

“Ah, are you awake?”


I remained silent, because there was something stuffed in my mouth. And Shael’s following words made me even more bewildered.

“If you are awake, talk to me.”


My whole body was tied up, and I couldn’t even move my mouth. So how do you expect me to do that?


Fortunately, Shael noticed her stupid mistake and took off the blindfold.

I sent a signal to remove the thing stuffed in my mouth, but…


Shael directly refused.

I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding right away, but thanks to this situation, I think I’ll have to put it off.


It was the sound of Shael closing a book. 

The book was quite thick, and I was unable to read the title of the book.

‘Why is she reading a book?’

It wasn’t long before I got the answer. Because Shael suddenly approached me and reached out her hand.


It was the sound of Shael putting her hand on my head. 

From the way Shael’s arms trembled, I could tell how nervous she was.

From the way her face turned red, it was clear that Shael was feeling ashamed of such an act

Then, I heard Shael say.

“You did well.”

‘What on earth did I do well?’

What’s with that sudden and unexpected compliment!

Anyways, after that awkward compliment, Shael started continued patting me. 

And so, I noticed right away. It was definitely something Shael had learned from that strange book!

“How does it feel?” Shael asked. 

Of course I couldn’t answer. Because I still had the cloth stuffed in my mouth.

So I winked at her, and fortunately Shael finally took it out. 

Finally, I was able to speak!

“Now, if you untie me too…”

“Please answer first.” Shael insisted.

And, I answered at once, “It felt pretty good.”

“Is that so?”

Indeed, it felt really good to have my head stroked by Shael. Although I also felt that I was being treated like a pet.

“Pretty good isn’t enough.”


Shael suddenly stood up from her seat and grabbed the book she was reading before.


And tore off a page from the book!

‘Why is she doing that?’

Moreover, that book must have been from the Baslett family’s library.

I kept my silence as I watched Shael’s violent actions.

Time passed, as Shael continued to flip through the book, then she suddenly stopped.

Shael hesitantly opened her mouth, and I heard her trembling voice.



“You look cute…”

Eventually, Shael shut her mouth, as her body trembled with shame.

Soon after that, she tore off another page from the book again!

Then, Shael took a deep breath and tried to relax. 

So I said to Shael right away, “Now untie the rope.”


Shael looked worried. At the same time, I noticed that her expression looked a bit sad.

The serpent-like smile she showed me while giving me the dr*ug just now was gone.


I took a careful look at the silent Shael. 

She seemed as if she would start crying at any moment.

Shael must have been worried about me, who was passed out for 15 days. Because when I woke up, she reflexively hugged me.

Then she suddenly found out that her fiance was cheating on her. Of course, that was just an illusion stemming from Shael’s misunderstanding.

Anyways, it was a situation where anyone would be sad. 

In fact, it even made her cry!

I really didn’t want to say it while being tied up with a rope. But I didn’t care anymore.

The thing that was most important to me was Shael, not my pride.

Therefore, I hastily spoke up before Shael’s expression changed even further.

“Do you love my desserts?”


Shael tilted her head in confusion at my sudden question. But, despite that sudden question, Shael, who loved to eat dessert to death, just nodded her head.

At the same time, I recalled the conversation we had before Shael tied me up.

[She is a person who really likes dessert. She really loves the desserts I make to death.]

I thought about that conversation and said to Shael, “You really like my dessert.”

Shael nodded her head, as if to say ‘why are you suddenly asking me this?’ 

But I continued before Shael could even put it into words.

“You have a very bad temper.”

[First of all, she has a very bad temper.]

It was another one of the things I had said before passing out.

Shael frowned at me. 

Anyone would react that way if someone said something like that to their face.

“What are you saying…”

“Still, you’ve become much kinder these days.”

She helped me with cooking, which she clearly wasn’t very good at.

She felt sad for me, who had fainted for 15 days.

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